Sheepdogs in Movie

Sorry if this is a topic discussed already. Besides the well know sheepdog movies like the Shaggy DA, can anyone recall sheepdog sightings in other movies?

I was just watching "Serpico" not long ago and Al Pacino buys a puppy from a city street person and then as the movie goes through time, the puppy grows up. A lot of scenes with the sheepdog. Plus I remember in "Private Benjamin", Armand Asante's character has an OES. And I recall another Goldie Hawn movie (with Steve Martin?) and they had a sheepdog too. Don't remember the name.

~Verve Up
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I'm terrible remembering movies, but we bought Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and there is a sheepdog named Edison in it. I'll have to brainstorm and remember some more movies.

The little Mermaid ....Prince Eric has a OES named Max....and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is one of my all time favs. Still thinking...mmmm.....
Hi Verve Up!

The movie with Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin was just on tv 2 wks ago so I had to chance to watch it again. It's called House Sitter.

Then there's the Labirynth one (dunno about the spelling) a Children's fantasy tale with Merlin the OES. That whom my boy was named after..that and the magician of course. This movie stars David Bowie..highly recommended.

Then's the classic which I've been searching for ages..Please Don't Eat the Daisies with Doris Day. I was about 6 the first time I seen this one..and must have been what started my dream of one day owning a sheepie. Sometimes Walmart has old classics so I'm hoping this one will turn up some time.

Marianne and the boys
Dont forget Private Benjamin.....I cant remember the dogs name, but there was one in that movie
There is a two second scene with an oes in Welcome To
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen with Lindsay Lohan has a good amount of sheepdog screen time in it. The protagonist's father has a sheepdog.

I know this thread is about movies but I have also seen a number of TV commericals with sheepies in them. One of them was for Kmart.
There's also a Jack Black movie with an OES. It's the one where he invents a product that makes dog poo disappear. The best part of that movie was the dog!
The Jack Black movie is named "Envy"
There is one titled Cats and Dogs. Don't know if anyone has seen it or not, but it is a pretty cute movie. The cats are trying to get rid of the dogs and vice versa.
Always on the lookout for sheepdog movies - as a former OES mom. One of my favorites was Summer Magic with Haley Mills and Burl Ives. The little brother adopts a sheepdog named Sam that sometimes gets into trouble.
Please Don't Eat the Daisies, 1960 movie with Doris Day and David Niven. Sheepdog plays a big part in movie. Quite a few, going back to Jean Harlow. Problem is, are all these OES or are some Beardies?
SheepieBoss wrote: Quite a few, going back to Jean Harlow. Problem is, are all these OES or are some Beardies?

I think someone mentioned to me the other day that the series "the New Orange is Black" has a sheepdog in it this season.
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