Thinking of the old gang

I was looking at some of the posts here and remembering how much good advice we received when we got our first sheepdog Mady. Mady and her mum Virginia have crossed the bridge, but we still have Gracie and have added Kasse (now a big girl at one year old) and all these years later I still rely on the wisdom shared by this group back when we were new to the world of dogs. Oh and by the way, you all collectively owe me thousands and thousands of dollars for getting us into agility and sheep herding. I remember all of the fun posts encouraging us to try agility (Mady and David eventually made it to the Canadian Nationals) but no where in those posts did you warn us about how addictive dog sports were and how much they would cost! :wink:
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Nice to see you.

The check is in the mail.
Or up north would that be a cheque in the post? :D
We do say 'cheque', but saying it is in the mail is fine. I think that Microsoft spellcheck is slowly making us all spell like Americans. :(
Hi Kim,
I miss the board and all the people that were part of it.

I check in almost every day, though.

Hi Ron.
Hi :D
How are both of your pups doing? I have tried hard to give one year old Kasse away, she is such a brat, but no takers! :P
Bentley is getting old now.
He'll be 11 on Wednesday.

He's got stage 3 kidney disease.

His BMs were terrible for a while, his appetite went to hell, he was vomiting a lot, and he lost a lot of weight/muscle (85 lbs to 65 lbs).

I felt his regular vet wasn't doing enough for him, so I brought him to an internal medicine specialist. They ran a bunch of tests and confirmed that he has kidney disease.

But she changed up his treatment just a bit and that has helped a lot.
He's eating again. He's put weight back on. The vomiting stopped. And his BMs have improved somewhat.

His back end continues to bother him. And he can't be on an NSAID pain reliever because they really screw with a compromised kidneys.So he gets gabapentin for pain, which isn't a good pain reliever but I guess it's better than nothing.

Don't know how much time he has left, but I'm trying to make what time he DOES have left, comfortable.
I know getting Bentley was not in your plan, but for Bentley's sake, I am so happy that your home ended up being his forever home. I am sure that you are doing all you can to make him comfortable. I just wish dogs lived longer, had more healthy years. After losing Mady and Virginia, I try hard not to take Gracie and Kasse for granted.

Having said that, today they drove me NUTS! Did you ever have a day when your dog(s) just barked at shadows? I know that it is full moon time, but good grief a leaf would blow across the street and they would act like murderous zombies were coming to the door! :roll:
I wish Bentley just barked at shadows.

My sister is in town this weekend. I was over my mom's earlier with him and my mom & sister were out. When they came home and up the stairs, Bentley's anxiety kicked in and he chased my sister around the table while barking and growling.
He's been so good. Something about my sister just sets him off. Sigh.
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