Prayers needed for Zeke. Potential not good news today.

Within the last week, I noticed Zeke had some what I believed to be enlarged lymph nodes.
I took him to the vet today and as soon as she felt him up she said, "oh crap".
She did a fine needle aspirate on 5 nodes.
She said when a dog has swollen nodes and no other symptoms, it points to lymphoma.

So we sent the samples out and might have some news tomorrow.
If the results say "reactive", that would be good as it points to an infection. We'd put him on antibiotics and move on.
If they don't say that, that's when we'll know it's lymphoma.
If it is, then we'll have to biopsy a node, do blood work, take x-rays, etc in order to type and stage it.
I know it hasn't been confirmed, but my gut is telling me he has it.

To look at him, you'd never know anything is wrong. His weight is good & steady. He eats like horse; always begging for food. He bounces off the wall when people come and go.

My head is swimming right now.
I can't believe this is happening to him. He's the baby. It's not supposed to go this way.
And I want to know why. I know they don't specifically know what causes it, but I still want to know why and how.

So if you could please spare some prayers, well wishes, whatever; we'd really appreciate it right about now.
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I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'll say a prayer for Zeke and you Mark.
He's a little quieter today.
Ate his breakfast a smidge slower than normal.
Every time he barks or even attempts to barks, he hacks and gags. Not sure what that means. I'll let his vet know when they open.
Oh no, how awful for you. Sending the biggest hugs can get down "the line". xx :ghug: :crossed: :wag: :tea:
Just got the bad news.
Confirmed lymphoma.

Next step is for the lab to determine if it's B-cell or T-cell. They're both bad but B-cell is a little less worse.
That'll take 7-10 business days.
He'll also have to have x-rays, blood work, and urinalysis.
Once all the results are in from the diagnostic work, then we'll be able to determine treatment options.

He's at the vet now getting x-rays (chest & abdomen), blood work, and urinalysis.

Can't even think clearly right now. Can't believe this is happening. Wasn't supposed to go down this way.
Oh crap :cry:
Oh no! Mark I am so sorry. Please don't get too far into the what-ifs
until you know more. Sometimes it isn't a worst case thing and there can be recovery. I am thinking of you, as we all are. Good luck and I hope you get
a little better news in the days to come.

So he had his tests today.
His vet said she saw some enlarged lymph nodes along his sternum in the chest x-ray. Nothing jumped out at her in the abdominal series.
Overall, she said they were mostly unremarkable.
So that's some better news in all this.

We won't have the lymphoma PCR test results for 7 to 10 business days. This test determines type (B-cell or T-cell). B-cell is less bad.

The blood and urinalysis tests will be back on Saturday morning.
These will show any involvement of kidneys and liver and how much. And of course white blood cell count.

All of the data from the tests will determine the course of treatment.

One thing I learned is that it's not Stage 1. Only one node would have to be involved for a Stage 1 rating. He has multiple nodes involved.
And it's PROBABLY not Stage 4 because the films are mostly unremarkable.

So now it's a waiting game. The hardest part.
Mark, I am so sorry to hear about Zeke.

:ghug: :ghug: :ghug:
I'm so sorry to hear about Zeke. I'm keeping positive thoughts that treatment will work. I BELIEVE VERY STRONGLY IN PRAYERS!!! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: That's why I'm saying for you both. :hearts: :hearts: :ghug: :ghug:
Just got the blood & urinalysis reports back.

They show elevated liver levels and elevated SDMA levels. The elevated SDMA levels can be an indicator of early kidney involvement. The elevated liver levels can be an indicator of liver involvement.
The next step is an abdominal ultrasound.
The worry is, if there is any liver & kidney involvement, and he can't metabolize any of the treatments, we'd be out of options. You need to be able to metabolize the medicines in order for them to be effective.

Still waiting for that PCR test. Apparently this test holds a lot of info. His vet said she'll call the lab first thing on Monday to see about an ETA.

My vet may just refer us to the oncology department at our large animal hospital.

In the meantime, he was slow eating this morning. Slow to start, slow to finish, stopped a few times during. I had to put some wet food on his food to get him to finish. I'll probably pick up some appetite stimulant for him.

But there's nothing else I can do this weekend. This is killing me. I want to help him and help him NOW.
I am so sorry for both of you, hope you get some good news with the test results and have some hope.
Try and keep strong. The waiting is always bad whatever it is you have to wait for. xx

:wag: :tea: :ghug:
Getting ahead of myself, I know, but it looks like there is some real work being done on immunotherapy treatments for dogs with lymphoma.
But we don't even know what kind of lymphoma he has yet, so..... ... e-lymphoma
I have fingers crossed for tomorrow
Zeke threw up a little yesterday evening and a lot a little while ago.
The vet has prescribed Serenia, an antiemetic.
He seems happy otherwise.

No news from the lab regarding the PCR test.

I called our local veterinary oncology department but they're only in on Tuesday and Thursday.

sigh. The stress is high.
Hang on in there. We are all thinking of you I am sure. xx
The vomiting could be from the antibiotic Baytril his vet put him on for the hacking & gagging.
I'll check with his vet tomorrow.
Just talked with my vet. More than likely, she was going to refer me to the local oncologist.
So I asked them to just go ahead and make the referral and send all his records to the oncologist.
Looks like the oncologist will see him on Tuesday and we'll do the ultrasound then so he can personally see it.
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