Dog not wanting to eat after first heat

Good Morning. I have a 1 year old female, Millie. She had her first heat in December 2020, and at that time she decided she was going to eat less and acted as if she didn't like her food. Took her to the vet and he told me it is common for dogs experiencing their first heat, not too want to eat too much. He said it had to do with the hormone levels bombarding her all at once, and to try to find a different food she liked. I did this and she seemed to like wet food the best with a topper. All was well and she was eating until 3 days ago. Now, she is eating less and walking around with a toy in her mouth whining. Could it be an imaginary pregnancy? Going to call the vet this morning again. Cooked chicken and rice for her and tried putting it over her regular wet dog food. She ate the chicken and some of the rice but left the wet food. She will eat her dog cookies. LOL. Has anyone experienced this with their sheepie? She is going to be neutered in March 2021. Do you think this behavior will stop after being fixed? She weighs 65 pounds and so far has had no weight loss. I am worried about her and not too sure what to do to help with this situation. She was a good eater before going into heat. Any help or suggestions? Thanks.

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It is good to get her checked by the vet, just to make sure that she doesn't have pyometra. I have had a girl who went through a false pregnancy. There are medications that can help, if she is getting quite distressed. You can add to her food a bit, to make it more appealing. I have added plain yogurt (NOT non-fat, that never works for me), scrambled eggs, a bit of shredded cheese, chicken broth, a bit of canned tuna, whatever worked. My girl would collect stuffed toys and keep them close.
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