7 month puppy barking and pulling

My new puppy Barnaby is doing well with basic commands indoors, good manners at meal time, and generally listens. :D
BUT he goes deaf when leaving this car for the Vet or puppy vlass, barking and pulling me along.Last Vet visit, I fell on the stairs and bruised knees, hand etc! :evil:

Any suggestions? I am nervous now about taking him anywhere in the car! :headbang:
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Have you tried a martingale collar? One thing I try to do with our 10 month pup is as soon a he pulls we stop moving. And if he doesn't correct himself i slowly start to pull him a few steps back. At first when he would look back at me I would continue forward. But pull again and we stop. Now he knows to come back to me and not pull. Unless he is REALLY excited and just cant contain himself. It has gone pretty well but you have to arrive everywhere with enough time. It can take forever to just go a few feet but he will learn
Thank you! I had begun to pull him back but stopping is promising! Will try this!t :)
I found the above worked very well, much nicer than the old choke chain yank back as was taught with my first oes many years ago. The only problem I had was that other family members did not do the same as I did so ended up with a confused pup. Now they left home we are doing well again. xx
Hi Lynda!
Long time! I swear by a good harness. As you know I adopted a 140 pound "Monster" aka Silly Sally who was roaming loose in a town for 2 years and then picked up by the Humane Society where she spent the next five months learning some manners. This massive beast was tamed with a harness! My petite frame had no problems on walks, car rides to the vet , ect....

I hope your knees have healed and please give your new pup belly rubs from me.
You MUST have complete control. If you cannot achieve it with the above recommendation, GET A PRONG COLLAR. They do NOT hurt, they just look nasty. An out of control situation where a dog chases something (or whatever) is dangerous to you and the dog and must be avoided as your #1 priority.

Good luck!!!
Now is the time for puppy classes........ :clappurple: :clappurple: :clappurple: :clappurple:

Barnaby is wayyy tooo cute~~~~~~ :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
Back to obedience........ditto the Martingale. I'm staring at a dog bite on my arm from a 8 mo old OES who has not had training! He's trying to take over the house of 5 including 3 small children. YOU MUST GET control of this pup, this is the age the will take over. You simply make them work for EVERTHING, from feeding them one kibble at a time only after they successfully complete a command to walking away and ignoring them. In public you have to protect yourself and others as well as the pup. If he decides he needs to take over the dog park, fur will fly.

No, I didn't take the pup, I can't train anymore and my dog is strictly an only. I'm mad at the uprights for their total disregard for the welfare of this pup and hope they grow some brains real quick. Other trainers are turning these people down as well. The dog is not mean, just a spoiled brat. I wonder how the kids will turn out too?
:pupeyes: well, it’s five months later and I have tried the No pull harness. This worked for a week, then he learned to pull through it.

We have followed puppy classes, but progress was disrupted by sore paw( him) followed by pneumonia ( me)! Meantime, he is now 70 lbs and very strong. He remains well behaved in the house, but is very distractable outside. I have begun stopping when he pulls. If I turn him back in another direction, his reaction is “oh goody! Let’s go! :wag: :headbang:

I have engaged a trainer from puppy class who knows Barnaby and he says that the biggest problem is Barnaby’s lack of impulse control and a reservoir of energy . He suggested a Halti, about which I have doubts. I will start with indoor practice and see where it goes. :lmt:

I also have started taking him to a tennis court nearby, unused in winter, so he can chase the ball in plenty of space in safety. This lasts about 10-15 minutes. He has a stride tremendous stride. I worry about him stressing his legs and joints. His bone structure is very strong. His legs are stronger than my three departed sheepies!

