Shorts instead of an elizabethan collar - a better approach?

When Jake had his abdominal surgery back in about 2000, we looked to the veterinarian to supply us with a more accommodating version of the big plastic elizabethan collar (ecollar, e-collar?).

He had nothing, and wasn't aware of anything !?!

I recall having seen one that looked like a big soft human cervical collar, that would just prevent the dog from being able to reach around it. Funny enough, sometimes those human collars are called "dog collars", but nobody seems to use them on dogs. :?:

I have also seen on the web big floppy collars that go over the dog's head and make them look kinda like a daisy.. at least when it hits the walls it won't do as much damage, and won't be funneling what has to be an enormous amount of sound right into the dog's ears.

None of which the vet had available for purchase. You'd think he would -- he could make a few bucks while helping his customers to further pamper their pets. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo.

Inspired by Allison ("Hendrix's Mom"), I tried shorts on Mulligan last night and today. The shorts kept falling off; We tried some flannel PJs of Joans with drawstrings, that was a bit better, but they were long legged and too long for Mullie, and they kept falling down too. I came up with a concept for suspenders, but didn't have the initiative to get that project going.

Then we decided to try some "shorts" of mine, that are really bathing trunks with a drawstring. I put them on "normally" with the string at his belly; Joan came up with the idea to put them on backwards with the drawstring on his back for better access. Great idea. That springboarded me to think about tying the string to his collar to keep the shorts from falling down. It works! We keep a very close eye on him with this, and this solution isn't good for all circumstances, but it's preventing him from worrying a spot on his rear leg..

Perhaps the right-sized shorts with a wide elasticized band would also work without the tie up. I don't know, since I haven't tried it.
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Veeerrryyy fashion trendy Ron! Actually- I love the idea of shorts or a tied tee shirt to prevent licking and chewing a wound- so much gentler on the pupper, and, if you have 'em in the closet- it's free!

Karen :)
What an idea Ron!!!!!!! Tasker occasionally creates a hot spot on his rear flank by pulling the hair. It will sometimes get bad enough that I have to put the elizabethan collar on for a few days. Next time I'll try the shorts!!!!!!!!! You should patent the idea, make a prototype and sell it on e-bay :D :D :D
Wow! That's a very creative idea with the shorts! You should patent it!

The pair of shorts hendrix is wearing are old shorts I had from high school. I tie them tight around him and pull them real high up like Urkel. A lot of tail wagging and romping around and the shorts will slip, but we're always there to tie them tighter.

I'm glad the vets idea worked!

Innovative design, Ron!

Looks like its working well, I agree make a prototype
and market it!

For those Sheepies who won't stand like Mulligan
in a great show dog pose, a company with an
alternative to e collar is

Wish we had known about them when our pup had surgery,
would have been a better alternative than the e collar. :D
Once when Daisy was in season I took off her pretty pink flowered pants to let her and the boys out. When they came back in I snagged Daisy and put her pants back on. On their next trip out I wondered where her pants went....I had put them on Rosco :oops: He wore them for several hours, apparently they must be comfortable since he never complained :lol: If your boys aren't too manly they would work, but maybe use a blue and white check pattern :D
LOL @ the shorts.... whatever works I guess!
And LMBO @ bestdogsx4... THAT is too funny!!!! :lol:
He looks more like a Speedo guy to me!
Its the age old question....boxers or briefs? Hey whatever works!!!
Nice pose by the way!!!!
All these pictures inspired me to put James's boxer briefs on Clyde just for fun. I put them on him and sent him downstairs to show James.

I'm not allowed to put his underwear on the dog anymore. :(
I wonder if a regular soft cervical collar would work. I still have a couple so when I get home I'll put it on Rosco. After all, when a guy wears his little sister's flowered pants there's not much room for further humilation :D
bestdogsx4 wrote:
I wonder if a regular soft cervical collar would work.

No, I think James just wants to wear his underwear.
We had to go to the vet to get some more medicine, so while we were there we picked up ---

A Bitenot collar! The vet claims that he's carried them for years..? lol

It looks like it will be much more, er, humane, er, gentle (I don't want to be insulting to anyone using an e collar, we've used them before and felt badly about it -- and my walls still show the abuse, and my legs still have scars....)

