Chronic Tick Infestation III

A cry for help from the Depths of Desperation.

Does anybody have any experience with very serious Household Tick Infestations?

No, cancel that, you all would have spent thousands of Dollars having your homes rendered clean by pest experts, which is something akin to ... living on a different planet when you don't have six shirt buttons in your pocket to rub together.

So let me try something else ...

Does anybody on here have an unusually high understanding of the workings of the blood worm parasite injected into Sheepie by ticks, wrecking the dog's RBC resulting in a most revolting death for Sheepie from Chronic Anemia?

Better still, has anybody ever heard of anywhere on the website where you can ask questions of veterinary surgeons for Free !!!

Smile. Yes, of course by "Free" I realise I'm asking if anyone has found a five leaf clover, but everything is so desperate and I don't know which way to turn anymore.

Thank you.
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Yes I have had that problem. Lost my first sheepie to ticks several days before I joined this group.The best way I can tell is to get rid of the ticks,and the rest should be fine.
SheepieOne wrote:
A cry for help from the Depths of Desperation.

Does anybody have any experience with very serious Household Tick Infestations?

I had NO idea that tick were a big problem in Thailand! :twitch: :twitch:

There are many ways to kill ticks but I don't want to assume things that may be different between our countries.

Are you in a city, suburb, or rural/farmland?
What pets do you have?
Any livestock?
Young (plays in dirt age) children around?
Thank you for responding ... steveoes ... I was very sorry to read that you had your first Sheepie stolen from you by these Vile Monsters. So far I have lost 6 Old English Sheepdogs to ticks and am currently battling day and most of the night in a life or death struggle to hold onto the 9 (6 puppies) I have at the moment.

"The best way I can tell is to get rid of the ticks,"

Yep, that is one hell of an idea, but with a single blood engorged female managing to avoid my murderous fingers, then you can count on another 3,000 to 6,000 duplicates of herself.

Never relax with this vile monster, search your dogs skin as often as you can always think ticks.
Thank you ... Ron ... for taking the timer and trouble to respond to my post.

"I had NO idea that tick were a big problem in Thailand!"

Yep, they are here and they are a huge problem, although local Thai dogs seem to be highly resilient to the blood worm that they carry and possibly other pathogens too. So within the Thai dog community it is just another seemingly minor annoyance. The same cannot be said for Sheepie who in my own experience has suffered badly from them.

Ticks can be a monumental problem anywhere, including your own house, if an egg laying female escapes, she will lay between 3,000 and 6,000 eggs depending upon various factors. When the time is right, those eggs will hatch and they are coming straight for your dog or dogs, you can already forget about the .... JOKE ... Frontline and various other wholly pathetic consumer products, that I have already had confirmed to me by their own Doctors to be "Wholly Useless" in the case of an infestation. The same applies to tick collars the ticks will simply attack the feet in DISGUSTING biting groups. You will try, you will lose, the mathematics are simply so heavily stacked against you, from the first attack how many females are going to escape you 6,7,8 ... 10 or 15 work the numbers.

This to the best of my knowledge can happen anywhere.

"There are many ways to kill ticks but I don't want to assume things that may be different between our countries."

I would question your use of "many" they are incredibly difficult to kill. One U.S. University is currently attempting to understand how they can breathe underwater. Early ideas seem to suggest that they may well have gills like fish.

This creature can sit without feeding for up to 18 months !!!

This is not any kind of a normal creature by any means.

Rubbing Alcohol takes them down, so does burning them, I'm using a tick powder which is pretty good, but like most commercial products it only seems to aim itself at the male tick somehow leaving the female unharmed. Disinfectant is said to rid them, though I have had precious little experience using that. There's a whole host of ... Essential Oils ... that seem to at least repel ticks I am not sure about killing them, but difficult to come by in Thailand.

Two places both rural.

In the Mother of all Battles at Death House I had 7 Old English Sheepdogs 4 fell to ticks, ticks eventually took complete control of the house and I had to strip a bedroom bare walls and barricade myself in there for 3 months, before we ran from the house 2 alive and one cradled in my arms at Death's door with a RBC red blood count of ... 16 ... shouldn't be lower than 160. Lola Jr II ... she made it, she pulled through, she's here today.

