Hello from New Mexico!


Hello everyone! My name is Sommer and I have a 3 month old OES named Franklin. We live in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

He's been a joy to have around for the few weeks that we have had him. This is my first Sheepdog and while I've done plenty of research on the breed I'm looking forward to having some input from other owners!

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Welcome from someone "Up River" just south of Albuquerque. We used to have Roz down there in LC, haven't heard from her for awhile, she had/has 2 OES.

Your pup is still young, complete with pink nose, how cute!!
Welcome from Tennessee!

Franklin is adorable!
Welcome from West Virginia!!

Another new puppy here!!!!!

So glad you found our forum, help is always here 24/7 :banana:

I will look forward to watching Franklin grow into his sheepie personality this year. They are so stinking cute :hearts:
Welcome from Tennessee!

Franklin is so cute! :hearts: :hearts:

My 'little' Sam is just over 5 months old. Everyone on this forum has been a huge help to me when I need info, and want someone else to ooh and ahh over his pics. We love lots of pictures here!
Thanks, hello to all of you! Is the pink nose just a puppy thing? We didn't notice until you said so, but it seems to have been getting more black since we got him.

Also, does anyone have recommendations for breed-specific reads, books and such? We've been looking locally for training books for Old English Sheepdogs but it isn't a very popular breed and I haven't been able to find anything.
Welcome welcome! Franklin is definitely a cutie!
Welcome, he is so cute.
They are usually born with a pink nose which goes black, it was a surprise to us.
Going to a puppy class and then an obedience class will really help with socializing the puppy and learning how to handle him. I went to the library and got lots of books out on dog training and read up on the Internet, then you need to decide on which training you like. We like positive reinforcement training i.e. treats, playing with a toy or praise.
I don't know if there is a good book specifically on OES training but someone here might.
Welcome! The pink nose will gradually fill in black. May take a while so don't worry. He is adorable! I would recommend a puppy class with a group you trust or are recommended to. At three months they are so cute but will be entering those months where they want to chew everything and anything, including your pants leg and sweatshirt arm! Keeping him busy with things like obedience training and puppy class will help curb his boundless energy! :lol:

You came to the right place here at the forum. Whatever questions you have, ask. Most of us have been here a while and lived through a puppyhood or two! :pupeyes:
Welcome from Illinois! Franklin is adorable! :hearts:

Yeah, these cuties are most often born with pink noses that change with time. You'll also notice eyeliner staring to develop in most, not all dogs. Lips get darker. Pop open the mouth and note the "leopard" upper palette and the tummies are also leopard spots but may take time to show up. Even the toe nails will turn black with age.......not all of them, but maybe a few. All natural pigment development.

I don't believe OES are any harder or easier to train, there is not specific plan per breed. Puppy needs socialization, PetsMart for example would be one place to check. Keeping puppy away from other dogs is not a good idea......they need to learn how to react in many different situations. I'm sure there are other training facilities in LC........gee, just thought of another lady down there with 2 OES. Too bad I can't remember her name, :roll: :roll:

OES, like other breeds go thru a rough period where they "are regrowing their brain." There will be times you are sure they flushed their brain and are starting all over. Normal development and testing you for leadership. You must be the teacher, kind but firm. Con't confuse them with multi word commands. Commands are simple for a reason, they will never understand the spoken work except for a few dozen. Explaining is wasted effort to them.

By all means be looking for a good trainer now. The sooner you can get your pup into an organized obedience system....several classes from beginning to companion level....the easier it will be for all and that trained individual will be better able to spot problems you might be causing..........like long winded commands or confusing commands.
Welcome from Florida! Your little Franklin is so adorable. I'll be looking forward to hearing about all the fun things Franklin does and, of course, pictures! Enjoy your baby they grow up to quickly.
I actually went to the local used bookstore and found some general training books and one book specifically for OES. I started with the clicker about two weeks ago and he's been responding very well so far, when he wants to anyways. :)

I have him enrolled in puppy classes at PetSmart but I won't be able to make it until next week sometime. I'll let you know how it goes!

Thanks again, everyone!
Welcome Summer and Franklin. We're in MN, and do virtually every dog sport known to man...lol
You've gotten good advice to get you started. :)
So, how is the baby Franklin doing now? All grown up and hairy? Did the pink nose go black? Sprocket still has a couple of tiny pink patches on his nose. Hope You are having a wonderful time with your fluff baby. xx
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