My puppy is eating charcoal briquettes

My sheepdog puppy (8 months old) just ate a charcoal briquette. She ate another one this a.m. Does anyone know if this is bad for her? Up until now, it's just been the usual things like underwear and electric cords!
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If the charcoal was just plain old charcoal, there really isn't anything wrong with it. They put it in dog bones and such to help with mouth and stomach odors.
But if it is the quick lighting type or any kind with additives-- such as lighter fluid, then it would be a BAD thing.

Just to keep the mess to a minimum, I would put the charcoal where she couldn't get it. Charcoal absorbs odors, including gas fumes, so unless it is washed and "activated" by heating at a low temperature, it isn't usually recommended for consumption. But dogs eat anything. Abbi ate dirt for a while. I changed up her diet and start watching her more closely because we have to put out ant bait in the dirt for red ants and I didn't want her to eat it.
You might try buying her chew toys, palstic/cornstarch bones, or make home-made "toys (plastic milk jug with some food in it) to chew and play with, or maybe a tennis ball to chase. At nine months they go through the teen years and need to take some of the aggression out on something. Also they eat and chew on everything almost as much as when they were teething -- at least Abbi did.
Good luck!
We have a coal burning stove in our front room. Woof was always sniffing at the coal scuttle as a young pup, and would often come trotting up to us with a face like a coal miner!

I have every sympathy. We now just keep a closer eye on where he goes and what he does - he seems to have grown out of this fascination (although his still tries to chew our firewood.....
Yes, we definitely had to move the charcoal. Maggie-Bear has so many dog toys of every type, but has no interest in them. She seems to know that they are okay to chew--so she leaves them alone! We keep a constant eye on her, but she always seems to know the times that we are occupied and takes full advantage. She even turned on my blow dryer the other day. I don't foresee a time when we will ever be able to leave her loose in the house when we aren't home. Thank goodness she seems to like her crate.

She goes after all of the cat toys, especially if she sees the cat playing with them. I also think I have the only dog in the world that doesn't love to fetch. Even though I have started putting a rubber band in to keep the hair out of her eyes, she doesn't seem to be able to follow the fact that I am tossing things for her. She's oblivious. It really sounds as if I'm frustrated with her, but quite the opposite is true. Our family is so crazy about this dog, we have a hard time getting upset with her for anything. She just has such a comical personality, she keeps us laughing!

We did bring her out to a place that trains dogs for sheepherding a couple of weeks ago. That was quite fun. She was very uncertain about the whole thing but finally did chase the sheep a few times! We plan on bringing her back there whenever we can (it's two hours away). Thanks for responding!
It is not unusual to hear this, my vet once told me that if your dog decides it like the taste of Wood, Coal, Paper etc, it usually indicates a slight dietry deficiency. I.E. pregnant women do exactly the same. It is the bodies way of getting minerals that it needs. But with that said, it could just be for fun :D
I thought about how Abbi learned to fetch and I couldn't remember how it just sort of happenned. Then I was watching a friends pup the other day and I remembered.
For the friends pup it was easy because it wanted Abbi's toy Frankenstien. So we picked it up and threw it. The pup got to it first and then we yelled COME HERE. It came and try to get us to chase it. Well Abbi not only chased it, she stood over it. So we went and took her toy back, put her up, and threw it for the pup again. When it came to get a treat, I snatched the toy away, gave the treat and repeated. It now fetches, but still tries to see if it can get you to run after it. That has to be curbed with more training. Like I make Abbi sit before I throw the toy and then whenever she gets close to me. If she drops it at my feet and sits she gets a piece of hotdog or sausage. She loves fetch!
My neighbor says he had to smear fish oil on the ball he was throwing for his dog at first. The idea is to get something the dog will run to get and then throw it. Then work on the sit and stay. And the GO GET IT command.
Once it is learned you can then throw its leash away from you and tell the dog to go get the LEASH. Whenever the dog does, reward it by taking the dog for a walk. (It may seem confused at first, so get a treat then keep throwing the leash until the dog figures it out. Sometimes this means going outside and throwing the toy or ball first and then the leash). It is amazing how fast they learn to go get the leash when they want a walk. All I have to do is say LEASH and Abbi grabs it off the spare chair and is pushing it into my hands.
I think I'll try that. She has a bone that we put peanut butter in. Maybe she would fetch that. Maggie-Bear loves that peanut butter!

I would love to try to teach her to fetch her leash. I thought I was onto something last night when I crawled around on the floor batting her soccer ball away from her. She played along and really seemed to enjoy it. But when I tried again tonight, she wasn't interested.

Nothing is as fun as chasing the cat and (unfortunately for the cat) dragging her across the floor by her neck. The cat seemed to enjoy this when she was a kitten, but now that she's a full grown, she's less thrilled with this behavior. I have to be careful when I walk through the house as the cat has now decided that I am the best mode of transportation between rooms. She comes flying at me unannounced, landing on my shoulder! I know I should train Maggie not to chase the cat, but I have been very unsuccessful. She stops if I catch her in the act but just can't seem to help herself. Cats are meant to be chased.

Thanks for the suggestions.
<< I also think I have the only dog in the world that doesn't love to fetch. Even though I have started putting a rubber band in to keep the hair out of her eyes, she doesn't seem to be able to follow the fact that I am tossing things for her. She's oblivious. >>
Maggy-bear is NOT the only dog who won't fetch. Get this, I have a Yellow Labrador RETRIEVER... and he won't waste his time! I think he's depressed after "the divorce" and just isn't happy. Anyway, my boy ate charcoal too, so I thought I'd look up if it was dangerous or not. It's supposed to be an odor eater? Believe me, it did not eat the odors coming from his behind!!
I have 4 who won't play fetch.......gee, they just don't play. But to have a retriever who doesn't fetch, that's a real sad case. :lol:

As for the charcoal......yeah, it depends if it has the starter already on it......chewing kerosene or whatever they use isn't good. Really bad on kidneys.

Just plain big deal, just a dirty face. Rather like humans chewing Black Jack gum......yummy but icky in the mouth.
Nope Tiggy wont fetch either! The hair elastic means that sometimes she'll chase after the ball but she just pounces on it and then wanders off. :roll:
She also absolutely loves chasing the cat, mind you she doesnt fetch him either, :D just gives him a Tiggy spit mohawk. 8O
substitute the charcoal briquette with some charcoal bonio instead you'll find it less messy :lol:
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