Look what followed me home


This is Bentley.

I'm just fostering him.

He was an owner surrender. The couple was elderly and Bentley's primary caretaker (the husband) passed away recently. The wife could not properly care for him and his condition deteriorated.


The son told his mom that the dog had to go and so he dropped Bentley at the humane society.

Our rescue group (Airedale Rescue of Western New York) found him and asked the shelter if they'd release him to us. They agreed.
They had to first shave him to the skin because he was so matted and also treat him for kennel cough.
He was with them for about a month.

Another volunteer sprung him from the shelter yesterday morning and drove him an hour westward while I drove an hour eastward so we could meet in between.
I brought him directly to my groomer for the works. They said he did very well.

He's very quiet right now and unsure of himself. He hasn't barked or made a peep the whole time I've known him.

He's 6 years old. About 75 lbs and 25 inches at his withers (a bigger dale). I think he needs t lose some weight.We go to the vet tomorrow for a check-up. He has what I believe are a couple benign fatty tumors but we'll let the vet decide.

He already has 2 or 3 applicants so he'll go to his furever home probably pretty quickly.

Just glad I could help him out.
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If he followed you home, he's yours! Very handsome fellow.
After his walk at the lake today.

What a happy looking fellow! He won't be hard to place with that face!
Awwe what a cutie!!!

Hug on Bentley for me too, Mark!
He got scanned at the vet and we learned his chip number and company.
I called them and they provided me with his vet info.
I called the vet this morning and they sent me the records they had.

He was born on 9/18/2008.
So that would mean he just turned 9.
That makes more sense. He's a little slow & stiff when he gets up after lying down for awhile.

Went for a nice walk today after work. He walks pretty darn good on lead. He slowed down a bit past the 1/2 way mark.

He's pretty sweet. And quiet. Lying down seems to be his favorite activity. LOL

But he's coming out of his shell. He likes to play with his boomerang.
Be careful... You might fail at fostering 101... I did once! :D
What a handsome boy! :) I too, was a foster failure. :lol: :hearts: And I'm glad I did. After quite sometime, he became a great dog.
I also have a special place in my heart for the older, senior dogs :hearts: :hearts: Foster failure is GOOD!
sure looks like a fatty tumor and at 9 yo, good chance. If not inhibiting mobility, I'd leave it. Kenise has about 4 on her body.
More in-depth vet visit yesterday.

Turns out he has Lyme disease. :(

Also did a free-catch urinalysis. The protein was high and something else was high (can't remember specifically).
So that means his urine goes to the lab for a more in-depth analysis and bloods taken for an in-depth analysis.

Just hope that he's not in any type of renal distress.
What a Tweetheart! :hearts:

Hope everything goes well with his health testing.

He is a lucky.boy!

What ways the outcome of the testing and have you still got Bentley?xx

:wag: :tea:
Still have Bentley.
Just waiting to schedule his surgery date for his eye.

The needle aspiration of the chest mass came back as "no atypical cells and no infectious material". What that means is that there is nothing bad, but they don't know what it is. The vet suggested we (or his new owner) monitor the lump and if it changes, to have it removed.
The rescue is discussing whether or not we want to remove it before he goes up for adoption.

The in-depth blood & urine lab work-up turned out to be fine. The vet suspects the additional protein in his urine is due to the Lyme disease. But he's handling his doxy just fine.

He's doing great.
LOVES playing with his stuffed dog. Loves to be pet.
Likes when I sit on the floor; he comes up & buries his head in my chest, or stomach, or under my arm while he gets pets & scratches.
Very mild dog. Rarely barks.
He's a good boy.
I would take him in an instant! I love cuddlebugs! Sounds like he is in good hands, with you and the rescue! He will miss you, I am sure!
I know it's early days but could be a sign from your "old mates"? Maybe he could just stay with you as he does seem to love you lots? xx
New pic.
Just had a bath.
Note that his fur is growing in nicely.

Ready for Thanksgiving.


He goes in for his eye surgery and dental on Thursday morning.
Here's a video of him I shot last week.
He loves that stuffed dog. Plays with it, walks around with it, sleeps with it.
Brick would have absolutely SHREDDED that thing within one minute of getting it.

