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So Harry is a stuffy destroyer, a tug shredder and a bone crunched. So after research, I decided to throw some money out, and get him indestructible pricier toys. Here is a list of what I thought was awesome!
Indestructibone. Looks like crap, but so far, 2 weeks if chewing and throwing it around, it looks still new, and has holes on each end for stuffing peanut butter or treats. Cost me 37 dollars US, so for me, with shipping, was just over 60 bucks.
Goughnut. His absolute favorite. Looks like a mini tractor tube. I bought the large I believe, it's quite rubbery, but with constant chewing and throwing, it is his most chewed toy, and not a scratch ( but there is white lines) and easy to clean. Very pricey, altogether on Amazon it cost me 101 dollars, but they ripped me off and charged me US dollars on for shipping. I am sure it can be found cheaper elsewhere.
Himilayan dog treat. He loves them, they digest easily, great for less destructive chewers, as if tossed it does break. Watch the end piece, as when it gets too small, they may swallow it whole. End pieces can go in the microwave for 10 seconds, puffs up and becomes a yummy goodie. Great for relaxing chewing not bone crushers! Bought 9lbs on Amazon for 100 dollars.
Prosciutto bone. His dream bone. Aged, looks raw to me, not smelly, a little on the damp side. Easily digestible for captain chunk swallower, and only costs less than 4 dollars for a large at

We have more on the way, so will get back to anyone who cares lol, on the rest of my summer splurge buys to keep my boy busy as we hide indoors! Feel free to suggest some. I would love to spend less for more!
On a sidenote. I hate touchscreen phones, so am skipping the re read of this post, keeps changing my words anywho! Have a great day!
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Slopper stopper. Reduced beard wetness by 95%, reduced floor splashing 100%, reduced the dripping water trail by 95%.

No hesitation on his part on using it, he goes more often to drink rather than chugging all of his water like he used to, as the hole is only tongue width. I am 100% satisfied, and recommend it.
Wow, great reviews! Sounds like a fun experiment to me. When I get an OES, I'll definitely be looking into buying a slopper stopper for sure.
10 inch Jolly egg tug n toss. 37.99 on Amazon. Lasted 5 min, he tore and tried to swallow the handle. Super bad review!
Becky, I'm not sure how familiar you are with, but they are amazing when it comes to giving you credit for items that you're not satisfied with. Especially in this case I'd think. Seems like the Jolly Egg was pretty bad quality. If it concerns you at all, I'd see if you could get your money back. Sorry to hear about your bad experience! Hope this helps!
Sprocket loves antlers to chew more than his nylabone. They are expensive for what they are and need to buy a big one at around £24 depending where get from. Like a nylebone they gradually get smaller so throw away and replace. The one we have now has lasted 3 years and there are often 3 dogs wanting to have a chew. He likes the ones that have 2 "stalks" to it. They are collected up from deer farms etc when have been shed or broken off so no deer harmed. xx
I would love to send it back! Unfortunately, Amazon does not ship to us with decent prices, so I mail the stuff to my sister, who hands it off to my dad, who nails it to me. So ibwoyld be paying the 37 to send it to my sister.
Tis a weird world I weave Lol!

Elk antlers are great for a long lasting chew. But I find Harry is not interested in them long term. He has two big ones and has had them since he was 4 months old.
I agree, great dog chews, decent price. And don't reek like a pizzle does! 8O
Due to shipping issues, Amazon offered me a partial refund. Good on them, since he did have fun!

The pets are busy buddy and squeak treat dispenser boohya also was a fail. Lasted less than 2 days, and he chewed the top off. He sure has strong jaws! Cost 15.49.
He enjoyed it, but also not a toy for toy destroyers!
Mine have all hated toys. I suspect having k9 playmates kept them occupied. One Great Pyr loved Rubbermaid buckets. Hysterical when the handle would flop over his head and he couldn't get the bucket off. Wait, one love the broom. She'd attack it while I swept or when it stood alone, quietly.
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