Slippery Laminate Flooring

We are installing laminate flooring over the whole downstairs. After the decision was made I found out that they can bee very slippery for puppy paws. Does anyone have any ideas about how to eleviate this problem? Your input would be very helpful!!
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Rubber-backed throw rugs all over the place.
They also have that stuff you can put on their pads for showing on slippery floors. I don't know how permanent a solution that would be though. I've never used it but remember seeing it in a JB Pet catalog.

I think your biggest problem is that the dogs will LOVE sliding around on it constantly. It'll be like Tom Cruise in Risky Business every day in your house. Well, except for the scientology propoganda...
keep their feet trimed of fur, cut nails, and if they have a place they like to lay down use area rugs. Good luck! :D
I don't think that laminate floors are any slipperier that hardwood or tile. Wet tile is always a problem (after getting out a pool). NO RUNNING is a big saying in our house whether kid or dog!!!
Our old house had hardwood floors and the dogs looked like cartoon characters running about.
We just did laminante in the living room, now Remy slides through, but she's learning...which is for the cats benefit. My only gripe about it is the clicking sound, we can't trim her nails any shorter because the previous owner left them too long, and the quick is super long therefore she has long nails.

So she is starting to walk through, and does just fine.
Regular trimming or tipping of the nail will help the quick to die back to a more suitable length.
My mother has laminate floors in her dining room and while the other dogs do fine on it, Toby slips and slides like Bambi on ice. Just when he starts to catch up to my mom's Bichon, the little dog runs into the dining room and hides between the chairs and Toby just slides right by him.
Thanks for the replies. It will probably be funny to watch them running around and sliding. I just don't want anyone to get hurt!
I agree with Ron on the rugs. Rugs everywhere! Protect your floor from any damage. ...not to mention to reduce the clicking which is a VERY common thing people say about laminate flooring.
One thing to keep in mind for nails, if you hear them clacking on the floor with EVERY step, they are too long. I keep my girls nails short enough that they do not touch the floor at all for normal walking. Of course when they do the mad dog run, they dig right in so how short doesn't matter much. LOL
Never Never put rubber backed rugs on laminate may not show for awhile but it will leave a stain on the floor....I have 4 areas on my lovely floor that look dull so i replaced the rugs with braided rugs.......
Ditto above. The latex mayl stain laminate and vinyl. My mother had to pain a fine for her apartment because the latex rug stained the bathroom vinyl floor. Personally I've never had a problem with the vinyl being stained by latex so I can't imagine why sometimes it happens and other times no.
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