Danger - Pinesol is toxic to dogs

I did not know this until today. Pinesol and it's fumes are highly toxic to pets. It can cause the inside of the throat and nose to burn and cause severe permanent damage to the throat and lungs.
My Toy Poodle Peanut was too close when I used undiluted Pinesol on a grease spot under my oven. He now has an awful cough, very similar to kennel cough. He might have permanent lung damage and possibly breathing problems from now on... Just from inhaling some fumes.
His cough might take a while to go away....but the damage done will not.
So everyone be please be careful with using Pinesol around pets!!!
Even safer... Find an alternative. Simple Green is excellent!
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I had no idea! I'm so sorry for Peanut. That's sad. I hope he gets better. Thanks for the info. Sorry you had to learn the hard way. . . :(
Oh Elissa! I'm so sorry for Peanut! :(
Oh this is just terrible!

Did you go to the vet? Did you call the company, and did they confirm this?

Poor Peanut!

Thanks for the heads up. I hope Peanut recovers quickly.
I went to the Vet and she confirmed that indeed his throat is very irritated ,red and raw (burned) looking in some areas. Definitely from something that was inhaled.
I have contacted The makers of Pinesol, Clorox corp. and have not gotten a response yet.
I will post when I here something from Clorox

Oh, poor Peanut! I hope he feels better soon. Did the vet give you any indication if there will be any irreversible lung damage? Please keep us updated as you hear more from Clorox.

Give Peanut a big hug from the East Coast!

Were they able to tell you anything to help his thoat. Ice cubes or doggie throat lozenges? I hope he feels better soon!
The vet said there was no way to tell about long term damage now. We will have to wait and see.
I had e-mailed Clorox earlier, but decided to call them too.
I just got off the phone with them. They basically said that the warning they have on the bottle "Hazards to Humans and Domestic Animals" is all that is required as far as warnings go. You'd think they would have something on there about using in a well ventilated area... NO...
I told her everything and she asked what I was looking for? I said a Their warning label only talks about Eye and Skin Irritation. I would like something put on there about throat irritations and a special warning about using undiluted. She said she would forward that along... :roll: Yeah I am sure..
I guess it is a lot safer, if you are diluting it....
But please...everyone be careful with using this stuff!!!!!

Mandy, The vet said make sure he drinks lots of water and I can give him ice cubes... He won't eat them though :roll:
BTW... Just to let you all know Peanut is still coughing... though right now it is limited to only happening after he barks. He doesn't realize the bark is irritating his throat. Maybe I should duct tape his mouth shut....lol
Just kidding. But he really needs to stop with the barking so his throat can heal.
I would have never thought Pine-Sol could be a danger with inhalation. I love the way it smells, but from now on the dogs will be outside when Mommy does the floor. I hope Peanut recovers fully and quickly. Give him a belly rub from me and Sheepie kisses from Pud.
So sorry to hear about Peanut and the Pinesol exposure.
You are right the companies need better warning labels
that are specific.

In regard to the ice cubes, you could make ice snow in
your food processor, the smaller size might help.

Hope Peanut feels more comfortable....
Poor Peanut....what about a popcicle? Just this one time???

By the way, youre more pinsol crazy than me :D I always dilute it!! Did it work really well?

Panda says to give Peanut a kiss from her!!
Poor Peanut! Hope she is feeling better!

Thanks for the information, I think I will just use something else! Better to be safe!

Colleen and Gucci George=>smoooooooch Peanut!

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I regularly use the stuff on my slate kitchen floor; fortunately I have always left the dogs outside until the floor dries, but never thought that it might be toxic to them. On occasion I have used a small amount to clean up a spot where one of them may have thrown up. Time to change to a different product.

God bless and I hope there is no permanent damage to Peanut.
I checked the labels on the Mr Clean last night and same warning. 8O

Hugs to Peanut and I hope he makes a full recovery.
Thanks Everyone for your well wishes to Peanut :D
Peanut sends happy Poodle kisses to all :P
He seems to be a whole lot better today.
I haven't heard any coughing :D
regardless of what I decide to use on the floors from now on the dogs will be outside when I do it.
As it is Harley has to be outside when I Vacuum due to the fact he attacks it making my job a whole lot harder :roll:


PS: Spoke too soon. He is still coughing here and there
I'm sorry to hear about Peanut's run in with Pine-Sol but I'm glad that the outcome wasn't even worse. As consumers we have to be very careful about what we use in our homes. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous companies that care more about their profits than about the health and well-being of their customers.

I work as an extension educator for Purdue University in Indiana. As part of my job I have learned that home-made cleaners tend to be safer, and they work just as good or better than the products that are bought at stores. Not only that, but they tend to be better for the environment, and best of all, they are extremely cheap!

