NO SHEEPIE PALOOZA!!!!!!!!!!?????

I found out from a friend, who saw this on facebook,,(I don't facebook) There will be no more Sheepie Palooza. I can only imagine how much work this involves but I am saddened because myself and a friend were planning to come this year with our pups. :( :From the pics I have seen and postings I have read, it seemed so much fun and all those who come from all over the country and Canada. A gathering of Sheepies has to be full of fun plus they are so beautiful and uncommon to see. Any chance those that plan might reconsider? Maybe those of us interested could maybe contribute $$ to also consult a event planner? :wink: Just an idea :bulb:
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It's true.
It takes a LOT of commitment, time, and energy to put one of these events on.

We will miss Sheepiepaloozas, but will remember them fondly.

Many thanks to Val, Judy, and all the St. Louis gang for organizing such great events that allowed many people to meet and become friends.
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