Help. 8 month pup not eating


Our 8 month pup, Attie, has become picky when it comes to eating. She will only eat her kibble if mix in some of her treats in it, and if my husband or I are with her. She is currently under weight and my husband and I don’t know what to do. Any advice will be so appreciated.
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Simply place the bowl, with just dry food down, 2xs a day. Pick it up after 10 min. Do not give her anything else. A dog, unless sick, won't starve. Harry was much like this, and still tries it sometimes.
If you are training, use the kibble, or praise. Do not let the dog run mealtimes, or you will set your self up for a lifetime of picky!
...and if you're still worried GET TO THE VET
That said...

Our puppy suddenly decided he didn't like his kibble anymore. Just suddenly turned up his nose at his food. We had to change brands and he has been great for many months now.
How much is she underweight? At this stage, she is still growing. Is her stool firm, and a good size?
Too many people humanize dogs, teaching them to be stubborn, picky, and even reactive. Buy a high quality food, and feed her. Harry is 11 months old, and eats almost 3 cups 2xs a day. If he leaves food in the bowl, that's what he gets for supper. He quickly caught on, and now finishes his food! OES are smart!
She is 11 mos old now she still does not eat enough maybe we can get 2.5 c in her in a day she is a little over 40lbs now and kinda ribby. There are two adult Collies in the house that we have to keep away from when she walks away from her bowl or they will eat her food. Sometimes it helps if one is near her while she eats as a competition effect. What is the most palatable large dog breed puppy kibble available out there?
I never fed puppy food for that long.
He you tried feeding her in crate? Having others wandering close when she is eating isn't good to do, body language can throw a dog off its food.
I would do a vet visit to rule out infections and parasites, or allergies.
Than I would set times for feeding, crate her and take the food away after 10 minutes, and wait til the next set time to feed. They catch on quick. Free feeding isn't my thing.
Has the vet deemed her underweight?
A full vetting would be my first. She could have stomach issues, intestinal issues, throat issues.
How is the poop, does she pee lots? Thyroid should be checked, and bloodwork done.
Good luck!
How are you getting on? Our Sprocket has now decided not going to eat his kibble-no vet problems so have put him back on James wellbeloved which he loved(they changed the recipe when got taken over by a bigger company),hubby didn't like the fact that been taken over so had to change foods-not found one as good though!! xx

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