13 week sheepie not gaining

I have had my George who was the runt of the litter for a month now. When I first took him to the vet at 9 weeks he was 11.6 lbs. He has never eaten as much as the breeder said they were (3 cups a day) but eats anywhere from 3/4-1 cup in the morning and then nibbles or isn't interested the other times I feed- so maybe gets 1.5 cups in a day. I very slowly changed his food over to Wellness brand and nothing has changed with his interest in eating. I took him to the vet this morning because when I weighed him over the weekend he was only 13.5lbs (right at 13 weeks old)!!! He is very skinny and bony and isn't the most playful but is very very sweet. Stool sample was negative so its not a parasite and he had no temp. They did labs so are waiting for the results later today or tomorrow morning. Has anyone had an issue with a sheepie not gaining properly? I got in contact with the owner of his brother and he is already 27lbs, although he was the biggest puppy from the litter so maybe not comparing apples to apples. Any help/suggestions appreciated because I'm a nervous wreck!
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Welcome to the community.

I got my dog at 7.5 months and he has barely gained any weight since. We've been through everything with the vet but his total weight gain has been about 10 pounds from 55 to 65 since June, and he's now 15.5 months.

He has had soft stools since coming here and has been checked for all sorts of parasites and been dewormed twice, just in case. He's been put on probiotics. We've changed food.

His stools have finally gotten firmer... ish, likely primarily because we're not feeding him so much. Next possibility is a digestion disorder where he doesn't produce enough digestive enzyme.

I know this is quite different from your case. Just wanted to share if any of it pops out at you. Our dog is a rescue, but ultimately from a breeder in Kentucky.

Good luck, I hope someone else can chime in with a better answer.
Have they done a blood panel on him and checked his liver enzymes? I got lab results back and am devastated because it appears to be that he may have a liver shunt.

My Sheepie is also in Kentucky.....[Name removed by request]. Is that where yours is from? Do you know? I know their first litter was over two years ago, then had another one before mine, so sounds like it could be the same breeder.
Given my position with this site I don't want to advertise for or against the breeder of my rescue dog; I have at least the appearance of some sort of a conflict of interest. That said, he did not come from your breeder.
Oh not at all! I was really wondering if ours were siblings from different litters! I know the breeder said there have been some small ones to come from the litters over the years so yours may be absolutely fine!!
Not the same at all but at the start was similar- our daughter had a brother to Sprocket-Sprocket shoved her one out as he was stuck( we were told after had fallen in love with them- didn't make any difference to us-we thought). Dougal didn't want to eat. Daughter was beside herself as was her "first baby". She sat on the floor with him feeding him rice pudding, scrambled egg and various other items we used to feed our "babies" on. He grew ok then stopped gaining, got skinnier. In the end our lovely vet found that he had a brain tumour. As I said not the same as your problem but just wanted to say. xx
We have made further progress with George and it has been a heartbreaking week. Turns out, his liver and cell damage enzymes were elevated and all things, including some behavior that has really escalated over the last several days, are pointing to portosystemic liver shunt. He had a bile acid test today but my vet told me he doesn't think George's prognosis is very good. I am absolutely devastated. I have done a ton of research and I am bracing myself that this is not going to have a happy outcome. I am so heartbroken.
Hopefully there will be something that can be done for him- I do so hope there is. xx
sometimes change in diet works, there is a surgery also that may be promising. good luck to your pup.
Hello, how is George doing now? Do hope the vets have been able to help him. xx

:wag: :crossed: :tea:
Thank you all. I’m very sad to say that George crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few months back. It was absolutely devastating and I will never forget him. I do have another Sheepie baby now and he is healthy, happy and BIG! Thank you all for your advice and input. ❤️
I'm so very sorry that your sweet little George didn't make it. :cry:
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