Looking for advice on overall training of puppy!

Hi, everyone! Sorry if this post is all over the place, I'll do my best to organize my thoughts! So we got our little sweet puppy (shaggeybark) July 10th. So, tomorrow she'll be 3 months old! I have been wanting to post pics in introductions, but I don't know how to do it, so I'll have to ask my boyfriend to help me :oops:

I love my little girl (her name is Cherry). She is so sweet, and DEFINITELY a family dog, which is exactly what I wanted (although if we see a little kid on our walk, she'll immediately lay down and bolt herself to the ground and won't leave until they're gone... she's obsessed with kids lol).

Anyway, I am having some problems with her biting while playing, biting/tugging clothes when you try to get dressed, and barking A LOT. I think she's getting better with the biting while playing and stuff, and I know that takes time, I just want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong? She's been with us for a month, and I feel she's had improvement and that it will take time so hopefully I'm not awful. She also still has some potty accidents in the house (an all carpeted apartment, dear god help me lol) but interestingly enough, she has the accidents mostly when my boyfriend comes home from work? She will go accident free all day that I'm with her but will have multiple accidents once he's home (maybe excitement?)

And with the barking, she barks a lot, which I'm pretty sure is normal, I just am working on trying to teach her commands for "speak" and "hush." Did everyone here crate train? I would really love to, but I have to say, I live in an apartment complex and it's very difficult to feel okay just leaving her to bark and work it out... I'm very scared of getting complaints/bothering people/etc, so it's been hard for me to crate train. Any suggestions?

Also one other behavior, since we haven't crate trained her at night (because the constant barking in apartment), she is free roam at night. She does not like our bedroom, maybe because it is all carpeted and as a result, warmer? She loves to sleep in the kitchen, by the front door, or next to the fireplace where there is a stone slab. So I'm thinking she likes the cool places. As a result, she tends to get really upset that we're sleeping in the bedroom at night and will periodically throughout the night come next to our bed and bark at us until one of us gets up. Then we have to take her out, tire her out, and one of us has to stay on the couch or in the living room until she falls asleep before we go back to bed...

Did anyone else have a similar thing to this? I soooo wish I could let her bark it out a little bit (I do during the day and she will bark for a minute or less, and then go play and be on her own) but it's just not an option at 2:30 am on a work night in an apartment.

Am I doing anything wrong? I've been reading and researching how to train, but I feel like I could read everything in the world and I'll still be a bit rocky with it (my first dog).

Anyway, sorry for the long crazy post, I hope it wasn't too all over the place.
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I crate trained my Hudson but in a puppy pen which is bigger and open on top. he liked that better and would bark in a crate. as for the warmth of a room yes they like it cool. Even when he was old enough to be out at night he would leep downstairs on the stone entry or near an outside door. He will now come upstairs to sleep but we run a fan at night and he parks himself directly in front of it lol. He also nipped when playing especially if we got a little more exuberant. When that happened we reeled ourselves in and if need be turned our backs to him if he bit. This seemed to work for him. He is now almost 2.5 yrs old.
Sooo I am by no means and expert we have our first OES and he is now 11 months old but he has given me plenty of oppurtunities to learn! As far as with the crate we would make sure he was good and tired before putting him in and give him a few treats as a reward for being there. Any crying or whining we wouldn't go get him out but we would wait out of sight for a pause (he was never really a big barker or whiner in the crate to begin with). Once he stopped for even just a few seconds we would rush to get him out. Or wait for him to give a behavior before getting out. Like a sit or down with no crying. Also as practice you could try to put treats or toys in her crate, close the gate drop a treat. If she doesnt cry drop a treat, increase the time im crate and when she is behaving drop in a reward. Maybe let your neighbors know that you are working on crating and sorry for the barking. We are also in an apartment so I know how it is.

My pup would also bite our socks as we put them on before we go out and barking right at our hands but we just made sure to take a deep breathe and trt to be patient. Anytime he went for our hands with socks we stopped what we were doing. Socks went away, we looked away and stopped all progress until he (at first) would look away or (eventually) sit or down to wait. We just had to leave enough time to get the message through it can feel like hours to put socks on but although he is not perfect he is LOADS better. Also keep in mind that behavior usually gets worse before it gets better. Suddenly they arent getting the reaction/attention they are expecting and want so it is frustrating to them. I wish I had been more patient and understanding those earlier months I would give up and try something different without giving him a chance to catch on to what I expected from him
Sorry for all the typos, I am on my phone and it is getting late here!
My husband and I also have a Shaggeybark OES. He is 21 1/2 months old. There are also several other families with Shaggeybark OES that show up here.

Cooper is a barker and a very loud one at that. We are lucky that we live in a house with a neighbor only on one side, however we also have an apartment in Manhattan and it can be a struggle to keep him quiet there. I got a good laugh at him barking to get you up in the morning. Cooper did/does the same thing. I totally ignored his barking and eventually he got the idea that barking at me wasn't going to get him what he wanted and he stopped that behavior. My husband on the other hand gives into him and as a result Cooper still barks to get him up (and he wonders why he does it to him and not me lol).

Cooper also went through the nipping, jumping pulling at clothing stage. He has outgrown all of that (now we have a 11 month old OES female who does it!) It took patience and consistency to stop the behaviors, but it did work. Build in a lot of extra time for whatever you are doing! I would also recommend taking her to a puppy class and then continue with Family Manners Foundations and Skills classes.. You can use what you learn in the classes as a distraction for an unwanted behavior, i.e. when Cooper and now Marlo went/go after our socks when putting them on we would make them sit. I do the same thing with Cooper's barking. It really does work. I would also suggest you work on the crate training. It is a very important skill to have. Both of ours get crated at least once a day for various lengths of time and are fine with it. I make sure they have a couple of toys and water in their crates and they are fine. Around here if there is an emergency situation you can bring your pet to the emergency shelter, as long as they are crated. I have both wire and soft crates for Cooper and Marlo.

Cooper has a wonderful personality and wouldn't harm a fly. He is now a registered Therapy and R.E.A.D. dog with Intermountain Therapy Animals and we visit at a NYC public hospital and do R.E.A.D. sessions at libraries. He is very attuned to people and is an attention hog. In Manhattan you can't walk more than 20' without someone stopping you and wanting to pet Cooper and he eats it up. When we walk the Cooper and Marlo together it is really crazy. They both have more photos taken of them than some movie stars, I am sure!

Enjoy your pup, OES are a very special breed!

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