Does anyone elses dog lick,lick and more lick?? As I was cleaning the house today, Panda was obsessively licking me...I know part of it is the sweat, but really, she wouldnt stop. She likes to lick feet :roll: but today's behavior is new...I was trying to wash the floors (on my hands and kneees) and she was washing me....She wouldnt stop until I put her in a time out in her bed!!! Just wondering if this is normal sheepie behavior..
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Pepsi is a licker. He likes to lick clothes...when you are wearing them.
He seems to like denim the best. He licks until you push him away.
He also licks legs :?
This is normal Sheepie behavior. Bogart is a mushy guy,
and a kiss- a- holic. He is a gentleman with the ladies,
kissing a hand or face.

But when my Dad visits, he hops his front feet onto the
sofa, removes my Dad's baseball cap and madly kisses the
top of his head !

This is great entertainment to my Mom.
Appears my husband is next on the list for a smooch attack.

My first sheepdog was a kissing bandit as well ! :lol:
Panda does the same thing with her 2 front paws on the sofa..for face kisses only and she licks legs after showers, and feet if they're at face (panda's) tho she was uncontrollable..lick lick lick....stop already!!!
The licking is a sign of submissive behavior too towards the more dominant member of the pack.

Next time you're at the park...notice the puppies always lick the jowls (side of the mouth) of the older dogs. It shows submissiveness. Older dogs will do it too to other dogs.

Then again..I think our boys and girls lick us cause either they enjoy the taste of our salty skin or just are giving KISSES! :D

Marianne and the boys (who is too lazy to sign back in)
Mo goes nuts and licks a certain houseguest. He loves it, tho after awhile it becomes rather sickening to watch. Guess she likes him and his Old Spice.

When I use certain body creams I am guaranteed a sheepdog will try to lick it off. Different brands, different dogs.

In addition to submissive behavior, I think they enjoy certain flavors or scents. If I use a certain laundry detergent, one dog is guaranteed to try to lick the sheets clean. Silly dogs.
Sky is a licker... she licks everyone and silly puppy. :roll:
All of mine lick they just do it for different occassions.
Carl licks if you dropped something or he likes the smell.
Norman usually only licks my husband must be something about him.
Toby's first personality trait has come out and it turns out he's a licker! We let him in the bedroom one morning after taking him out at 6:45. (Apparently he can tell time because it's exactly the same every morning! And if we don't hear him, Carl hears him and let's us know!) He decided to just go back and forth licking us. Over and over and over again! Now if you have your feet up and no shoes on, he does a run by licking. Every once in a while he takes a quick stop to bite your toes too!
Yes, Gucci is a licker too! I cannot put cream on after a bath! He goes nuts! I've also thrown out this Lime Lipgloss I had, as I cannot even open the jar and he is there, licking my lips! CRAZY!

Hee hee!

Colleen and Gucci=>mmmm lime lipgloss!
I forgot to mention that Pepsi also wakes my husband up by jumping up on the bed and licking his face...or he will find his uncovered foot and lick it until he moves his foot or wakes up
Pepsi's Mommy wrote:
I forgot to mention that Pepsi also wakes my husband up by jumping up on the bed and licking his face...or he will find his uncovered foot and lick it until he moves his foot or wakes up

Actually, that is an excellent way of gettting people out of bed, husbands, teenagers... whatever.... :roll: Just let the dogs at 'em! LOL :twisted:
Pepsi's Mommy wrote:
I forgot to mention that Pepsi also wakes my husband up by jumping up on the bed and licking his face...or he will find his uncovered foot and lick it until he moves his foot or wakes up

That's how Jasper wakes me up when he needs to go out at He loves to give "kisses" all the time too!
Watson is a big licker too. I would just like to get him to do the ears only instead of wanting to do my whole face. :D But I know it is a sign of us being part of his pack.
Panda's laying at my feet this very moment and licking away...sigh...lick lick least get between the toes.......ewwwww :D
Darcy wrote:
Does anyone elses dog lick,lick and more lick??

