Memories of Heart~ 3rd Anniversary

Tomorrow will be the 3rd Anniversary of Heart's :hearts: :hearts: Rainbow Bridge journey (from lymphoma ~she was only 6 years old)~~
To say that Dino and I were devastated would be an understatement...
I wrote these two to the bridge keeper from us...and an imagined response from Heart :hearts: to us.
I can tell you these two posts helped to ease my pain and fear of never seeing my little Heart :hearts: :hearts: again....

JAN. 2, 2014
Dear bridge-keeper:

I would like to introduce you to my 'Heart'.

She has left her daddy and me way too soon and I know she is scared to be without us.

I need you to pay attention to the following:

Please understand that she is a very special sheepie, she has had a life of service and compassion and there are things you need to know.

Heart is a mommasbaby and she may shurtle you if you get too close, too soon. She doesn't mean anything by it, it is just her way.

She has her sheepie-baby with her, we made sure of that. So if you see her suck and paddle her baby, please do not laugh at her. It just means she is scared and wants to go to her happy place.

Heart loves to piggy-dig! So you will have to bathe her often. She loves to be brushed. Please do NOT forget to pull her top into piggies and add sparkly flowers. Also, she will need a matching bandanna which, I am sure you have plenty of. And, I know there is lots of fairy dust at the bridge and if you sprinkle it over her, you will see her beautiful smile. And, please, remember Heart loves treats~~~so have pocketful any time you see her.

I pray that you make sure Millie, Coz and especially Pearl are there to greet her at the bridge. If she sees her sisters and brother, she will know she is safe. If you can, have all the sheepies from her 'other' families there too. Her Forum family, her mom, her sister, her uncle and aunt. When she is in the midst of all that love, she will know she is home.


Please give her this message from her very heartbroken and heartsaddened mommy and daddy....

Our dearest Heart,

We are so lonely and alone without you. But, we want you to know we helped you to leave us because we couldn't stand to see you suffer. You were always such a good little sheepie, we let you go for you..instead of keeping you here for us. We hope you can understand.

Thank you for honoring us with your kindness and unconditional love. For helping us through what life has dealt us~~we could have never made it without you.

From Mommy:
And lastly, my little baby Heart, please watch for me from time to time because one day I will be crossing that bridge and I will be looking for my babygirl. Please do not make me wait long, as I will have waited an eternity to see you, hug you, nuzzle my face in your beautiful coat. One day, sweetie, we will be together again. I promise you.

We will love you for forever and beyond....

Mommy and Daddy


Dear mommy and daddy,

The man at the bridge told me he needed to talk to me before I crossed over.

He is a kind man with bright blue eyes, I can smell the treats in his pocket, and I wasn't afraid of him. He had me sit really close to him and told me you had a message for me and that I should listen very carefully.

He said you told him all about me, so I don't have to be scared. As I listened to what he said I knew I wouldn't be seeing you for a very long time.

I need to make sure you know this:

I tried, I really tried to fight, to shurtle, that awful cancer, just like you told me to. I thought I had won and then I got sicker. I understand why you had to let me go. I remember being so scared and weak, daddy had to help me into the car. I was so tired and I hurt all over. The doctor came in and talked for a few minutes. You and daddy were holding me...and I was holding sheepie-baby. I was so sleepy, but I heard you tell me how much you loved me, you were looking into my eyes...I was looking into your eyes...and I heard you cry.......and I heard daddy cry. But I couldn't fight anymore.

I know how hard it was to let me go. You loved me so much. I know...I understand...and I want to thank you for what you did.
And I want to thank all my wonderful friends who helped us when we needed them most.

Now, I am here and I am crossing the Bridge with this kind man and I have sheepie-baby with me.

Oh!! It is so beautiful!

I can hear again....I can breathe again... no pain, no weakness. I can run and my beautiful coat is thick and full and glorious!!! As I walk over the bridge, I am feeling stronger and stronger.

I am almost to the end of the bridge..and ...oh..mommy...oh daddy...I see so many of my friends!!! And I see Millie and Cosmo...and I see Pearl....oh mommy...I see Pearl....she is smiling at me. She wants to play with me!!!! I can feel so much love.

But wait.....

You need to know, before I cross the end of the need to know that I know you are sad and you cry at night for me. But please, mommy? daddy? Don't you know??? Don't you know, that, I will never be farther than your heart? Farther than the memories we have? They will never die!

I will never really be gone, as long as I live on in your souls.

I promise to watch the bridge...I promise that I will come running to you as soon as I see you. I promise we will be together again too!!

And I will be watching down on you..I am your Angel-Heart now and you will never be alone.

I love you both more than you will ever know......

Until we meet again....

Your little Heart.......

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Very nice, Val.
So very toucing.
I think about her often-she was our inspiration to try so many new sheepie things. :hearts:
I do too Kim~~~~she was my heart sheepie...I miss her everyday~~but I know she is close.... :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
Sigh... :cry:
I think about Heart too and Tiggy. :hearts:
It just seems harder to lose them when they're young, the unfairness of a life cut short.
I still miss my Tiggy girl every day, so much more than the others who've gone to the bridge at a ripe old age.
You say very well what so many of us feel when we lose our fur-babies.
oh gosh, tears dripping off my chin xx
Once again...I think it needs to be said again...............


So....thank you again, my friends...I am here for every one of you..

:ghug: :ghug: :ghug:
:hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
Out with the tissues. xx
I'm not too sure anniversaries get any easier :( I am so fortunate to have bosses who are animal lovers as well and knew I couldn't go to work on Oakley's anniversary. They sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers! My perfect heaven would be for all of our sheepes to come running to greet us when its our Sheepiepalooza with Harry and Heart leading the pack!
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