How many hours can a mature dog "hold it"?

How many hours can a mature dog hold it? Chumley doesn't seem interested in a "last call" out in the patio/parking area. Our last long walk is usually between 7 and 8 pm and then we don't go out again til about 6:30 am. She doesn't seem particularly distressed by this, but is it ok to have her wait that long? Should I try to squeeze in one last walk around the block before bed, say around 9:30 or 10? I don't want to be inadvertently stressing her out. What do you do?
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Does she give you can indication that she needs to go? Lucy, is about 8, maybe 9 (she was a rescue and no one's quite sure). I've had her for six years and I notice now that there's a little more urgency in the morning than there used to be. She still waits the same as always but sometimes there's a huge beeline for the door. But, another thing that I thought about was that she drinks water a lot later than she used to since I walk them at night and go to the dog park in the evenings too so she's thirstier later. During the day she's the same as always. I've never had a dog that was so reliable for such long periods of time!
They can hold it longer at night. About 10 hours I'll say before they start asking to be let out. I always let them out before I go to bed to see if they want to go, that usually works but they'll be asking to go out around 7:00 AM
Ok. That's helpful. Chumley doesn't seem desperate in the morning. No beeline for the door -- even drinks some water, which I wouldn't do if I had to go. And she does not go immediately when we get outside. She sleeps in my room, so she's not going off somewhere in the night (I'm a very light sleeper so I would hear her). So maybe she can just really hold it. I may try though to give her the one last outing before bed.
In my opinion they can hold it just as long as they want to. :lol:
And usually they stop wanting to when there'a new, white carpet installed or when your dear aunt Petunia decides to visit with her new dress :roll:
saulmr wrote:
And usually they stop wanting to when there'a new, white carpet installed or when your dear aunt Petunia decides to visit with her new dress :roll:

Lucy used to spite pee-- she'd get insanely jealous of guests when we first rescued her and would just walk to the corner of the room and pee if we paid more attention to them than to her. Thank goodness that phase didn't last long despite the wonderful impression it made on guests! :evil:
White carpet? Oh, must live somewhere where there is no red carpet is trashed. I don't figure there's any use in replacing it with adorable mop paws running around. Pogo can go 10-12 hours. I noticed that the younger dogs can hold it longer than the older ones as I have one of each.
Mr. Barney can go all night too. We often do the 10-8 time frame and he stops and has breakfast and a drink (or guzzle) before he heads out to do a few laps around the yard, then pee.
My parents' sheepdog (8 years old) usually has last call about 9pm and then is let out around 6-6:30 and is fine with that. Even when us kids dogsat and refused to wake up that early she waited until we got up (although the 9pm time was pretty set--she walks right up to you starting at about 8:55 and will stare and nudge you until you ask her, Wanna go outside?!)
Willowsprite wrote:
In my opinion they can hold it just as long as they want to. :lol:

I agree!!!!!!!! Sometimes on the weekend I'll wait just for the heck of it to see just how long lazy butt Tasker will go befor "rolling out of bed" so to speak. He's worse than a teenager. Last call at my house is usually around 9PM and I have had him sleep in til noon without even acting as if he cared!!!! It is quite normal for him to sleep til 9 or 10.

Now that Ty is here he goies out with us at the crack of dawn but I honestly think he has a camel hump not a bladder.
Oh good. I'm glad that I'm not torturing Chum unwittingly. Sounds like 8-10-12 hours is not uncommon. If she had her way, we'd go to bed at 9 and be up at 6. . . At least that's what I gather since that's when she makes cow eyes at me.
I didn't want to say it, because I feel like a bad mom for even letting this happen, but on a few occasions when James and I both had class after work and couldn't make it home until late, Lucy's waited almost 16 hours a few times. She didn't even seem phased by it when we got home either and was more interested in being with us than going out.
Richi is about 1 yr old and he can hold it for close to 12 hrs. At first he had some accidents and I had to keep a patio door open just in case, but it all had stopped about a month ago. My 1st airdale could go on for 15-17 hrs at a time w/o problems.
I don't know if I should be ashamed of this or proud but Norman once held it for about 38 hours!

We were at the beach for an overnight stay and my sister was supposed to be staying at our house after she got done with class and work. Turns out she forgot and we didn't find out about it until we were almost home. Not one accident in the house but you can bet you've never seen a more grateful dog in your life when he got outside. I think he peed for about 10 minutes straight! I wonder if that's why his eyes were yellow?

Poor Norman!
YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do (or I should say Norman) does indeed hold the the record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wonder if there's a guiness record for that? :lol:
By mature I guess we mean anywhere from 1 yr to old age; Barney is almost 11 mo, Maggie is 2 yrs in Sept. Last call is 9pm and they're usually let out to pee around 5:30-6. On these hot days they're in the house all day which can be 9-10 hrs. with no problems. Then again how do you figure this one: both of them are walking so well I decided this morning to take them up to the Market where I work to park them in front of the doors and exercise them in the sit, stay command while people are coming and going, some stopping to praise them. They both had ample time to do their business before we went there. Guess what, as soon as I let Maggie out of the PU, she drops her load right in the middle of the parking lot. Before we could do our training thing, I had to go into the store and get a couple of plastic bags to clean up! :D (Women; I never will be able to figure them out.)
When we got Burcwen we were told that the standard for them was 12 hours. As it is Burcwen usually asks to go out about 4 times a day, but I think that may be more related to the treat she gets after going out than any need to urinate!
So we try to leave her no longer than 12 hours. It is not always easy, because as a problem dog she cannot come with us to most social events nor can she be easily given to someone else to watch, so often if we want to go away for a day trip she must stay home, which means we have to return home in time to let her out to pee! You can still make quite a day trip in 12 hours, but once or twice we have been longer. Once we were pushing 15 hours, and she was really happy to get out, but there were no accidents in the house.

