Help is needed with our OES...please!

We have an 11-month old..brought him in end of April 2017. He has had the alpha trait and seems to not be getting any better and sometimes worse. He uses his teeth as his weapon and bites a lot. Reality has really set in when he was sitting next to my husband sitting in a chair and he was scratching his head; all was good for first few mins I guess and then Buddy turned on him and bit his left hand in 4 places. He growls and shows his teeth a lot and it seems to be more often now. He goes crazy in the car wanting to go after other cars passing. In addition, he is not a good walker right now due to pulling. We have had 3 EOS before...2 that were twins that we brought home at the same time and then a third who was about 5 or 6 when we got him. Never have we had any of these issues like what we have with Buddy. I'm researching for a medication or a different vet who would promote putting him on some med...I'm thinking it is anxiety but not sure what else to call it. And, as for other dogs, he plays with all of them wonderfully..I take him to the dog park and he has been with several different and never an issue. The last thing I want to do is give him up because I fear the unknown of him with someone who would give up on him.

So, any advice, behaviorial training, etc. is greatly appreciated.
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First off he needs to be checked medically. If he's in pain that can affect behavior.

I assume you've done that because you mentioned "another vet" meaning you have one already.

If so, the next question is about neutering. Have you had your boy fixed yet? It will calm him down after about a month or so.

Nothing in life is free... He must perform a command before getting fed, a treat, praise... Whatever. Sjtting at the door. Also, humans through the door first.

Finally, should you decide that you've had enough, if you contact a reputable OES rescue, they will match your boy up with a family without kids and with experience. Just be up front with them about what is going on.
I have a almost 5 month old. And he had issues. And I found the key.
Run the dog. A tired dog is a great dog. With Harry, his energy was so pent up he was attempting to chase and act aggressive to cars, and even turned on me. So I jumped on the skidoo, and ran him, on a flexi lead, at his speed.
Than an hour later, we went on our usual walk. Zero pulling, zero barking, and quick re direction with a tug when a car passes by. He was 100percent behaved because I let him run the snot out of himself.
So if you gave a bike, run him. And marker train.
Mark the positive, with a high value treat. I cut up rollover into small chunks. Every time he does something good, this.
Sit, yes! Mark with a reward.
Down, yes! Mark with a reward.
But you absolutely must tire a dog, or frustration will increase. If your where you can use a four wheeler, or a scooter, do it.
And never ever put yourself in a position where he makes a decision. You end petting, you ignore bad behaviour, crate him when he gets rowdy. If you can get him into fly ball, do it!
And make sure he is always dragging a leash in the house. Easier to step on a leash than to grab a collar.
I would not run a 5 month old OES for an hour!!
Edit, should have spaced those sentences
He ran for less than ten minutes, went home, and an hour or more later went on a slow flexi lead walk/ marker training. A five month old can easily walk for an hour.
The key was the free running, his pace, his time for personally energy burning. That is what a dog needs. I would not expect him to be able to concentrate on polite walking or distractions if he is a brimming bundle of energy.
Today we did the same, me on the machine, him behind, at his pace, stopping every few feet to determine whether he was ready to go home. In reality he may only be running a block.
So many expect a small walk or a boring few blocks will suffice. I keep things fun, marker training, a few games of tug as cars pass, a stick to carry.
But a 2 year old dog, should be able to run. My breeders run theirs with machines. And yes, I spoke to them before I ran him period. 10 minutes is more than okay.
Actually, that was sentenced right, read wrong. I agree, an idiot would run a pup for an hour.
But I am not an idiot, as far as I know. Lol.
Maybe I need to tab my paragraphs.
Thank you all who have provided me with advice for Buddy....have been overwhelmed with work last week and tonight but wanted to see if anything had happened per my are all great and I appreciate you taking the time. I read thru all of the posts quickly but more than likely you'll hear more from me this week. Took him to the dog park yesterday and today and he does so enjoy the running. Trying to get more running around time but we are on 1-1/2 acres unfenced (can only have invisible fences) but what I plan to do is get one of the pet containment systems that I have been researching that serves the same purpose but it is just not wired underground.

