Breeder Jackie Drumm in Georgia

I am looking at an OES puppy from this breeder. The only posts I see about her are around ten years old. Anyone have any new information on her? She is very responsive to my calls and emails and seems very nice. I know that's not the standard by which you measure a breeder, but my dealings thus far have been positive. This is my second OES. My Wilson recently passed after 12 wonderful years with us.
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I don't know anything about Jackie Drumm, so cannot comment on this breeder specifically, but generally speaking you want to find out if the parents have been health tested. This means more than a note from a vet saying the mother is healthy. The link below takes you to a site that you might find helpful. And the link below that is even more helpful, it is to a post here on that shows how to check if health testing has been done by that breeder. This special testing is done by independent vets who specialize in it (I am sure some breeders could explain this better than I am, and I am certain there are threads here on discussing how to find a reputable breeder). Dangit I know that there is a really good post on what to look for in a breeder. Maybe from Allison? I will do a bit more looking.
I certainly don't mean to chase you off but there is a thread about Jackie Drumm that is only a few years old. I hope you read through it. There is valuable info there. One of our respected members has quite a lot to say about her and her dogs, and all the issues and vet bills she has had because of her. I do not know this "breeder" personally but her website says an awful lot or is missing an awful lot however you want to look at it. I would take the advice of the people here in this forum because they would not mislead you. DO NOT go with this breeder. I very serioulsy doubt she has changed her ways in the 3 years since she came up last.
Go to:
and go to looking for a puppy. There is a breeder referal list there. These breeders have signed a code of ethics and do the right testing. Do not be mistaken, these are not just show breeders. You want your dog and his parents tested so you can avoid the heartache so many here have been through.

Sorry if I disappointed you, but better to know now than after you deposit$. Of course she is nice and friendly now, she wants your money. She may not be so nice if you have her pup and have problems.

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