Now, my sister has a newfoundland dog who regularily will go like a day at a time! It's not that he doesn't have opportunity, they constantly let him out into their fenced yard, that dog just really likes to hold it. When he finally goes, it takes him like 10 minutes! Ok, maybe not actually that long, but it sure seems like it.
During the week Tasker goes 12 or 13 hours without a problem. On the weekend while we are home he's in and out all day just cause he can :D
Whew!! I was really worried about my Scamp. It's below freezing and he's in no mood to go outside unless he's good and ready. And apparently since 8 pm last nite (at it's noon now) he isn't ready yet.
patsyanny wrote:
Whew!! I was really worried about my Scamp. It's below freezing and he's in no mood to go outside unless he's good and ready. And apparently since 8 pm last nite (at it's noon now) he isn't ready yet.

Hi , take him out anyway. In the winter they become lazy
and do not like the freezing weather, or snow or rain.
He may not ask to go outside.

So out you go and..
Just give him your "go to the bathroom" command, and
you will be shocked 8O 8O at the results.

For guys who are supposed to herd sheep all day,
I think they really prefer to be on the couch watching
tv with a snack in their paw.
After mine were a couple of years old, they could last from 7-8 pm until 7 am.

Mine lobby for outside regardless of cold (rain is something else. They like dry better). They loved being out this week with -20 F (not including wind chill). Loved walks, loved just playing in the snow, or lying in it. Alternative best thing: cuddling on a nice soft bed with a human.
Well, thank you everyone :) I am training my 12 week old and we are out last call at 10 pm and he holds it until 6 am in the morning. I thought that was pretty good...but getting up at 6 am on the weekend is a drag! I forgot what it was like to ahve an adult first one would hold it all day while I was at work and in the morning, sometimes I would shower, etc before he wanted to go out. I'd come out of the shwier and there he was, still cuddled in the bed!

As much as I love puppies, I am looking forward to sleeping again :D
Ashley, that's good to hear that your puppy lasted that long :)

When we went to New Orleans, our maltese held it pretty much for 20 hrs but 10-14 hrs is regular for her. Yuki holds it for it for 4-9 hrs during the day, and I haven't tested how long yuki can go overnight, but it's at least 13 hrs.

I hate when she doesn't go after a long period b/c I start worrying about her since the first year of her life, she HAD TO GO every 2 hrs or we'd experience an accident. For the first 6 months, we let her out ALMOST hourly because she was soooooo bad. I literally felt like I was losing my mind since I never had a dog that was so bad at holding it/potty training. At night we had to get up every 4hrs, and then around 6 months, she held it for 6 hrs.

We checked for a urinary tract infection, which she did have a VERY tiny one (the vet said), but shouldn't have been the cause of any accidents. He was right because it never improved a thing when she got better. :lol:

Thank Goodness things got better and we can rest now! Oh wait, now we have children. :twisted:

edit: my bad. you can tell i'm planning for that second one when i already say i have 2 by using the word "children"
Hi Valerie,

Knock on wood I haven't come home to an accident in almost 2 years and that's with three uncrated dogs in the house and 4 cats.

Old Blue has recently asked to go out at midnight (only if something has woken him up) and then will bark at a raccoon or ? in the trees..means I have to grab my boots and go out in the dark back yard to get him as don't want to annoy neighbors at that hour. This happens a couple times a week (groan) I guess it's due to his age as he appears not to be able to hold it as long but still hasn't had an accident and he's 18. He's the only one that will nudge me until I'm awake at 6:30 am regardless of the day of the week.

Merlin and Panda are good too but the longest they ever have to hold it for is 6 hours and the rare 7 is I stop for an errand after work. Panda can pee for ages..think he'd have given Norman a run for his money. Like a racehorse is the expression. :D

I think they are creatures of habit as the first thing that happens when I arrive I open the back door and all three race out If I'm 2-3 hrs later than expected the odd time..they've held it until I arrived home.

Marianne and the boys
Obe is 6 months and holds it all night. Last call is around 10p.m. and he wont want to go again until 6:30 or 7a.m. During the week he holds it while I am at work and we have not had any accidents. He makes a mad rush for the door when I get home though. He has not had an accident in a couple of months. I think the last one was before Christmas. I just wish he would sleep in especially on the weekends. But he does not mind rain or snow at all, he loves to be out in the snow to be honest. Funny thing is if the deck has snow on it he will sometimes pee in the snow. Guess he figures it is the same the yard all white. I think he gets confused.
We have a 3 1/2 yr. old Lab/shep. We just adopted him-he is totally crate trained/house broken. we don;t crate him because he is fine-but i feel just awful leaving Andy for 10-11 hours! They can really hold it that long? I haven't come home to one accident. Do they have discomfort? I know i'm over worrying probably--it was nice to read the other situations to know we aren't the only ones. :?
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