Diane's Sheepdogs - in Indiana ??

Anyone have any information (good or bad) on Diane's' Old English Sheepdogs in Covington Indiana? They have some cute looking pups for very reasonable prices.
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ALL sheepdog puppies are cute- every breeder is going to have cute puppies, plain and simple.

From my personal experience, as a lady who was suckered in and bought not one, but TWO "reasonably priced, cute puppies", go with a breeder recommended by the OESCA.

http://www.oldenglishsheepdogclubofamer ... ferral.php

Yes you will pay more. But reasonably priced puppies don't stay reasonably priced. My two, $600 puppies, cost me about $6000 in vet bills in the first two years and probably close to $10,000 (yes TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS) in training bills in the 7 years we've had them. Training classes, special one-on-one training, behaviorists, training tools, training books, special boarding facilities, PROZAC... having a poorly bred dog can add up in unexpected ways, to some very unexpected costs.

Cheap puppies can become very expensive adult dogs. Poor breeding practices can lead to poor health (you do not want to deal with canine hip surgery- ask your breeder if all hips & eyes are checked) or worse- bad temperament! I've spent a small fortune keeping our two "cheap puppies" from killing one another. Aggressive old english sheepdogs are the exact opposite of "cute". And temperament is something a responsible breeder will breed for, and some will even do tests for as well (though I'm not sure how that works). When you get a dog from someone with Champion pedigrees, you aren't buying a show dog- you are buying a dog with a family history of health and good behavior, as well as breed standards.

Please don't be like me- I went window shopping for puppies, found some "cute and affordable puppies" and ended up with two large, aggressive dogs. I adore my dogs, and we work with them so that they can lead very full lives. But it cost us a small fortune, a lot of time and energy, and quite a bit of heart break. Its cost us friends and has limited our lifestyle. Chose your puppy carefully, do it based on breeder history and responsibility, and NOT on price. Because you get to make this mistake once, and then it's yours to live with for the next 8-12 years of your dog's life.
That facebook page is raising all kinds of flags for me. I would encourage you
to visit the breed page as listed in the above post. It's a good place to start.
Also please visit out wsection on buying a puppy here - you can find it on the
index page.
I wouldn't even give this "Diane's sheepdogs" a second thought. It really looks like
she is in it for money and not the health and love of the breed. If the cost is an
issue, certainly don't consider her dogs because you may have to pay out huge VET
money on her discount dogs.

I understand, and agree with what you are saying about buying from a reputable breeder. But I was wondering if anyone here has actually dealt with this person. I've talked to several breeders that do no testing on their dogs and still expect top prices for their pups. I had one lady who wanted $1400 for her pups, get mad and hang up on me when I asked if she had done Cerf or OFA testing on the parents. At least this place is not expecting show quality money for her pups.
It's been a few years, and I can't find the thread right now, but someone posed the question of the lifetime cost of sheepies obtained through a reputable breeder, vs. adopting/rescuing/byb. In a nutshell, there was a very clear trend showing that more often than not, the cheaper the up-front cost of the dog, the bigger the vet bills. $1500-$2000 for a puppy sounds like a lot, but it's nothing compared to the surgery and physical rehabilitation costs from hip displasia or other disorders. Or the thousands you may need to spend on training to address temperament issues. Some folks don't run into issues with their byb puppy, if they're lucky - and that's a very big "if."

"At least this place is not expecting show quality money for her pups" is probably not the best reason to buy from her. A good breeder wants all of their puppies to be as healthy as possible, not just the show-quality pups. If you are truly unconcerned with lineage or health testing, perhaps you would consider going through a local shelter or an OES rescue? The adoption fees are generally less than what this person is charging, and your potential lifetime medical costs are probably going to be the same.

If you really are interested in why well-bred puppies cost so much, this malamute breeder has itemized her breeding costs - and her estimate (from 2008) works out to almost $2,000 per puppy. To the best of my knowledge, the cost for an OES litter would at least be the same.