I don't think we need it right now, but it will be good to have one if needed. I don't think I'll be putting it on him just to take pictures, but if he starts worrying his sore some more, I'll put it on and grab a pic or two.
HEHEHE I'm sending Clyde a lovely pair of denim pants from Daisy's collection. Denim is more in style for the boys, don't you think? How could James refuse a gift :twisted:
Butterstotch - I almost lost my sip of soda on your comment about not being allowed to put your husbands stuff on Clyde anymore! Sooooo funny!!!!!

Jill, im LMAO....did he get grossed out? Brian would have flipped!! AWW throw it in the wash, they'll be fine!!! Loosen up boys!! Its only underwear!
:D :D :D :D
LOL, when Annabelle went through 2 heat cycles, she got to wear shorts and feminine hygene products....LOL It worked great!! She was able to still be out with us and not get anything dirty. She also wore them after she was spayed, as Jack kept trying to clean her wound. I couldn't see how we could fit the E collars in this house....we would have everything broke.

I love the shorts look, you should photoshop a surfboard and sunset background and he could be hanging 10!! LOL

Stormi and co.
OMG...I was inspired as well to try some shorts on Guc, but after the underwear/husband story, I rethought that! :lol: My hubby already thinks I'm over the top nuts about sheepies! Never mind starting to use his clothes as fashion accessories!

Can I also say that I want so many sheepies in the house that I get them confused too! LOL I love the story of Daisy and Rosco!

Great idea Ron!

Colleen and Gucci George=>Mommy, a pair of Daddys undies would be perfect for our walks...the deer flies couldn't bite my bum then!
I know this is an old thread, but I had mentioned that I had purchased the Bitenot collar.

I finally used it tonight, for a few minutes while Joan was trying to change Mulligan's bandage.

He's really not as lame as this looks... he always walks a bit gingerly for a couple of minutes after a new bandage is put on. Amazing -- he just ignores it 99% of the time.

So we don't have to leave this collar on. Perhaps the shorts won't work with a dog that is going to worry a sore to death -- although Mulligan's lump came to our attention because he was gnawing at it and had ripped the skin off of it. Yuck

He tolerated the collar extremely well. After we put it on, he didn't seem to notice it at all.
POOR MULLIGAN 8O So where did I miss the thread on what happened to him?????????????????????????????????????

Where did you purchase the collar?

Hope Mulligan heals quickly!!
I hope he feels better soon....
That collar looks a lot better than the big e collars....
He looks so clean! How do you manage to keep him so white? lOL
Ron I like the fashion. If you have a large size in blue I'll take two of them. Do you charge extra for silk?
I'm with Ginny - what happened to Mulligan??
That's what I was wondering too! :? :?:
:lol: It looks like Mulligan is suffering from whiplash with that brace on.

How is he doing?
Funny you should say that; when I went looking for this I was asking for "cervical collars for a dog". A "cervical collar" is the technical name for the "dog collar" that people wear after suffering whiplash! lol

I'll make a post about Mulligan's ills elsewhere.
Here's another version. This should be a lot easier on the walls, and should eliminate an e-collar's aural amplification problems for your dog too.

Here's Simon:

Thanks for the pic, Pam!
I bought that collar for Ty (a much smaller version) after his surgery in September, IT WAS A DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!! It looked cute and appeared very comfortable but the minute my back was turned he EASILY got past the collar and promptly chewed half his stitchew out.

The flexiblity of the collar makes it easy to reach the backend, it might work for a front shoulder or chest wound but I would not trust it for the back end.
Ginny, I got this from the Vet's office when Simon was neutered. When we tried the cone on him he totally freaked out. We tried this collar on and after a few halting steps he accepted it. It Worked GREAT!!!! He did get it off a few times but the funny thing is when you picked it up and held it out he came back and tried to stick his head in the center to put it back on. The trick is to tie it tight enough so the dog can't get it over the head but not strangle the dog. Like I said, it worked great for us and for Simon....Pam
Ty was funny with his, he thought it was a fashion statement and didn't mind wearing it a bit but chewed right around it :(
:) Try the Novaguard, my got around just fine... Its a more streamlined
version of the E-collar and he could get in and out of his doggy door...

I got it from provizoraustralia
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