Oliver refuses to come in

Oliver is just about 6months old now. He is starting to become a bit more affectionate and showing a lot of the usual sheepie traits. There is one thing he does which has us a bit baffled. During the day he hangs out, plays and interacts with the family, goes on walks and on occasion goes to puppy camp where he plays well with other dogs.

Once night falls, he doesn’t want to be in the house and lays outside In the dark. It isn’t until he is brought in and crated for the night that he’s in at all. If we do manage to bribe him :wag: with a treat he immediately wants to go back out and will pace and whine until we relent.

I’m wondering if anyone has any insight or experience into this behavior and can offer suggestions.

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Sprocket has always been the same, in hot or cold weather he wants to be outside to keep an eye on the world we recon as he lays right where he can see the gate, driveway and road. Thinking on it all our sheepies have wanted to see what is going on and have "rounded" us up. xx It is their job after to to make sure us humans do as they say!! xx

:wag: :tea:
Fascinating. Does he like being crated?
We have never used a crate he has a "box" for his "private space" or under the table. xx
Sprox's mum wrote:
We have never used a crate he has a "box" for his "private space" or under the table. xx
Interesting! Is that a cardboard thing or a bespoke enclosure?

Lorraine, how about Oliver?
It is a hard plastic rectangle box like fruit or veg might come in in greengrocer shops, a customer brought his motorbike engine round in it for us to make a frame around it and Sprocket decided he liked it, I have a couple of knitted blankets that make it cosy for him. He "buries" his "treasures" in there. xx
Sounds fun! May I come and hang out in there with him? :lol:
Yes, all welcome.xx
:excited: :yay:
What about my little friend the :banana: ?

:wag: :tea:
In this day and age I'm afraid to post him *cough*#MeToo*cough*
:banana: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :banana:

Oh, you mean like that? This is getting silly and away from dogs so best stop or get into trouble!!!!!!

:wag: :banana: :tea: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Sorry it took so long for the reply.

Yes, Oliver has a crate. He was sleeping in it for the night when we finally drag him in from outside. For the last week we’ve allowed him upstairs with us at night and he spreads out in the tile bathroom. I think he just runs hot.

He got himself in trouble for the last two nights by peeing in our bedroom so he maybe back in the crate. I’m sure that’s not going to go over very well and I expect a longgggg night . And yes, we got up to let him out a few times during the night so I have no idea what got into his head.
The thing I have found with all our sheepy dogs is that they can do something just the once and if they like it then it becomes a habit so have to really get on top of any thing you don't want- they do soon get over the habit if a suitable "game" happens. Good luck. xx
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