Good veggies for dog on a diet?

My vet suggested that I add fresh or canned veggies to Chumley's diet to help her feel full with fewer calories. So far, she seems to like stringbeans, carrots and cucumbers. She also will eat peas and lima beans. I was warned that cauliflower or broccoli could make her have gas (which I want to avoid as she is otherwise not at all gassy). I am not sure if cobs from corn on the cob are good for the diet since I think that's fed to farm animals to make them plump. Does anyone know if cobs are ok? I would welcome additional suggestions. Thanks!
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My breeder told me to stay away from food that contained corn . One it has sugar and is very hard to digest. the greens are the best. you choose the right ones. :lol:
Baby carrots. Pooh goes NUTS for them!
Bailey likes baby carrots too.
Samantha too! She can hear when I take the package out of the fridge every morning. Luckily, she hasns't managed to steal the bag off the counter.
Thanks everyone. Chumley doesn't love the baby carrots :cry: but she scarfs down canned carrots and will eat shredded raw carrots. Does anyone know if the cob from corn on the cob has high sugar content? I gave her one previously and she LOVED it so I am wondering whether it is ok to give her more or whether it will ruin her diet. I know corn is bad but how bad is the cob?
I don't think you are supposed to give dogs corn cobs. My Aunt's neighbors dog had to go into surgery twice to remove them from his stomach/intestines. I believe that it has something to do the eating any part whole and then they will expand in the stomach when water is added.

I am pretty sure that is what they said, but I could be wrong.

We've reduced one of our Great Pyrs weight from 152 to 95 by feeding her a half can of unsalted green beans at each meal along with half the usual Pyr ration.
WOW! nice work. How long did it take?
Darla doesn't miss a thing when I get out that bag of carrots. To a dog, carrots are a "sweet" treat. I dropped a piece of apple on the floor the other day - Reba had no problem investigating and sampling. LOL
Valerie and Chumley,

Bogart may be joining you on the string bean diet,
he's at 93 lbs now. We need to get him in the 85-90 lb
range per our vet.

We will increase the exercise as well....
SheepieBoss wrote:
We've reduced one of our Great Pyrs weight from 152 to 95 by feeding her a half can of unsalted green beans at each meal along with half the usual Pyr ration.

Hmmm, maybe I should move in with Sheepie Boss for a while and let her feed me string beans... :wink:
Bailey's Mom wrote:
SheepieBoss wrote:
We've reduced one of our Great Pyrs weight from 152 to 95 by feeding her a half can of unsalted green beans at each meal along with half the usual Pyr ration.

Hmmm, maybe I should move in with Sheepie Boss for a while and let her feed me string beans... :wink:

Me too! I keep thinking it can't be this easy. Chummie is starting to show a waistline! Can't you see the book -- just replace something in each meal with a can of stingbeans and you're on your way to a whole new you!

Anyway, for what it is worth, don't try the canned asparagus tips. I was wanting to give Chum a bit of variety. Not good.
The most common recommendation seems to be green beans. I wouldn't go with corn, that might actually make her gain weight.
Carrots are good, they also contain lots of vitamin A which is good for eyes. Too much vitamin A is not a good thing though, and certainly not for any dog that may be bred, as it can cause deformities in fetuses. That's not a concern for you though....
I think it would probably be good to supplement her food with green beans and perhaps use carrots as a treat in lieu of biscuits etc.
Just wanted to comment on the corn cob issue. I was watching animal cops and saw a dog brought into the vet clinic with a corn cob stuck in its stomach.
Just wanted to FYI you on this topic.
OK. Corn cobs are out. String beans and carrots are in. Thanks for the input!
Ok Ok Ok, I just went out to the store and bought a bunch of canned vegies. Cinde is over weight. Hope this helps her. Took her to the vet and she has gained 15 lbs since we rescued her. At first my husband feed the dogs. He gave them way to much. She ate everything in sight. I took over and used a measureing cup. Flanigan lost about 10 lbs. Cinde did not do as well. Vet put her on meds for her metabolism. Did not do much. She gets one cup in the morning and one at night. She is NOT an active dog.
So I will reduce her to 1/2 cup and the vegies. Hope this works.

Any thoughts on this please!
Tux loves veggies. His favorite of all is the baby carrots. He will eat cucumbers, green peppers--doesn't like broccoli. However, he likes his fresh veggies dipped in ranch dip!!! :lol:
NEVER feed corn on the cob. The cob can be swallowed and NOT digested, thus causing a bowel obstruction. I learned this from feeding it to my cocker spaniel, he ended up with a bowel obstruction and my vetrinarian said "Please....don't feed him that again...." The vet had to retrieve the cob surgically......

Terri -- sorry about your dog! Did the surgery go ok? Thanks to everyone for sharing the warning. I was only concerned about the cob in terms of weight. It didn't ever occur to me that it could be dangerous.
My sheepie loved corn on the cob, corn and cob would be eaten in minutes. Corn doesn't get digested by the digestive system and just gets excreted in the feces, the cob can be dangerour because it can get stuck so watch out. It might be anice treat for them just be careful but I don't believe it has any nutritional value what so ever. Also, adding baby food from gerbers or something is good for them too and they love it. Just make sure to get the food that doesn't have onion powder in it because it is bad for them and in large quantities can be toxic. Just a heads up.

I have a list of home made diets that are vet approved if anyone would like me to post them or email them.

When we raised a Leader Dog puppy, they suggested frozen baby carrots for teething puppies, so I would assume carrots would be a healthy addition to any dog's diet.
We have a 5 year old bull terrier named Archie who will eat anything and anytime if we'd let him. We have been giving him an apple for breakfast and a carrot for dinner after his wet food for about a year now and he loves them. We make sure to cut them up in bite sized chunks and remove the seeds from the apple.
I've always been told not to ever feed a dog a corn cob. Even though most love them, they can bite the cob into disk size pieces that can be easily lodged in their esophagus and cause choking. If one insists, the dog has to be closely supervised, meaning never taking your eyes off of the chewing as a chunk can be easily bitten off. Instead I mix a few bits of plain cooked corn into a treat ball so they have to work to get it out and this seems to work fine. If you want to make it even more of a challenge, a teaspoon of doggie peanut butter will do the trick. :)
On the first page I mentioned Glacier going from 152 to 9something. Yesterday we were at the vet and she's now 83! Remember, she's not quite a dwarf Pyr, but rather a sub compact......think short legs. Finally she's at the right weight. She has been eating veggies along with her kibble for years now, but the final 10 pounds came via thyroid pills. The vets are amazed at how well she's doing for nearly cutting her weight in half and as a 12 year old.

So the weight issue takes forever...hang in there.
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