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My husband and I recently rescued our 2 year old OES from our local SPCA. We have no background history on him, but it seemed as if he had lived outside his whole life. Does anyone have any recommendations on training books, or advice when it comes to training a non puppy OES. We joined a training class, but our OES was very aggressive towards the other dogs, and we were asked to leave. He jumps, nips, pulls on walks even with a harness. He has made great strides with his indoor manners, such as potty training at 2 years old, and learning sit, and down.
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Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry you're having these difficulties.

Your boy sure does sound like all of the dogs I've had. Our dogs have been extremely "aggressive" when meeting other dogs, if by "aggressive" you mean wanting to play with every fiber of his being.

When off leash our first guy was very... dominant with the other dogs, herding and chasing and playing insistently. Our second sheepie was more moderate. Our current guy was the same as our first -- until he was neutered. The 1st time after neutering (and most recent time) we are told he didn't interact with other dogs at all! So we don't know what is going on there.

All of our dogs have been pullers, we have used a prong collar with good success, the harness hasn't worked well enough. We haven't committed enough time to a gentle leader the kind that goes around the snout.

How long ago did you adopt him?

Again, welcome to the forum. Join as a member! You can then get notifications when answers are posted if you like.
Hello, my first oes was such a great guy. He was my baby when I was 18 and newly married before we had children. He was very quick to learn everything-I had plenty of time to train him and get him used to people and dogs as we were out a lot taking him with us. When children came along he "helped" me by rounding them up and keeping an eye on them-anyone could come indoors but they couldn't leave with one of our children.
The 3 oes I have had since then have never been similar to his nature. They have been pullers so a halti was a great help. They have all been fine with children and people but we had moved to the countryside and the only dogs they saw on walks were farm dogs that ran out, barking or snarling(not friendly). Our poor Sprocket even got attacked at 2 different training classes. The trainer said he "asked for it" because he was "big and hairy" or his hair was over his eyes a bit( I have always had their eyes on show). We now just have to be very careful when a dog comes towards us on a walk with lots of "leave it" type words and we mostly can get past the dog ok-Sprocket just wants to run past quick in case they attack him- he cowers away. Sorry long email, just wanted to show you that a lot of dogs don't seem to be so "nice" nowadays. Sprox is so kind and gentle it annoys me that he got so upset so young to affect him for his life. xx
They just kicked you out of class without any guidance going forward? Can you find a new training school or work one on one? It will take extra work, as it might be that your dog was never socialized, but two is pretty young so it is worth a try working with a special trainer. Where are you located? I am glad your pup has you to help forget the rough start he had in life.
Run the boy! I have over come my boys issues with a good hard run before any training! Than use markers, not corrections!
Keep hunting for a new trainer!

A rescue came through here who was kicked out of multiple training schools. He ended up at an independent shelter, a no kill shelter, that had the staff to train him. They began with clicker training which got his! From there he progressed, settled down nicely. They also exercised his butt off and found a playmate for him. Harsh training will only turn these guys crazy and end up with a biter. You have a herding dog, some are very sensitive to groups. Your pup need a gentle system. I was frankly amazed when I was called back to reevaluate the dog for rescue out of state. He had manners and didn't try to tear my hand off.......again.
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