I hope this helps you in your search for a good, healthy OES to share your life.
You may not understand how expensive it is to do the testing reputable breeders do. Those
breeders ARE NOT making money on their puppies. $1400 is NOT likely show quality pricing.
Breeders go to great lengths to breed to standard. If they don't
and are just turning out puppies they skip important things like conformation and testing. If that is
the case it won't be too many generations till you have something other than an OES. You begin to
lose the standard of the breed in looks, temperment and movement to mention a few things. You are more
likely to be spending huge amounts in vet bills or on trainers for temperment issues.
Not trying to make you angry or discourage you but these are the facts. You are likely to spend
more on a this type of ill bred dog in the long run. If you can avoid some of the known problems by going with
someone who breeds responsibly and to standard, wouldn't you?
We have talked about this breeder here before. If you search you can find the topic.
I have never heard of Diane's Sheepdogs in Indiana. Everyone prices their dogs differently. It is very hard for a breeder, who is breeding to better the breed, at 6-8 weeks of age to tell which ones are going to be show prospects & which are going to be companion quality. Ideally, every breeder would be breeding to have all the puppies as close to the standard as possible. But genes can be a crap shoot. We price our pups all at the same price.....show prospects vs companions, male vs female. What you are paying for is the quality of the pedigree along with the knowledge of the breeder concerning the dogs in the background of these pups. Therefore, they should all be quite similar. A reputable breeder who is in this for the proper reasons will more often than not have to place what their experienced eye tells them is a very good show prospect into a loving companion home simply because most of us cannot keep large numbers of dogs anymore (large, quality kennels are pretty much a thing of the past. There are only a few out there anymore) and the number of homes willing to be "show homes" for the dogs we'd like to have in the show ring & to use to further our breeding program just are not all that numerous anymore. If a breeder is not ready & willing to talk to you about health certifications on their dogs then you need to find another breeder. Most of us test even the dogs we are NOT going to use in breeding. It is just best for the breed & to know where your program is headed.
I'm in Indiana but not familiar with this breeder. Being in OES rescue as well I'm aware of most breeders and it is not someone well-known in the area. Darth Snuggle has excellent advice from first-hand experience. Listen to her. Sadly, many people impulse buy from someone with puppies available at the lowest price and never consider breeders who actually do extensive pedigree research and health testing before considering a breeding.

Another thing to watch out for are breeders who do no health testing yet charge top-quality puppy prices. Temperament issues are always a concern with dogs you know nothing about. Just remember that you don't always get what you pay for. Do your research, ask questions and take your time in choosing a breeder that will work with you. We all hope to have our dogs for many years. Do all you can to make sure those years are not filled with expensive health and behavioral problems and heartbreak.
I tried to get an oes puppy from Diane and she gave me nothing but the run around. It was our first puppy so of course I was nervous and had many questions but something didn't seem right when I was going to buy one from her. The puppies were very cheap compared to everyone else and when I asked for pictures she could not produce them right away, then when I said I was no longer interested she sent pictures and the puppies seemed very dirty and just not right. Also, she was a breeder so I asked if we could come and see them and pick one out once we saw their personalities and she said no that I needed to pick one from pic and put down a down payment. Also, that we couldn't come to the home to see them she would meet us somewhere which seemed like it was the side of the road. The whole thing just didn't seem right, needless to say we found an excellent breeder in Michigan which was 3 hours away from us and the puppy was normal price which was pretty expensive but well worth the money. I couldn't be happier with everything. The breeder answered all my questions, sent pictures and videos, and even offered for us to come to her home to see all the puppies and the parents! I would not buy a dog from Diane's old english sheepdogs but that was my personal opinion. Someone told me if something in your gut is steering you away then your gut is normally right. Our puppy is the calmest dog and he is in such good health we got him at 9 weeks and he is 4 months old now, we love him so much!
Was wondering about that place myself. I found her on an internet search - she had OES pups for $400 !! Something sure didn't seem right.
we adopted our Chester 10 years ago from Diane
chester is the most gentle,obedient and funniest dog ever
he is everything an oes is described to be.the best description is he is a clown...he forgets that is is ten years old .i can honestly say that chester lives for his family.chester was the last puppy to leave from his siblings diane and her family called him puppy,he was always loved and that came threw with how well adjusted and confident he was.
:wag: as a puppy he never looked back.he had a nine hour
car ride to Canada,you would have thought he was a seasoned veteran of the car.
if you are considering an oes, Dianes puppies are the best
her prices are low but the reward of the best dogs are very really.
we would definately get another puppy from Diane
I got my beautiful Abbie Rose from Diane in January, 2018. She's now 9 months old, is sweet, smart, & healthy. Did I mention beautiful? I'm very satisfied. She is my 4th OES, & I would recommend her. No problems at all. My baby is a total sweetheart!!
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