Puppy Pees Inside But Not Outside

Hi there,

We take out 10-week old puppy outside about five times a day but she never pees or poos outside. Instead, she feels very comfortable peeing in the middle of the room. Sometimes she pees right after coming from outside.

Any ideas on how to change this habit?
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Don't come in until she pees. Five times in my opinion is not enough times outside! Put on a long lead, let her wander and when she goes, mark and reward :)
Five times isn't nearly enough for 10 weeks! If it was twice an hour it wouldn't be too much. Until your puppy understands that she should be peeing outside you have to have her out until she goes. Praise every time she pees outside. Do not yell or punish if she makes a mistake, it won't help. A simple firm no is enough but only if you catch her in the act. I think you are going to have to go at this for some time - even months- until she really gets it. You could consider crating till she becomes more dependable. She will have to pee right after eating/drinking, after playing. after waking, after everything at least for a while. I have often seen that puppies can only hold it for the number of months old - say 3 hrs for 3 months old. That may be a bit long in my opinion.
Good luck, and be patient.

What Shellie said! Take her out after she wakes up, after a big play session, after eating, after a big drink, after waking up from a nap. And when she pees outside go bananacakes crazy with praise. I used the words 'go pee' when I took my pups out for that purpose. Now they pee on command, which is handy at 11 p.m. in winter when it is -30 out. We took a week off with each pup and it was eyes on the puppy all the time so that we would be ready to take them out the second they got that look they get, when they pause and stand still. The neighbours thought we were crazy, in and out of the house of often, but we got each puppy trained in that week. Congratulations on your puppy!
Thanks for all your tips!
Very useful stuff :)
Hope all is going well with the puppy weeing. We used to say "do good boys for mum" (as it was me out there with them) and now if I want to go out I just say to Sprocket "go and do good boys for mum" and off he goes to do what is needed!! xx

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