Has anyone had dogs with torn ACL's? My girl was diagnosed last Friday with 2. Surgery per knee $2000 - $3000. At this time, she is on pain meds that do not hurt kidneys or liver. I am devastated. She is only 7 and I want the best for her. The $$$ isn't really in my budget but I would like to hear from others that have had dogs with this injury. Several years ago, I blew out my ACL and opted NOT to have surgery, so I have lived with an unstable knee. But not 2. One of the surgeries, as the Vet explained, is they break the bone and put in a metal plate and screws, which doesn't make sense to me. And there are a couple other surgical options, including fishing line. I had that surgery on one of my dogs, Magic Kiss, several years ago and she was approximately 9 or 10. That was the only option. They don't even break bones in people. I left a message for the clinic that my vet sent the xrays to, to ask more questions, specifics, but no call back. Any input or suggestions would be appreciated. I even sent a email to the PetFund for some possible help. I just want the best for her and to be her normal goofy happy self. After all, she is my heart.
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Oh Nancy, I'm so sorry to read this. It's Macie Grace?
Sounds painful. There are braces dogs can wear, was that given as an option?
Yup, it's Macie Grace. Braces were not an option. Last night I spoke with the Ortho Vet and asked lots of questions. The procedure is called a TTA. They slice the bone and put in a plate and screws, which I was told is more effective in large dogs. Years ago, fishing line was used because that was the only option. My OES, Magic Kiss, had that procedure. She was either 9 or 10 at the time. They still do that on smaller dogs but they would do on Macie if I wanted to. But he said it might not last and a 'do over' would be needed. The rehab is 2 months and she would have to be on a leash @ all times including in the house. No stairs and keep her quiet for a while. I asked him if he knew the breed and he hesitated. Quiet? Sheepdog? :roll: I don't like the idea of her being overnight in a place where nobody is on the premises. What if something happened? I always track to the worst scenario. And the cost? $3200 for one knee. I asked at what point the 2nd knee would be done and he said maybe a year or longer or not at all. If she doesn't show any signs of favoring, then not necessary. Somehow, I have to come up with the funds. But if any of you remember the problems I had about 7 years ago regarding the mortgage company, it's still going on, has been sold off a number of times, had a loan modification, paid by wire transfers, but 'nobody' knows where the money went, into some dark hole, have still tried to foreclose. Working with a attorney, and have asked many times for an accounting but nothing. He said they probably don't know. Good thing I have all the proof, copies of wire transfers and were accepted. HOWEVER, MY GIRL COMES FIRST! So somehow I will find the dollars. She still has a great attitude, goofy, loving and has plenty to say. :lol: Macie is on Galaprant 100mg for pain. Seems to work without affecting liver and kidneys.
I remember, and I always wondered what happened.

I'm glad the pain meds are working.

There aren't a lot of us left around all the time, but a few stop by and read new posts once in a while.
I had an Akita with a torn ACL years ago. Hers eventually healed itself. The vet told me to try to keep her from running and doing a lot of activity. As I recall, it took a few months, but after it healed she was as good as new. I'm not sure if your sheepie's tear is worse than my Akita's. Good luck.
Sounds good, however Macie Grace has 2 that are torn. I asked 'What if I don't do the surgery?' I was guilted by being told she would always be in pain. She is on pain meds and you would never really know anything is wrong. Just a little slower going up the stairs. She will go up the ramp I have to my bed but not down. When I have the finances, I will do the worst leg. By the way, how do you keep a dog from running and jumping and doing a lot of activity? This is a goofy sheepie!! :lol: :lol: :lol: I do try to lessen activities but she jumps, leaps around and just her silly self. I thank you for the information. I do appreciate your input. :)
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