Where does your dog sleep at night?

Hi I am just wondering where your guys sleep at night? Not looking to start any kind of debate;just wondering does anyone have their dogs sleeping anywhere other than indoors?
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Hi Nicola,

Tyler, my 12+ year old has always slept on our bed, between us at the foot of the bed. He needs help now to get into bed, but I think at this point it would be very difficult to change his habit. He cuddles very close to my legs at night. Kiera on the other hand is a bed pig and we do not let her sleep with us, she has her bed by my husbands side of the bed, but I find her all over the house sleeping, sometimes on the bathroom floor which is ceramic tile, sometimes on the sofa in the living room, but mostly she is next to my husband.

The OES find it hard to be apart from the human part of the pack. They are nicknamed velcro dogs for a good reason. They seem to always be touching you in some way or manor. Like a chin on your foot or snuggled close to you in some way or fashion. Once out of childhood, they are calm and relaxed. I knit in the winter months and Tyler likes to lay on the sofa next to me with his chin in my lap as I knit and I hear him sigh a deep "ah, this is nice" kind of sigh. Kiera lies in the doorway to make sure that no one comes in or out without her knowing....

I don't know how they were raised as I adopted them when they were both over 4 years of age. But they adjusted to our household and habits rather quickly.

Good luck with you pup and welcome to the forum. We are a bunch of good intentioned people who just love our sheepies to a fault.
Hi Nicola,
Barney sleeps in the kitchen. It is all tile and he has been known to have the occasional accident (if you go to the housetraining section, a good portion of the questions are from me!). The kitchen has 2 doorways, and both are blocked by baby (puppy) gates. That way, whenever he is in there, he can still see us but just can't reach us. We've had him for about 6 months now and he's slept in the kitchen every night. I'm not sure where he'll sleep in the future, but he seems perfectly happy down there.

My parents' sheepdog sleeps with them in their room, usually starting off on the bed close to my mom, then she'll get hot and go sleep on the bathroom floor, and then will end up on my dad's pillow (dad doesn't seem to mind!).
Nicola, Cinde 3 yr old rescue sleeps on the floor at the end of our bed, Fergie our 5 month puppy sleeps on the floor next to my husband and Flannigan sleeps in our bed. He has since he was a puppy, and now 9 yrs old. Hope this helps in some way.

Fergie's Mom wrote:
Nicola, Cinde 3 yr old rescue sleeps on the floor at the end of our bed, Fergie our 5 month puppy sleeps on the floor next to my husband and Flannigan sleeps in our bed. He has since he was a puppy, and now 9 yrs old. Hope this helps in some way.


Wow Fergie's mom, It must be pretty crowded in your bedroom. Kind of makes me think of the Waltons :lol: :lol: :lol:
Drez sleeps on her bed on the floor on my side of the bed. They are such creatures of habit, so whatever you get pup-pup used to is what he will adhere to. Even now, with Drez's bad hips, when you say to her, "Let's go night-night" she heads right for the steps. It's an effort for her to go up / down stairs, but upstairs is where she sleeps, so up she goes!

You'll have to see how pup-pup reacts to loud noises, like thunder. Drez is terrified of thunder, gunshots 8O (we live in the country so during hunting season, she hibernates indoors!). If it storms in the middle of the night, she goes from daddy to mommy and back again, just pacing and panting, whining and shaking. If she were alone at night, I don't know how she would handle it.

Good luck!

Nicloa, Yes it's crowded in there but I know where to walk at night if I have to get up.hehehehehe, plus all the toys laying around ! grrrrr

How did he do last night? :?:
Fergies Mom
Fergies Mom, We brought the crate up to our room last night and he did much better. Still some whimpering but I was able to comfort him with my voice. We don't have enough room to move (at all) with him in our room so it can't be a longterm arrangement. I think it is going to be a trial and error situation with sleeping arrangements, something that will evolve and hopefully we will figure out a good solution for us all. I think he is settling in quite well. The first few days he was visably distressed at times having just left his 'pack' but today I spent most of the day playing with him and he seems a lot happier today. Unfortunately tommorrow I have to go to work but I am a community occupational therapist and I can call in frequently between calls and then at lunch to let him out and play with him.
If Darcy reads this, I would be interested in hearing about Panda's sleeping arrangements as someone on the board mentioned that she occasionally sleeps outdoors
I'm not sure where either of them travel to throughout the night but Lucy sleeps somewhere downstairs and Clyde alternates between the floor next to my side of the bed (he likes to lie in front of the fan) or the bathroom floor in the hallway.