For those reading this finding it difficult to take on board what I am saying here, please take the time and trouble to pop yourself over to youtuube to watch a short 10 minute movie called "infested" where you will find that the might of the U.S. Navy could not shift this VILE FILTH.

When you see what these Monsters do to the dogs, the painful places they bite eyelids, lips, all around thee anus.

What I have seen will haunt me for life. I must have killed 1 million ticks.

I am currently in my 3rd battle with them. I lost the first fight heavily and badly due to total inexperience, I won the second fight, and I have been losing this the third fight, but largely due to a lack of money. The local Thai Tick powder really hits them hard. Which of course means its strong and highly toxic for the dogs, which I of course don't like.

My wife keeps a lot of cats, they are totally free from ticks. At Death House I bought her 6 Persian cats. Never had a tick on them. My dogs, up to 1,500 ticks everywhere on their body, 4 hours to clear, 3 days to get back into the same desperate state.

Just cats, no other livestock although there are chickens near to us.

No children.

Thank you for your questions, I am totally alone thank you for being out there.

Need people to talk to.

Desperately need help.

Need to get 3 adult Old English Sheepdogs out of here, can't leave them behind, they are part of me now.

Badly need help.
What you are describing sounds more like a flea infestation than a tick infestation!

Wow :cry: :twitch: :twitch:
I was not aware that ticks can reproduce that quickly!
"What you are describing sounds more like a flea infestation than a tick infestation!"

What an astonishing remark. With all due respect Ron what could possibly make you say such a thing ...? ...?

Totally Baffled.

TICKS be sure, be VERY sure ticks. I have been fighting them on and off mostly on for 3 years now. I have spent hundreds of hours researching them on the internet hoping to find a chink in their armour, besides very hot weather and no rain to produce the humid conditions that their eggs prefer to hatch in, I don't think they have one. This is a Super Creature.

Rhipicephalus sanguineus ... No known Natural Predator, although one or two websites I have been to claim that the Guinea Fowl will eat them.

No, not fleas nothing whatsoever to do with fleas.

Trust me.
Hallo Shellie,

Thank you for reading my post.

I really do not have desire to frighten you out of your skin, but my own 3 year experience with ticks has been straight out of Hell.

They are staggering. This creature is simply unbelievable. I have just watched two darling 2 month Old English Sheepdog Puppies die in my arms today from Chronic Anemia.

The time period from six-legged larva, through to 8 legged egg laying ... Time Bomb ... Adult can be as little as 1 month when the surrounding area is ideal for them.

The Brown Dog Tick is wholly unique as it is the only tick that can set up a population inside of your home.

I would not run out and purchase Front Line or any other Toxic commercial products. I would just try and afford your Sheepie ... just a little more time running your hands through her/him, getting your finger tips right down to the skin particularly around the neck, throat, ears, eyes, right down to the nose, side of the face pay particular attention to their feet, between their toes, get your fingers right into their pads too and make an inpsection of the anus too, that should be fun.

I now have lost with 2 dead today 8 Old English Sheepdogs in 2 locations in 2.5 years all young dogs.

This Wretched Legion of the Damned have not only stolen the lives of my dogs they have also wrecked my life too.

Excellent 2 hour movie on youtube called "The Real Vampires"

Should be watched. Needs to be watched.

I'm sorry, I've been trying to get some of you to visit youtube to watch a video called "infested" well the way things work at youtube is that you will be directed towards what youtube wants you to see which may not be the same thing.

So I have just hunted down the link and here it is

I pasted that into my address bar and it worked. So hope it will be ok for you.
Again sorry, the two hour video is 1 hour, sorry memory failing, too many tick bites, needs to be searched under "Ticks The Real Vampires" Or can be seen here.

My guess is several applications throughout the house of the least expensive permethrin you can find will kill the ticks eventually. You can speed up the process by going after multiple life cycle stages at once. For example: ... q-445.html

But some of the other insecticides such as Nyguard are expensive

Good luck!
I would use whatever is available to cut the numbers at least. There is no way in hell I would allow my pets or loved ones to suffer let alone die in that kind of environment.
I am sorry you are in this situation. If you cannot change it maybe consider moving your dogs and cats to another safer location? Your pets are clearly suffering. There must be some kind of pest control somewhere in your region. I would do anything necessary to afford that help. I would be using frontline or ANY product toxic or not- on my dogs to get rid of the ticks. Far preferable to pets dying imho.

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