Adding a 2nd OES / Gender Compatibility

Hi All,
This is my first post in the forum. We added our first OES male puppy to our home last year (2016) and fell in love. He has a great disposition and we've been wanting to add a second OES as a sibling/companion. We were originally considering a female because we heard opposite sex was best for harmony/compatibility but I'm wondering if a male addition would also work? Does anyone have personal experience or insight on if a female or male addition is a better choice? I've read many articles but can't seem to find anything specific to the OES breed so I'd welcome any firsthand experiences. Thanks in advance!
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I'm not an expert but I think personality can be more important.
I've owned two male desexed dogs (not OES who were best buds all their lives) and two female OES, and poodles when I was a child with no issues.
I've heard of two female OES who fought so badly that one had to be rehomed.
All my dogs have been taught that I'm the boss and to have manners but I think if you have two alphas that might get trickier.
I've relied on a reputable breeder to help me select personality matches lately but back in the day I was either lucky or my expectations and enforcement of good behaviour saved the day.
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I've had sheepdogs for 52 years, thirteen in all, and all but two were rescues of all ages but usually 1-2 years in age when they came into our family for some reason. Since my wife and I usually have had two sheepies at any time, taking in rescued dogs has meant that we've had a number of male-male pairs and female-male pairs (although never female-female pairs for some reason).

My experience is that male-female pairs have always been trouble free and the bond that forms between the two is different and I can only call it something that appears to be a natural pair bond with genuine affection between the two. To make what is undoubtedly a sexist comment, it's true that the females have often been a bit bossy, though.

Most of my male pairs turned out to be buddies, especially if there was a significant difference in ages. But my current pair, Charlie and Toby, are another thing. They were acquired within a couple of years of each other and are only two years apart. And they have always been competitive for food, treats, and attention. They have been together now for 10 years but for the first 4 or 5 we had a number of serious fights that resulted in vet visits and even an emergency room visit for me. Breaking up a fight between two over-hyped, 100 lbs sheepdogs is no fun. They are both old dogs now and have settled into what I can only call a close companionship albeit still with frequent grumbling from one or both when they think the other may be getting something that he isn't. I can only describe it as something like two brothers who fight and argue but down deep, know they are family.

I would say that the most important factor in getting another dog is the personality of each, and if one or both are rescues, the degree of socialization they had with other dogs in early life. But other than that, your best chance of not having problems is definitely to get two dogs of the opposite sex.
We found that with 2 "complete" males from the same litter did not get on very well as both wanting to be "higher" than the other. I was boss but they took it in turns to be next in line in the end. It took a lot of patients.xx
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