Great stuff! :hearts:
He does look good. xx
I dropped Bentley off at the vet this morning around 7:30 AM.
Surgery should be around 10-11 AM.
Just heard from the vet.
Bentley did well thru his procedures.
They did the eye surgery (went well), the dental, his second lepto shot, and cleaned his ears.
The only surprise to me was that they had to take 3 of his lower incisors :( . Those are the little tiny front teeth between the canines. Dogs have 6, they took 3. They said they were loose.
Otherwise his teeth look great and he's recovering nicely.
He keeps getting his cone off, so they're trying to rig something to prevent that.

I pick him up at 4 PM.

A little dinner at his normal time tonight. If he holds that down for an hour or so, then he gets the rest and his doxy.
I'm sure there's a pain med regimen, too.
Yay Bentley!
They said those few teeth were loose. Leaving them might have caused an abcess or infection.
His front teeth are worn. They suspect he might have been a rock chewer.
Otherwise, his teeth look great.

He's not too happy right now. He's still a little drunk, probably in a little pain, and trying to navigate with the cone. I finally got him to lie down.
Those cones are torture for humans!!! Get caught on everything, knock everything over etc. Our OES have all hated them if needed one, if only they wouldn't lick, scratch or rub the area they wouldn't need them but you just cant explain to them!! xx
A few videos of Bentley during Thanksgiving.

Ours could never seem to reach down enough for the food or water!. He does look a great dog. xx
Haha it's like the bell housing meeting up with the engine block. Ya gotta have a centering tool
Ron wrote:
Haha it's like the bell housing meeting up with the engine block. Ya gotta have a centering tool

He's an automatic, so no clutch alignment tool needed.

Stitches came out this afternoon.
Vet says eye looks real good.
A few more weeks of healing and it should be all set.
All he needs now is his last lepto booster.
Pleased he doing ok, lucky chap. xx
Seems to me Bentley has found his forever with you!
Mmmmm, I have hinted at that!!xx
Foster Failure GOOD!!! :yay:
Bentley had his last vet visit yesterday. He received the last round of his lepto vacc. They also looked at his eye.
They're very pleased with his eye.
Probably won't even be able to tell anything was done with it in 2-3 weeks.

He does not have to see them again (unless he gets sick, injured, or we decide to do something with the mass).
He shouldn't have to see a vet again until mid April 2018, when he'll need another C6 Lyme titer blood test.

That leads me to my decision of whether to keep him or not.
It's been an arduous decision making process.
In the end, while Bentley has been an absolute pleasure to have around, I find myself just not ready to accept another dog in my life right now.
As you know, the last 8 months have been very difficult, having lost both my boys within 2 months of each other.
It was very stressful; mentally, emotionally, and financially. As Bentley moves into his senior, senior years, I find that I'm just not ready to be thrust back into that level of responsibility and stress.
It's tough caring for a senior dog as a single, working person.

I also find my self calling him either Brick, and strangely more often, Zeke. I don't think I am sufficiently beyond the grieving stage yet.

Make no mistake, this decision was extremely difficult. Bentley is a doll and so EASY to care for. It will be hard for me to see him go.

I hope that I haven't disappointed anyone with my decision. It was very hard.

With all that said, I am hoping he can stay on with me through the holidays. Brick was with me the last 13 Christmases and Zeke for the last 4. It would be nice to have a dog around the house during this time.
I'm not sure placing a dog in a new home during the height of the holidays is the right thing to do anyways, what with all the commotion.
And I'm absolutely fine with him staying with me until we find him the perfect home. I really like having him around.

I have made him an appointment with the groomer on Dec 22. He'll get his first Airecut since being shaved.
How could anyone be disappointed that you gave him a home, got him through those first vet visits, got him all shiny and pretty and comfortable and ready for his forever home. You have to trust your gut on decisions like this, I think. I cannot imagine losing two so close together. Your heart will take time to heal. :ghug:
I can understand your thoughts on this. It would be to much to have a 3rd best friend 2 soon. He is your "fairly longish term lodger!" xx
It took me 4 years to get another horse. We all understand. When the time is right, you will get another friend.
It took us nearly 2 years to be ready again this past time, Mark.

I know we've been teasing and pushing fortune to work out, but as always it's your judgement that's most important.

Enjoy the holidays and please give Gently one EXTRA rub for me, behind his right ear please.
Bentley wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Sprocket said thank you and the same to you and to everyone. xx
Merry Christmas from us! And an Awesome New Year!
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