Pup not eating as much and puking once a day

My little Oscar is almost 6 months old and has been a great eater since I got him. Recently, he has been leaving his food in his bowl and only eating a little. I know I am giving him the right amount and before he would inhale every piece within a few minutes. He is still eating it's just hard to track how much since he leaves food in there often. Also, he has been puking once a day at about 6 am for a week. I haven clue why this is happening, he acts perfectly fine. He normally just pukes and lays back down to sleep until my alarm goes off. I'm trying not to worry but wanted to check here first since he is my first sheepie and i know they have unique personalities. Thanks in advance!
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I'd see your vet for sure.

Our new guy, our first puppy, wasn't vomiting but started to turn up his nose at his food. The vet said there was no issue he could find. We changed brands and he has been eating well again.
When teething pups are prone to skipping meals. My Harry has done this from day one, but is still growing and healthy.
Does he drink water, than puke, or is it bile? Harry tends to chug water than vomit in the am, so we restrict it until he eats a little bit.
He could be suffering from reflux due to an empty tummy, if his potty training is great, maybe offer him a later meal. My pyr mix had this issue, so had to have a late night feed.
As for eating, you could try adding warm water to his meal.

I would see a vet to rule out parasites or tummy issues.
Always best to ring up your vet for advice and a quick check over.xx
Oscar is probably due for a vet visit and it can’t hurt to have it checked out. Might just be stomach acid and an empty tummy
When in doubt ask the vet, but the thought of teething is excellent. His leaving food my indicate his mouth is tender. Try giving him the same amount per day but break it up into smaller amounts and more feeding with a bit of warm broth to soften the food a bit. If we were puking all the time, run to the vet for Parvo test. Another though is go with the ground meat and rice diet for a day or two: cook ground beef or chicken with rice, more rice than meat. Pups love this and so do husbands who think this is a snack left for them in the fridge.
Scrambled egg was always a good food to help after a tum upset we found. xx
Hows that Oscar feeling now?
Our female went through a bout of diarrhea, got over it, got it again, never really lost her appetite though. she eats grass occasionally, gets into everything constantly.
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