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I went to a restaurant to celebrate someone's birthday, at a lovely Vietnamese restaurant. We ordered many dishes, to be shared by everyone. The food was placed in the centre of the table, on a rotating piece of wood that I referred to as a 'lazy Susan'. I was immediately taken to task by one of the young men present, for insulting all women because I used the term 'lazy Susan'. So my apologies to all women, in particular to all Susans. My use of the term was thoughtless and insulting. I am certain that there are many hard working Susans out there. Needless to say, I did not utter a damn word for the rest of the meal. There are many horrible, offensive words and expressions that I would never use. 'Lazy Susan' was not among them, but it is now. I try very hard to be a kind and caring woman. I will now use only a descriptive term. Please, place the food on the rotating wooden centre of the table...

Every time I go out with people who refer to themselves as 'woke' (I still don't really understand what that means), I manage to say the wrong thing. I said that a baby was beautiful. Wrong thing to say, I objectified the baby. I am afraid to say anything. My brain just cannot seem to absorb the modern language, even if, intellectually, I do understand that a term such as lazy Susan is, at its root, unkind. Am I the only one struggling with this new modern day language? :(
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Mady wrote:
Am I the only one struggling with this new modern day language? :(

Nope. I'd tell them they just insulted ME, a real person sitting next to them. :D I refuse to be bullied into respectfulness.

Some person on this forum with whom I was friends on FB started arguing with me about stuff. I refered to them by their name on the forum.

Hoho! I was now evil incarnate! I had deadnamed them. I had no clue what "deadnaming" was. Apparently their fantasy name was not a fantasy name, but their actual new name as they identified as Bambi or a unicorn, or something, and their old name is now an insult. Which, by the way, they never changed here.

I'm not trying to be insensitive, I don't recall the actual details. But the scenario was quite essentially as I laid it out.

I banned them, too. I have no time anymore for people who try to make me feel bad for not knowing or understanding their particular brand of self righteousness.
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