Lumps on my OES

Hello, My 2yr old Old English Sheepdog has lumps all over. They started off tiny and now a few of them are grape size and growing fast. Has anyone experience this with their dogs? I have taken her to the vet and was told OES are proned to lumps. I know the difference between fatty lumps and hard. Theses are hard bumps. Hope I hear back from the OES community. Thank you, Colleen and Maggie :wag:
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Tiggy has had one lump removed it was a benign tumour. And she has two sebaceous cysts and a small lump (match head size) behind her ear. She has had the odd small lump come and go, like pimple I guess but she is nearly 7 years old.
My vet has never said sheepies are prone to lumps though.
Lumps can be so many different things. Over the years, Oscar has had many removed, and they have ranged from sebaceous cysts, to histiocytomas, all benign. Lumps can also be swollen lymph nodes.

The main things that concern my vet: location of growth, size/change in size, feel (smooth, soft, etc.), and whether or not it can be palpated away from the body.

Most are benign, but can still cause problems if they are in an area where it limits the dog's mobility, or leaves the possibility of it breaking open and inviting infection. Even benign growths, if left for long periods of time, can start to have malignant tendencies.

My main concern would be the rapid growth of the lumps.

Is your dog acting normally?

If you continue to be concerned, you might want to ask your vet to aspirate one of the lumps. It is less invasive than a biopsy or removal, but in most cases, if the lump is something that has to be dealt with, it ends up having to be removed anyway. (When Oscar was young, we removed them all, but as he has gotten older and it's harder on him to undergo anesthesia, we have aspirated one or two.)

Laurie and Oscar
We have two sheepdogs; half sisters. They turned 7 this year. One of them has been getting lumps for the past 3-4 years, the other is completely clear. They're never more than a small sebaceous cyst, though we had one that went quite deep, and had the vet worried until we got the biopsy back.

I try and keep tabs on where the lumps are. If they seem a bit different, or grow quickly, I bring them to my vet's attention right away. Otherwise, we wait and when they girls get their annual teeth cleaning, I let the vet know where they all are and she removes them. At that time, if they look weird, she sends samples out for tests. So far, they've all proven to be nothing. But none of ours are as big as grapes; I'd mention it to your vet, and see what they say. It might be in your best interest to get one tested.
colleen_oshaughnessy wrote:
I have taken her to the vet and was told OES are proned to lumps.

I haven't heard that one before.
Older dogs get lumps, that's natural; but a 2 yr. old with fast growing lumps would concern me. Think I'd be talking to the vet about that, maybe do a biopsy and see what's going on.
She is only 2 and they are growing fast???? I would definitely have them looked at closer, find out what it is and ease your mind. Lucy had lumps that started out size of a BB and grew, two were cancerous, one was not...but in the end, it spread....Bear Bear had a fatty tumor that grew over the years and a fluid filled cyst on her neck that I would drain with a syringe about once a month.Would think a vet would test one if they saw how concerned the owner was, just to find out what it was for sure. Never heard sheepies were prone to lumps either. I have gotten lumps as well as I have gotten older, but found out it was just cellulite. :lol:
My sheepie is only 3 and he had some lumps which turned out to be lipomas per my vet. You can squeeze them like a pimple and sometimes fat comes out (my vet did this when I asked him about it). Pretty normal from what I have been told and researched. My other sheepie is 4 and hasn't had any until recently but this one doesn't appear to be able to be squeezed easily so I'll be taking her for a nail grind next week anyway and will ask the vet to take a look at it. Probably always better to have your pet looked at by the vet for your own sanity and safety of your sheepie. Good luck!
All my sheepies have had a few lumps-nothing bit and have been taken off when they were under anesthetic for some other thing-I do not like my sheepies to be sedated/knocked out as it does seem to mess up their heart beat. xx

:wag: :tea:
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