You can make a cleaning solution that works for most areas of the home simply by mixing white vinegar to equal parts of water. It smells like vinegar at first when using it but it doesn't last long. Best of all, it won't harm you or your pet when you breathe in the vapors. This is a cleaner that was commonly used by our grandparents and great-grandparents.

I hope that this helps to prevent more mishaps for people and their pets!
hope Peanut feels better soon :ghug: sending Peanut a big sheepie hug from Henry and us....
Oh poor little Peanut...
I hope he feels 100% very soon!

Maybe you could make some chicken
broth ice cubes to bribe him??

Feel better Peanut!
That topic was posted over 3 years ago. :)
Peanut did recover but had a cough after that anytime he was very active.
5-10-2011 I just put it all together yesterday when I ran out of my
pinesol. I have been using this product my entire life and i'm old!!!!!
I have poodles and they cought, sneeze and appear to have irration in the nasel passage and throat. Always symtoms of Kennel cough.. I have spent
a fortune in vet bills. Yesterday I used spic and span it stoped right away
today I am waiting for the coughing , but they are not. I have never let them on the wet floor, they only get on it after it is dry so even though it is dry I want to warn you all that the chemical effect is still there. I do hope all my dogs get over this and recover. We have been using benadryl daily it was the only way to give them some relief.
I couldn't get the fleas to stay off my shepherd, even with special treatments, so I used straight pin sol and murphy's oil with a damp towel. Didn't bother her at all, but it killed all the fleas.
Pine-sol is toxic to humans as well! Should only be used when children and pets will NEVER be present. I get so disgusted that they use Pine-sol to clean in the apartment building in which I live. One day every week I suffer headaches, sore throat and difficulty breathing because of it's use!
Poor Peanut! Hope he is feeling better soon!

I think any of that stuff that sends out fumes is toxic to pets and even humans. They usually tell you to be in a ventilated area when using. But who ever reads the fine print :roll: Hope your baby is better and thanks for the heads up. Meantime, I recommend to all to be careful using these comon "household" cleaners...For dogs and humans...
This is complete BS. Pinesol is not harmful to dogs. You havent provided any factual evidence to support your claim.
Who ever posted,that they hav'nt any proof about pinesol fumes being toxic to animals is wrong. I'm a Vet Tech and know from treating animals for toxic fumes,and pinesol is one of them. Use Simple Green or if your trying to get rid animal odors, there's a product named Stinky Poo. You can purchase it usually at your animals Veterinarian office. If you don't see it ask the secretary where you can get it. IT WORKS ! Especially male cats that spray. I hope this will help.
Hi all. My right month old puppy Diesel is dead because he got into the pine sol he passed within 48 hours his organs shut down it all started with mouth foaming and ended with liver damage and nervous system shut down he could not walk anymore. Please lock all chemicals up ill never forgive myself for not watching the bucket
Sorry, Elissa. Simple Green is not the answer it has undisclosed on the label Tuolene, a nerve disruptor and it gives me severe asthma. It is a lie that simple green is non toxic and biodegradable. Remember,too that just because something is natural doesn't mean that it isn't dangerous. Chlorine and Ammonia are natural and extrememly dangerous. :rimshot: :rimshot:
I used diluted pinesol to clean my floor Friday. I have used it before and not noticed a problem. Yesterday (Saturday) my bichon seemed OK but he licks his feet alot and eats in that room. Today he has been lethargic and not wanting to go for walks . He has laid around and been very quiet all day, not eating and drinking very little if anything. I will check with the vet tomorrow and hope he feels better.
Much as I like pinesol I doubt I'll use it again. Wish I had realized it could be that toxic !
I have a small dog her name is Haylee, and she has been licking the floor after I wash it...omg..She seems to be ok ..

I also dog watch and His name is Tyson....2weeks ago, the owner's took him to the vet's for raw paw....spent a lot of money .....So we have been treating him for just this... So today I went on line to see if this Pine-sol is toxic, And sure enough it is....Not only to pets but to us as well....

So know we know, why Tyson has raw paw.. I boiled some water and washed the floor, over and over....I think the company should be posting the warnings of just what this floor cleaner can really do..... :cow:

I will be posting a letter on face book, for sure. .let`s spread the word....I wish all the best for everyone and their pets.....

It's toxic to humans too! I suffer the same symptoms. Each time I'm exposed to the fumes, the reaction is worse and lasts longer. It's a horrible burning in the eyes, nose, throat and chest. It's nasty stuff!
Pine Sol is also toxic to people--
I fired two house keppers, whose agencg should have informed them not to use smelly
chemical because I passed out for 11 hours after I came home and went into one bathroom.

Yesterday, my new couple used upstairs before I discovered. I was out nine hours.
My throat is burning and I have a cough. The new couple told me they were
using Pine Sol--the other couple would not say.

I hope my pet will be okay--My dog is still sleeping. I can't get her to go out.
Sorry about your dog. :( :(
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