Any advice will be gratefully received. :D
I second Ron, with the prong. Used correctly, it self corrects the dog. You don't need to get a big one, just one that can get through the hair. He has already learned he leads. I would pop a prong, and when he starts pulling, brake, turn around, let him come back to you, praise or mark the behaviour, and walk. After enough brakes and you ignoring the bad behaviour, he will start walking with you. Are you walking with him ahead or you? Or you doing a heel? If he is beside you, you can practice turns and stops, with treats or praise ( I prefer no treats, I use a tug, due to bear country) he will find it easier to follow your lead rather than with any collar, bounding ahead and hitting the end of the leash!
Basic manners should always start at home. With my dogs, we don't leave the yard unless they behave, so the longer the leash fight, the longer it takes to go for a nice walk!
My Harry is only 9 weeks, and was a whiner on the leash. I would just stop, turn around, and when he came trotting back, would be praised. Than we would go a few more steps. Now we can go half a block, in a week. Small steps, big praise, and a proper collar. And fun! You need to be more fun than anuthing out there! When a car goes by, practice a sit, with a yummu reward or a game of tug. When a bike goes by, practice a down, with a wait, til it's past, and reward. If he is noise tuned, use a clicker. Or take his fav toy, and pop it out during a high distraction.
He needs to listen to you, for both your safety on a walk. Good luck! (Any misspellings will be blamed on my blackberry!!)
Many thanks!
There's a lead the goes on the snout so when he pulls his head gets turned ending the pull. Is that the gentle leader?

I'll go Google it
Yup! "Gentle Leader". Here's their website, but it looks like it is less expensive on Amazon. But I'm not sure about Canada.

Hi all,
I tried the Halti ( with the aid of the trainer) but although he accepted it while the trainer
was here, he rejected it by backing up and pulling it off his nose, three times with me.

I met with the trainer this AM and his advice was that Barnaby is too much for me and needs a new home. I agree with him. This is painful as you can imagine.

I have someone in mind ( a Sheepdog person) with whom I discussed my dilemma.he is a sweetheart indoors but I need a walking companion I can rely on.

Stay tuned, I wish it wasn’t so close to Christmas! :cry:
Oh good grief. This is so sad!
We have also been dealing with a puppy of the same age. We had him neutered and after a month he is just starting to calm down. Phew! It's been a battle.

Have you tried the prong collar, Lynda?
I myself would start back with basic obedience, and start where he is least distracted, and move it towards walks. Making walks a training session can move his focus back to You! Hot dogs work great for treats on walks! I would not give up just yet, as he is young.
I hope it all works out for you!
Well, sleeping on a problem usually helps! I can’t see myself without him. :cry: the trainer in the end knew nothing about sheepdogs.
So, I have resolved to just get on with it. :D He is booked for a haircut and bath, followed five days later with neuter surgery. He is too well behaved indoors for him not to understand that rules do apply outdoors. 8)
So, I am happy to say, we are making progress as of to day. :clappurple:
This is his first birthday. :bdcake: So we will celebrate with a doggie cupcake, a new pad for his kennel and aspecial doggy treat.
My health is finally improving, so I will keep you posted.
Now I just have to log in, if I can find my pass-word!
Let me know if you need help
It sounds a bit daft but it does seem to me/us that with each oes we have had their temprement has got worse? We train the same as always have but they seem to be stronger willed. As I have a "worn discs back" I use a halti to prevent the more sudden leaps forward if Sprocket sees a black bird or a magpie, or if he finds a really good scent!! xx There are a few "hard times" in training a pup (when he/she reaches various ages), you just have to try and keep to the same routine in behaviour or they very soon learn a new, bad habit.
Hi again,

I have an update! :D We are sitting at every opportunity and I think it’s working! :crossed: I read over the advice and realized i had the tools from puppy obedience to begin with. :roll:

Now, although Barnaby’s impulse is to leap out of the car when we go to play ball in the unused tennis court, a firm “Sit!” Is working. He has to sit almost every step into the court but we are close to the gate. On occasion, there is sheepie resistance but it gets weaker every day we go there. We are sitting indoors at intervals and I have added “ Down”.

By the way, my Avatar shows Willoughby and I have forgotten how to change it. At one point’ I tried to change my ID to Barnaby’s Mom but I can’t seem to find it.

Merry Christmas to everyone from us! :tree: :santa2:
Love it!
My daughter did my photo bit for me when Sprox was a tiny baby,he will be 7 this year but can't seem to get pictures on boards!!xx So pleased you are making such good progress. xx

:wag: :tea: :yay: :banana:
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