Which kibbles to use for Sprocket please?

Hello all. Advise needed. We / I have always Jameswellbeloved for previous sheepie, Fred and for Sprocket. We found it a great food to use that didn't upset tums when we had Sweep (sheepie before Fred). He had a terrible tum/bum on walks- the first poo would be fine then he would get worse as the walk went on, being about 1 1/2 mile walk round the block. We tried JWB and had great walks after that, firm poo forever!!

The problem is now that hubby found out that JWB had been taken over by Mars so he didn't want us to use it any more as it wasn't a small "home made" brand anymore. Daughter was then on Burns as recommended by her dog trainer so we tried that- vat exempt type in chicken with salmon oil so good for bones. Sprocket's behaviour has got bad-he is constantly hungry, begs for food, took a sandwich from a grandchild and poo can be good or not for no apparent reason. I checked out the ingredients, 67% cereal and 22% meat. JWB now has white and brown rice (22% each) and only 23% meat. I thought it had more. I just don't know what to feed him on anymore as told need more protein and less cereal as he is a dog and not a hen!!! Need one that can get in the UK as some are only in USA and need to be able to buy from a shop as we don't do online shopping. Sorry such a long email but can anyone guide me as to which way to go please? xx

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I would throw my corporate hate out the window and feed what works or what was working, if that's an option.
By the way, we have EXACTLY the same problem with our new pupper Tenny. He has a solid potty then a soft potty then pudding. The vet can find nothing wrong and the next step is an expensive test of digestion enzymes.

What I have found is not allowing him to keep pushing and pushing to slow down his bowels seems to help. My theory is that the large intestine removes water so the longer it stays in the firmer it will be. So for right now, as soon as he goes potty I am bringing him in. Let's see if that firms things up.
Thank you Ron. xx
May I ask how often and how much are you feeding per meal?
We have an old JWB feeding pot3/4 (just over) morning and evening and just under half a pot at lunch, with a couple of "tea break biscuits", a bit of a crunchy stick for "feet drying" . It is a little bit less than JWB used to be when correct amount- I tend to do a full pot am/pm and half at lunch.
I know that isn't a weight of food but weigh later if want? xx
Thank you.

My wife has been away for 5 days, so I have had the ability to regulate Tenny's food and observe the results.

He seems to do much much better if I feed him in the morning and night with just a small snack at lunch. I have also not been taking him for long walks.

His potties have been perfect -quite large and firm- for 2 days now, so it seems more and more likely to me that the problem is one of feeding times and his pushing and pushing and pushing causing the later potties to be soft.

There is a possibility that I'm just being very lucky. Time will tell.
What food are you using? We have had several different tins, "sausage" shaped packs of meat and then we were introduced to kibbles. Second dog Sweep had a terrible tum, didn't want to walk far at all and was very "itchy" . We put him on chicken and rice LWB and never looked back-walks gradually lengthened, poops hardened up over night and he was a better dog all round. When we got Fred he was on Eurika kibble but as he got to about 8 months he got very "vocal" if any member of the family except me tried to get him indoors, in another room, upstairs or whatever. He was fine with me. Anyway changed him to the same as sweep was on and yet again over night we had a "new dog" it seemed. When we got Sprocket he was on Purina but I changed him to JWB when the supply we were given ran out(changed over a week or so). The only reason he has been changed was because hubby didn't like the fact that JWB was taken over. I am getting a new sack of JWB when can get out the supplier as had enough of Sprocket getting told off when I am sure it is the food. xx
He came on Beneful. We changed him over to Canidae Pure Puppy, then we change him over to Wellness.

Both are grain free.

On the new schedule all has been perfect so far....
Pretty soon we'll start the longer walks again and see what happens.
Good luck. I have Sprocket back on JWB now (well am mixing at the moment as the Burns has salmon oil in it and his skin does seem better for it). xx
Good luck to you too!!! You can add some oil after everything calms down.

I so hope these paths work for both of us.
Probiotic is helpful to in form of yogurt (if not allergic to dairy) also there are powders or capsules available. sometimes called prebiotic
one product is called FortiFlora (from Purina). I used it on our puppy during its first bout of diarrhea and I believe it helped tremendously
Thank you for the advise. xx
To follow up, Tennyson's potties have remained firm, we will be increasing his walks again shortly... Wish us luck! :-D
I feed Harry Acana heritage dog food. The Nutro made him gassy. Milkbones give him soft stool. I love the Acana, poo doesn't stink as much! I find exercise makes Harry have softer stool too!
Sprocket is on a mix of Burns and JWB until the "free" bag has been eaten, haven't noticed any change in his skin,eyes,ears. He is much more satisfied- no begging for "human" food and his poo is firm and not so frequent. He is happy, I am happy and hubby is happy so all is good with the world. When he has been on the JWB only for a while I will see how that compares- if he is better on mixed brands than that is what will use. xx

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I never did say how Sprocket got on with his food. He likes JWB more that the Burns and his skin is better so far on Burns. He has had a couple of baths with lotion for "sensitive skin" and seems good. We are staying on the Burns for now and see how goes-have the choice of 2 makes or the mix of the 2.

How did Tennyson get on now he is a big boy? xx

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He's still on Wellness, and shorter walks solved the soft stool problem.

Contrary to my vet saying he's never heard my feelings that my dog was just trying too hard, two of his techs said they had dogs who did exactly the same thing... So.... So much for a chunk of trust with him after 26 years.

We've cut back on the probiotics and will be stopping them.
That all sounds good. xx
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