Where to buy wall stencil?

Now that I have finished painting my bathroom, I want to put a stencil on one wall. I want the design to be either some type of leaves or ferns. Michael's and Hobby Lobby have a very limited selection of stencils. What other kind of stores have stencils? I did find one place online, but many of the stencils were over $50 8O
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You can always try to cut your own. I have done it, it's not that hard. But as far as stores having stencils it would have to be decorating stores and arts and craft stores.

Google art and craft stores to see what you come up with. It's worth a try.

You can also try rubber stamping, I did leaves on my bathroom walls and it came out great. Target has large rubber stamps in the home decorating isle.
They have some (not a huge selection) at Lowe's. Michael's has the best selection of the places that I've been to. Have you tried googling 'stencil' online?
What about an art supply store? Paula, where are you? Aaron brothers is an art supply store, aaronbrothers.com but they don't show stencils on their website, but they show you store locations.
I was going to say Michaels too... or JoAnn's Crafts
Also Walmart has a pretty good selection in their crafts area
Hi Paula,
Try the Jan Dressler catalog---


She also has equestrian wall murals ( but the price 8O )

Good luck with decorating!
Is there a certain pattern or picture that you like? Just grab the picture, throw it in Photoshop, negate the image, print it on cardstock and cut accordingly. If it's something really intricate it might be harder to cut but it doesn't get much cheaper, or custom, than that!

I actually just started making something similar for a project that I may or may not get off the ground and I did them that way. Mine were rings and swirls and very annoying to cut!
Zahra, I looked at the Dressler catalog yesterday and that's where I saw stencils that were upwards of $50!!!! I love my bathroom, but not that much. My "creative" hobby is rubber stamping--I didn't even think to look for large stamps. D'OH!

I've used the Dressler catalog for ideas, then found similar
designs elsewhere. We have a few stores in the area which have
a good selection but they are family run stores, not
national chains.

Good Luck!
If I may add to ButtersStotch's suggestion... (Sorry to butt in here) great
idea there! If you are going to use it many times, before you ever
use the cut out stencil, spray paint it -both sides. Be sure to cover the
card stock completely and let it dry thoroughly. This will make your stencil
last much longer. And if it should get wet for any reason it won't be ruined.
The color doesn't much matter - you could use clear if you like. But with
it spray painted it is cleanable and will hold the crisp shape you cut out.
Just a thought...

Another idea is quilting plastic. Comes in a package of about 10 sheets with and without lines. They hold up pretty good as stencils.
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