As frustrating as he makes our lives, we still love him just the same...and not ready to throw in the towel yet! Have a good week all!
Sorry to the OP for getting off topic-

Becky you need to be very careful of over working any puppy who is still growing, especially a large breed. It is really not good- they have soft bones and they are still growing even up to a year and a half. Just saying
As I said, I don't.
Maybe you need to learn to read.
Moving off.
I will keep my mouth shut after this. Before I say something not nice.
Wow you need to learn some damn manners.
Maybe if you reread what you wrote you will see why I was
Becky that was really ugly, and totally unnecessary. In this forum we try
to be nice to each other and I was just concerned. You may reread what you wrote and see why. You shouldn't be "running" a puppy, that's all.
Please try harder and don't say things like "maybe you should learn to read".
Really ugly
I always thought the prohibition on activity was more like pulling sports than just running?

During the summer and fall I was "running" Tenny 3 to 5 miles a day at about 4 to 5 mph, slightly faster than walking, so about an hour for the trip with potty breaks.

I don't think I hurt him... I hope not. But it sure did help the behavior.
Buddy. I had the same issues - and the MOST heinous OES puppy of all time. She did everything yours is doing - and more. This forum helped me a lot.
But, what saved me (and her) was DOGGY DAY CARE. It is true that a tired puppy is a good puppy. We had doggy day care for half or full day. Even a couple times a week helped.
Too, we had to assert ourselves and become alpha. As much as we wanted to cuddle her, we had to set that aside and be the dominant figures in the house - otherwise she moved in to fill that role. It was a LOT of work, and a couple times I almost gave up.
Finally, about 18-24 months her light bulb went off and she became a really good, loving dog. I never thought it would happen but it did. She's now a senior dog, nearly 10 years old and I am so happy I stuck with it. She is the joy of my life, and the sweetest dog. BUT I didn't think we'd make it.
So, please stick with it. You got an Alpha OES and a lot of us have been there. Hang in there!
I get ugly when accused of over exercising.
I said he free ran. I did not say I ran him for an hour. You merged 2 sentences. I clarified, yet you still say I over excercised.
His walks are not continuous, with many stops, breaks, and reward training. Yes, it's an hour, that we are outside, but we are not always moving.
His running, is him running, I have to lead him with the machine, he can out run it. We go to the field down the road. We than practice going on and off the machine. He set a his pace, he is loose in a safe area, and when he is ready for the day, we go home.Both walk and his free run time are at different times of the day. And seperate from eachother.
Without him pooping HIMSELF out, he gets over stimulated.
My opinion was that, an opinion.
Don't worry. My lips will be sealed. I have asked questions on here. And no one pipes up with help, but my words are mis-read and a fire gets lit under my butt.
Becky and Shellie - could you please continue your "cat fight" somewhere else?

This forum should be about helping OES puppy/dog owners and not your "one-up-manship" so please take your comments offline.

In the meantime, if anyone here really needs help, also consider Old English Sheepdogs of Facebook where the kind of snarkiness you read above does not exist. Fewer people use this forum than the Facebook page.
Everyone just wants what's right for the dog, please assume the posters meant no offense

...and there's plusses and minuses to both this community and the Facebook community. ;-)
I apologize for my rudeness!

I stand by a tired dog can learn much!
And the smellier the treats for training, the better!
We used to just do lots of running around play with our pups when very young and are luck enough to be next to a field where they can "do their own thing". One training class we went told me off for taking Sprox for a "good walk" before class, saying a tired dog can't concentrate but I thought it would be best to get some of the bounce out of him so he didn't just want to run around playing. xx
If you think people don't talk like becky did to me on FB you haven't been around much. I wasn't being ugly or "cat fighting" and I have been around here almost every single day for 15 years, I think I have some experience with the forum. Up till a week ago I visited daily, but apparently this is not the place it used to be and I think I am done now too. It just isn't worth the aggravation with some of you.

I apologize Shellie.

I was under the assumption, and am, that as long as you have a responsible breeder, to turn to them when in need.

I did, and took their advise, with the stern advise of not overdoing it.
It has worked, for us.
I also apologized to the OP.

My breeder had the same info I will echo.
A tired dog is a happy dog. Treats need to be specific to what you are training.
And sheepdogs have a ton of mental and physical energy to burn. Routine, consistency, and curbing bad behaviour is a must.
I take all advice with an open mind. But the breeders get top attention. So sorry for being rude. I will end it at that. And hope the OP can help her pup.
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