I grew up in a farm area. We didn't have farm animals but we had the land and the barns and all that. Our animals were always kept outdoors. The dogs had insulated pens and houses and the cats were barn cats. Our last dog lived on our back porch, which was enclosed with a house and a heater for cold days. In nice weather we propped the screen door open and he came and went as he pleased. We lived on 70 acres and he never wandered off the property. It was just his way.

When I finally moved out, I couldn't wait to keep a dog in the house with me since it wasn't something we could do growing up. It took me months to train Lucy to get on the bed with me! She was a rescue and apparently was trained not to do so by her other owners. Now that I live with someone the poor Lucy's back on the floor because of the shedding, and well, because with a 1 year old sheepie around there's not much sleep available for her if she tries to relax in Clyde's vicinity.

On a side note, I think Panda has a dog house outside if I remember correctly but Elissa would know better. Darcy's in Arizona so the weather definitely agrees with outdoor living. Where are you from?
Butterscotch, I live in Ireland. The climate is quite moderate where we are. It doesn't get hot in the summer and rarely gets cold in the winter. We mostly wear fleeces year round. It does rain an awful lot though!!
When we got Bailey, I had such strict intentions! He was going to sleep in his crate and be trained never, never to go upstairs. :lol: LOL! Between my dog and my husband all of my plans have been undermined. He sleeps wherever he wants now. His favorite places are near the front door or in the bathroom - he seems to prefer tile floors to carpet. Probably a seasonal preference. My only requirement at this point is that I take his collar off at night, because he does tend to wander around and his jingling tags wake me up if I leave it on!

Merlin sleeps on the floor in our room. We started with the crate in our bedroom and once he was about 9 months old and reliable we put the crate downstairs and gated our room (so he didnt wander in the night) He is 2 now and we no longer need the gate. He sleeps in the spot where the crate used to be.
When we got Avalon we tried keeping her in our room, but every time someone in the house got up to use the toilet...she thought it was time to play..sigh...so her crate went downstairs into the dining room. About a month ago we had company and had to use the dining room, Avalon's crate was moved to our finished garage (heat and a/c and finished walls)this is where her crate is still. I am thinking of moving Merlin's crate in there as well. His right now is in the laundry room...there is only room for one crate in there. I would like to have the 2 dogs together...eventually with no crate in the garage... Our home is so small...and there are 6 of us and 2 dogs...not a lot of room for the crates.
As soon as Avalon will listen (3 more weeks until dog school LOL) she will be allowed to sleep in our room at night.
Dancer slept with me, in bed, til she was six months old. Then, when we got Sky, they were both crated, Dancer in her crate in the kitchen, and Sky in a crate beside my bed. Now, both Dancer and Sky are crated at night side by side in the kitchen, which our room is just off off. Abby sleeps in our room beside the back door.
Beau sleeps in the kitchen. It was his choice when he was small (he's 10 months old now) and so I just allowed him to continue it.

I tried to allow Genevieve to sleep in there with him. But, she had other plans. She jumped the baby gate as if it weren't there. So now, for her safety, she sleeps in her crate in the study.

They both slept in the bed with me this weekend while we were at the beach - and did quite well. :D
einstein has had roam of the house except the lounge sine we brought him home to start w ith he sleep on the bed or on the floor buy the bed but he decided that we don't leave him enough room

he now sleeps in the dining room either on the tiles or him bed depends on his mood

however if we forget to close the lounge door he sleeps on the sofas

and if its hot he tries to sleep outside on the patio he tricks us into letting him out by barking like he needs to go out in the middle of the night then laying on the patio. we have to carry him back inside :roll:

so really it depends on his mood and temp
If my partner would let Cody,he would jump right in be with me..However,
he has to sleep in the living room..I bought him his own bed..I would love for him to sleep in the room with me..
In regards to Darcy, She lives in Arizona...where the temps are HOT in the summer and mild (around 50 to 60 degrees) the rest of the year. Sue am I right about the temps? I know it's like that here.

Pepsi sleeps in our bedroom on the floor on my side of the bed. Harley sleeps usually on the floor at the foot of the bed, or on the floor on my husband's side of the bed, or in the shower :roll:
Peanut sleeps on a chair in the bedroom or on the bed.
We have a dog door in the bedroom, so no worries about having to take them out at night. They come and go as they please.
We do keep our bedroom door shut so the dogs don't bother the kids.
On the weekends when my husband will get up before me Pepsi climbs in bed with me to cuddle :D

ButtersStotch wrote:
On a side note, I think Panda has a dog house outside if I remember correctly but Elissa would know better. Darcy's in Arizona so the weather definitely agrees with outdoor living.

