Bentley update

As you know, Bentley moved on to his forever home back on April 8th.
Well, we hoped it was to be his forever home.

As I've mentioned in the past (or maybe I hadn't ??), Bentley has some fear and anxiety issues. I worked with a vet behaviorist and thru training and meds, he's made great progress.
We believed it was time for him to move on.

He went to a great home, but on the 5th day, he lashed out at the husband.
It was with heavy hearts and many tears, the couple felt that he wasn't a good match for them.

So on April 13th, I picked him back up.

Bentley is GREAT with me; never any issues.
Even though I wanted to take a little break between dogs, I couldn't turn my back on a special needs pup. There were no other options for him.

On April 18th, I signed his adoption papers.

He'll spend the rest of his days with me, where he can live out a nice quiet, stress free life, which is what he needs.
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You are THE BEST!!!

Where is a happy dancing icon when I need it? :banana: :excited: :yay: :dreidel5:

Found some!

Congratulations, Mark and Bentley!
Lucky boy! Hard for you I bet, but good for him
How are you handling it?
Are you both settling?
Brilliant- that is the best news for you both- I know you wanted a break but Bentley needed you just tooooo much. xxxx

:clappurple: :clappurple: :cheer: :banana: :tea:
I am thrilled for you and Bentley!!!! :banana: :yay: :yay: :cheer: Obviously, it was meant to be. He is a very lucky boy to be where is loved and with person he loves. :hearts: CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!! :excited: :hearts: :hearts:
Hi Mark,

How is Bentley doing? I’m so happy he is home with you!
He's doing well.

Think he has to go back on his pain meds. He has some arthritis in his back end, spondylosis in his spine, and what looks like a healed CCL injury. Sometimes he doesn't put much weight on his right rear.
So back on the pain meds. Hate to give those long term but probably don't have a choice.

But he seems happy.
I am happy for both of you.
Hmmmmm, another foster failure! Good for giving Bentley a soft landing.
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