Brick is poorly today

Brick had an accident in the house sometime overnight (maybe 2 AM ish)
I heard him get up but I didn't check on him as he often gets up, wanders around a bit, and lies down somewhere else in the house.
My bad.

It was ugly. Took 2.5 hours to clean up.

I then took him over to mom's so she could watch him while I was at work.
She called me at noon and said that nothing but water is coming out of him (outside, thankfully).

He saw his vet at 3:15 today.

His PT doc put him on a small, daily dose of deramax and omeprazole a few weeks ago.
I wonder if one of these are causing the diarrhea.

My poor boy.
Just can't seem to get his appetite, weight, and bathroom habits into a good place.


His doc suspects his pancreatitis flared up.
So she gave him sub q fluids so he doesn't dehydrate, a B12 shot, metronidazole (Flagyl) for the diarrhea, and a probiotic paste/caplet combo for intestinal health.
She wants to keep him on the omeprazole & deramax combo for pain but she also gave me sucralfate to soothe his stomach.

I'll have to get up at 3:30 AM to give him the sucralfate as she wants me to give it 2 hours before the deramax. He typically eats around 5:30 AM on week days.

The flagyl and probiotic will have to be given for the next 5 days.

When we got home, he drank pretty well and was somewhat bouncy. He kept trying to mount his little brother.
Cooking him some chicken & rice for the next day or so. Small amount tonight, increasing amounts for subsequent meals.

He's an old dog now, almost 13. Average age for Airedales are 10-12 or 11-13, depending on who you ask.
Not many of them make it to the far side of 13.

He's got several things going on right now; Cushing's disease, pancreatitis, a little immflammatory bowel disease, a hear murmur, arthritis, & normal old age lumps & bumps.
Sounds like a lot, be he keeps trucking. he doesn't seem to be in pain or uncomfortable, so we'll keep moving forward the best we can.
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He did pretty well yesterday evening. Seemed like himself.
He slept thru the night, which was a treat for me.

But he seems kinda quiet this morning. I hope it's just that he hasn't had much food in the last day & a half.
So sorry you and Brick are going thru this.
Poor Brick, and poor daddy.

I hope both of you are better today.
Well, he threw up a little this morning.
Nothing really in it. just a bit of the yellowish liquid; 2 teaspopons, maybe a tablespoon at most. Fortunately I got him outside.

He really didn't drink much yesterday and just a few laps this morning.

He ate well yesterday. I didn't feed him today because of the vomiting. I was just about to and had his food all prepped.

Called the vet and they said keep feeding him a bland diet and his meds. They recommended I give him Pepcid about 30 minutes before meals. (Part of me thinks he's on WAYYY too many meds but what do I know.)

My gut is telling me the meds are what's causing this. Especially the derramax.

I'm stopping them for now.

I hope we can get this setlled down.......
I would suspect deramaxx. I don't know his pain history, and I certainly don't know about all of the different meds together.

I'd be thinking about a break from the deramaxx but I do remember when we took Jake off of his NSAID he couldn't get up off the floor. We restarted it and in three days he was back to normal. If I recall.
Read this:


This happened to be when Jake was very old, but taking him off the NSAID briefly helped his tummy
I'm going to ask his internist about alternatives to deramaxx.
Lotsa nasty stories about deramaxx out there.
Poor Brick. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, as I just saw this thread this morning, but I PMd you.

I would stop the Deramaxx as well. That is what is suspected to have caused Quincy's ulcers. Pepcid AC was a big help with Oscar's tummy problems, but he could never take arthritis meds because of the prednisone he took for his autoimmune disorder.

Oscar took Tramadol instead, which is a pain killer, not an anti-inflamatory like Deramaxx. It helped Oscar tremendously, without adding to his stomach woes.

I fed him his breakfast at 10:30 AM.
He ate it all up with no issues.

I fed him dinner at about 6 PM.
He ate it all up with no issues.

The only meds I'm giving him is the metronidizole (Flagyl) and the pro biotic.

I'll talk to his internist on Monday about ending some of the other meds or switching.
Don't stop the omeprizole, restart that. If the NSAID has caused some tummy upset that will let it heal, and stopping cold turkey can cause a rebound problem after a couple of days
Ron wrote:
Don't stop the omeprizole, restart that. If the NSAID has caused some tummy upset that will let it heal, and stopping cold turkey can cause a rebound problem after a couple of days

Got it. Will do.

How is brick today?xx
He seems to be doing better.
Eating his meals. Drinking better.
Best of all, no blow outs.

I've stopped all his meds except the Flagyl and pro-biotic.
I called his internist this morning to discuss a different pain reliever (hopefully not an NSAID).
They haven't called me back yet.
Sounding good,xx xx
Thinking of you and brick ...hope he is feeling better.
He continues to do OK.
He's eating, drinking, and pottiyng OK.

I added his Cushing's med (trilostane) back in a few days ago.

His PT vet recommended a new pain killer called Galliprant. It doesn't work the same as the NSAIDs, so it's less likely to cause GI upset.

Anybody ever hear of it? Any experience with it?
Not heard of the medication Mark, hope it works with no nasty side effect. xx
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