Definitely! Summers are really hot during the day but due to the lack of humidity it drops down into the 80s at night. In the winter days still stay pretty warm (70s and 80s) but it drops down to the 60s/50s at night. Either way it's comfortable. Panda does have a doghouse outside and sleeps out there most nights. A lot of other dogs that we know here have doggie doors and will sleep outside at night - my neighbor's dog prefers to sleep outside and the previous owners of this house had dogs that slept in a run outside. We just need to be careful of the effect of the heat and sun on our pets during the summer days, and need to be mindful of dehydration all year round.
Either in the hallway right in front of our bedroom door or right beside my side of the bed.
Our shelties Amy and Dharma sleep in a gated off spare bedroom for their peace, because Bosley will not leave them alone. Bosley is in our bedroom, but he does tend to spend most of the nite in the ajoining bathroom, on the tile floor.
Congratulations on your puppy, I am sure you will enjoy him so much over the years to come.
Ours sleep in crates right now until they are trained and can be trusted, then I am sure they will be right where they want to be......next to us. You usually can not make a move without them getting up and following. That is a sheepie, always watching your moves.
Good Luck!

Well, she sleeps in her cage (bigger than a crate) at night.


as a treat for Yuki (okay, really for my husband), she sleeps in our bed probably once a week (or once every 2 weeks).

I admit, I HATE it. She just makes things hotter, uncomfortable, she always wants to sleep with my husband so I lose cuddle time :twisted: ...and I can never move the sheets.

However, nap time (which we do often for 30-60 min), Yuki always gets bed rights which we all enjoy.

At our new house we're moving to, Mr. Joah really wants to get Yuki used to sleeping on a cushioned bed in our bedroom. I agree that is the right thing to do (promote her, sorta speak), but I am hesitant. I think she needs more time in her crate at night. When she's out of it, she'll wake MOM up every 2 hours to use the bathroom or from her tags (on collar) ...clickety click, click chang bang. I can't sleep. In her crate, she sleeps all night with no bathroom begs.

We'll see what the future holds. Eventually, she will get bedroom rights nightly (on the floor).

Edit: I forgot to mention... the other 2 animals get bed rights, and of course Yukster and MR. J don't find that fair, but there's a huge maturity (rights due to age, discipline) difference along with size difference. That's my story at least. ;)
wrap the tags with an inch or two of adhesive tape. 18 cents solves one of the problems...
Okay all.......Panda does sleep outside most nights...(those are the nights that Brian is at work)....during the summer months, I think she would prefer to sleep inside...we literally have to push her out the door....BUT, she is cut short, the grass is damp and cool and she does have an insulated dog house...in the winter I KNOW she prefers to sleep outside...the night temps can get down to 35-40 degrees...I have a wool blanket in her house and she spends most of the night on the grass anyway....I know this dog doesnt get cold especially after watching her jump into the freezing ocean .....summer I am more concerned and I do keep her in the house during the day when temps are over 100 degrees. I dont think there should be an issue if the temps are below 85 degrees. They might be a little uncomfortable...but we are used to spoiling these puppers......They are meant to heard sheep outdoors....as far as I can see it....if you spend quality time with your beloved pet, it doesnt matter where they sleep as long as they are clean, dry and have axcess to water and yard....they are asleep, not awake playing with you, loving you etc.
Panda may sleep outside most nights, but if I do say so for myself, she is well adjusted and isnt bitter about it at all!!!! I love my dog and if I thought it would harm her in any way, she'd be inside....so far so good...now just keep your fingers crossed for the turtle..........
I take Bailey's collar off at night, because he jingles and it wakes me up. When we were dog sitting for Winston I taped his tags up with blue painter's tape and that worked just fine.
I guess I worry that with tape on plus heat, the tags will become very icky (plus tape gets that black junk after so long), and it becomes difficult to read. Her name tag with phone numbers has writing on both sides. I don't know though.

Anyways, I just think down deep (because Mr. J has suggested tape many times), I don't want her in bed or roaming every night. Wakes me up too much.
I keep Barney and Maggie apart at night for the present. Maggie sleeps in the front hall, and Barney at 85# sleeps wherever he wants :D - usually in the kitchen which has a slate floor, or the master bath (tile floor).
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