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I lost Toby last night. It was sudden and catastrophic. He had just turned 12 this month and was still a healthy and active dog.

Everything was normal at 6:00 pm and by 7:00 he was gone. He went outside like he usually does. Then my wife said "Where's Toby?" since he usually comes right back in, especially at dinner time when he might get a hand-out. Dropped my plate and searched everywhere. Couldn't find him anywhere. Finally, we found him up on the hill in the back yard, head down, in obvious and inexplicable distress. I climbed up to him and immediately realized his stomach was distended and rigid and knew instantly what it was. Bloat. I've seen it before in another sheepie some years ago who bloated under general anesthesia– twice–and I knew if the pressure wasn't relieved immediately, it could stop his heart.

Being after hours we rushed him to the 24 hour emergency vet a half hour away. They took him right in, x-rayed him, and before long a vet, a young woman not long out of vet school, came out and led us back to one of the exam rooms. She had Toby's x-rays on a screen and pointed out that his stomach had twisted completely which resulted in bloat. She said the reason it happened is never clear but the only thing that could be done was surgery (about $8000) however there was a good chance that some of his stomach or kidney tissues could already have necrotized from a lack of blood supply. She said he was in a lot of distress.

There was only one thing to do but it was all so terribly sudden. I wasn't prepared. I thought after Charlie died a couple of months ago we would have at least a few good years left with Toby. He has just getting used to being the top dog in the house and seemed to be enjoying it. But it wasn't to be. Now he's gone too. I feel devastated and in shock. For the past 50 years, there have only been a few weeks when I haven't had a sheepdog with me.
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I am so sorry Richard.
Just terrible news.
So, so sorry.
My heart is breaking for you :cry: :cry: I am so so sorry for the loss of your Toby. It is never easy to loose a member of the family and yes, they are family. You are in my heart :hearts: :hearts: :ghug:
So sorry to hear your sad news. Big hugs.xx
Oh my God, I'm so sorry Richard. What a horrible shock. Bloat is so very evil. Thank you for taking care of Toby and doing the best for him when he needed you.
So very sorry about the loss of your Toby.
Oh that is so sad. I am so sorry. :ghug:
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