Jumping and biting

Pup is now six months old. He continues to jump on me and still bites. I'm discouraged. Concerned I will not be able to free him of these traits. Need help.
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Patience is the way to go. When he jumps and bites turn your back and ignore him. Don't react. Sheepies hate being ignored. Praise him when he is being good. It takes time but it does work.
They are herding dogs and this is how they move the animals. It takes exactly what Debs mentioned, immediately walk away, don't speak, just end the play period. I have a "no-ish" sound, one I make when I'm upset and that let's them know the good times are over. Other puppies yip and walk away. I highly suggest more exercise, a tired puppy is easier to work and train. Problem is a 6 month old take a lot of exercise. So patience, patience and a good growl.
Our puppy will bit the back of our legs when try the ignore him. He is getting good walks too. When do we need to be concerned that this is not just a "puppy biting thing"?

Our girls are working hard to use commands and we are now adding treats, diverting his attention with a down or leave it and a treat. This is working a little but not a all when there is a biting sneak attack from behind. HELP!!!! :wag:
What we did when Sprocket did that-jumping up our back or nipping the back of you of your clothes- was quickly whizz round to face him, grab by the scruff of neck, give a little shake and say very firmly in a deep voice " no, bad dog" then turn back on him again. When he sat and stared in surprise we would then turn round to him again and say " good boy" in a gentle voice- not an excited one or he would go crazy for play again. Lots of times it took but we won through. If you try to think what a mummy dog would do to her pup- she would shake and growl to show she didn't like what he was doing. They really want to please us all the time, just have to learn what can and can't do. xx

:wag: :tea:
My question is : is he jumping up behind you or on your front?
For pups that jump at/on us from the front, we put our knees up and when they smack into that knee a few times they learn pretty quick.... though - that said i understand some are more persistent; for them, when they jump up, i grab their front feet and give them a quick bend down. ( just the foot) dont worry they do bed this way, but it feels funny and they dont like it.

Be consistent - dont let them do it when it's cute, dont let them do it to visitors when aforementioned visitor says " it's okay" and dont confuse them by encouraging it when it suits you.

Nipping is different with every dog.

Ive found some of this to work ( and some of them dont work at all for some dogs- perhaps one will work for you)
Of course there's the good old fashioned "NO!" A big low bark like shout
Yelp - high pitched like another puppy would. This lets them know they hurt you.
My mom always fake over the top cries at puppies when they nip her. ( seems to work.)
One dog i would grab her teeth with my fingers when she tried to bite , she stopped after 4or 5 times.
If you're playing when they nip, it occasionally works to drop everything and ignor them ( this worked with one of my puppies she'd get overly exicted and start biting at the person she was pkaying with, so we'd stand up cross our arms, and turn our back on her.
We currently have a little bitch ( 8 mo) that is using her mouth for EVERYTHING - esspecially when interacting with other dogs ( and our cats ) we have resorted to bitter cherry ( there's also bitter apple and mcnasty et cetera) just spray it on what you dont want bit ( in our case, ourselves, the cats, and the other dogs, and her kennel bars) it tastes horrific and she learns -i dont put my mouth on this it's yucky.

Good luck !!
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