Meet Harry!

My pick of the pups, Harry, AKA Dexter :) ... n__=%2B%3D

Coming home early Dec :)
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:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


:hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

Awwwwe! :hearts:
Isn't he!
We got to make up his registered name!
MOES LilyJax (mandatory) Helmsdale Breeze aka Harry :)
Helmsdale Breeze was Jim's home street name back in Scotland :)
Ready for this baby, Jim is building me a grooming table :)
He is adorable. Did you tell your kids?
Not til he gets off the plane! :D
Mr.Harry is home saturday morning :) can't wait!
Oh boy, time flies!
We require pictures!
He is adorable :wag: :bow:
Posted a picture on the OES page on fb, can't on here til I get my new phone!! Love at first sight!!
Just saw him on FB.
His breeder did an absolutely fabulous job! She introduced them to various noises, so he follows me when I vacuum, I can sneeze super loud and he doesn't even wake up! He is also asking for the door, and whimpering before he heads that way, all 3 accidents have been my fault for going to slow, and 2 were right at the door. Caught him midstream both times, so finish was always outside! He really shows when he has to poop, so hope this keeps up!
Crate training, well that will be a work in progress, he gets 3 hrs during the day, at lunch, before supper, and all night. I find if he goes in for longer, he gets work. We make sure he is good and tired before he goes in. He has been a doll, a snuggle bug, and as long as you don't leave a pillow laying around ( he is a pillow humper!) He is gentle and quiet :)
Oh, so pleased for you. Sounds so good-but wait, he will prob have the "testing how far I can go" time to come. Give him a big hug from me. xx
He does :) we deter his jumping now, with the word off, he knows nope, and I say oy when he gets into something he shouldn't, and with liver treats, he now goes into the crate without force, and seeks it out when he is ready for a nap, as I have been popping him in there everytime he is falling asleep. He only gets up 2 times a night, approx every 3-4 hours. Last night was a long sleep, 10-1, and than 1-4.
Jim takes him in the porch if he hears him after 5, and they hang out til 7 or 8, and he puts him in the crate after some couch cuddle/playtime, and he sleeps til I get (spoiled) up at 8am :)
He gets bitey when he has to poo, and is great at holding his bladder when out with me. I take him out everytime he goes near the door, or when he gets restless, so prob every 45min-an hour.
He passed the snowmobile test. I have already had him on it for a 5 min ride, and now when we pass it on our potty walks in the yard, he tries to hop up on the seat :)
Crate training was a nightmare until I pulled the treats out. He would bite the bars and scream to high hell for over an hour. With the treats he might whimper a bit, but is progressing well, and I never take him out when he screams. He insists on the sheet covering it, sleeps longer that way.
Grooming has gone well, I pop him up on the table 2x's a day, and we brush for about 2-3 minutes while he chews on a milkbone.
And to top it all off, he loves snow so much, that he has to poop in the deep stuff :) next week we start marker training. I have the clicker out and ready to go
Sounds like you are doing brilliantly! I am so happy for you. These dogs were made for snow. My girls are gloomy that it is snowless here. It was 9 degrees yesterday. In Ottawa. In December! 8O
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