I wish. Frankly, I'd welcome incessant licking. It sure beats Frodo following me around nipping at my shorts, hands, or any other part of my body that happens to brush against him. :D
LOL.....Im sorry, it is kinda funny though. I can say that now because Panda is through that stage....thank goodness :D
Yeah, I'm with you Frodo's dad - licking would be good. We're actually surprised when we get licks. We think Bob would be great for one of those Coppertone commercials. I can't tell you how many times I've seen one of my kids scooting by with Bob hanging off their butt pulling their shorts off!!! Of course, it's really hard telling him "no" and trying not to crack up at the bare little bum he's showing us!!!!! :twisted:

Okay Karen, you get to clean up my desk for your last remark...I just choked on a swollow of diet coke!!! :D
Sorry about that!! I'll be right over!!! hee-hee
One of Frodo's many nicknames is "Pac-Man".
Funny enough Blue was never a licker...nor was Merlin..only occasionally likes to lick my feet...Panda - he's a licker! Darcy had to chuckle when you mentioned your Panda licked you a lot when you were washing floors...that's when Panda licks me the most. He licks my face when he sits next to me a lot too.

Marianne and the boys
Sofa's favorite partime is licking. She will wash every inch of uncovered skin in the morning and before we go to bed. She also likes to lick dusty stuff and the excercise bike, Danita's painting chair, the dinner table... Anything she can find!
Marianne, I was washing the floor again yesterday and sure enough Panda comes racing around the corner and starts her lick attack!! Face, back of the legs, and her new favorite spot...under the arms...eeewww...I missed alot of the floors yesterday...between laughing and trying to push her away from the spots that I had just washed!
Bunker's nickname is "Queen of the Cheapshots". You could be sitting on the couch and she's right beside you ignoring you and out of no where, SLLUURRPP. Right on the side of the face or on my glasses. That big slimy sheepie tongue.
Her other favorite thing to do when you are sleeping is she puts her nose in the corner of your eye and snorts. My boyfriend calls it snots. It like shes blowing her nose. That how I wake up about 3 or 4 times a week. Goof.
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Poohs a licker if you get down on the floor with him. Lately he's not much of a cuddlebug tho :cry: but he cuddles in spurts. I think he knows he smells 8O and needs a bath BIG TIME. My MIL's previous Bichon always licked feet.
I can't stop laughing at the name "Pac-man". That's so GREAT!

My husband, last nite, was trying to put some Polysporin on his poison ivy rash on his feet, and Gucci George was OUT OF CONTROL! Apparently it has the same effect that my lime lip gloss had! :?

And what is with the feet licking anyways! George has this crazy fetish with feet. He'll just lick until he is in that trance that I think all sheepies go into, then he'll just decide to "nibble" usually on the big toe! It always surprizes me then gives me the giggles! :o

Colleen and Gucci George=>mmmm big toes!
I have two dogs, an oes & new 6 month old black lab puppy. Both of them are obsessive kissers especially with my boyfriend. He was a bit weird about it at first but has started asking for kisses from them now :lol:
Balou is a licker too.... her loves to lick to top of my husband's head... and his feet... kinda weird!
Balou will crawl into bed w/us- put a paw on Calum's forehead- then lick his head... it's an interesting way to wake up!
Charlie isnt so bad, but will lick the duvet, sheet and pillows... (eew!!) so you go to go to bed and theres a cold wet bit !

Kiera will sniff until you get really annoyed, but doesnt tend to lick.. its amazing how a dog sniffing the same bit of your leg is annoying but after like 30 minutes of it believe me.. it is.
Ollie is a licker - he likes to lick my ears and my hair, whats worse is I let him do it - whilst saying to him in a coochy coo voice, do you love your mummy, mummy loves you - I needn't go on really - YOU all know what I mean LOL xxxx
My husband wears sheepskin slippers- with the fluffy bit on the inside... well Balou llloooooooooovessss them! he sticks his nose right in the slipper and starts lickking... eewwwww!!!

the worst part is when Calum doesn't know Balou has been doing this- gets up in the morning--- and slides hit foot into a wet slipper 8O
This is a problem we have.... our oes grew out of being a kissy dog- which is lucky as our two husky puppies are obsessive with it :?

They're 9 month old females, my poor boyfriend gets the brunt of it, hes a dj and when he comes home from work its like they're trying to lick the 'club' smell off him of something :lol: Our oes grew out of it at 6 months without training, but the girls just will not stop... Luckily my b/f's very patient, but if he didnt push them off they would, and do try, to lick his face for hours

Short of smearing bitter apple all over him, does anyone know how to tame this behaviour?!

Wait until you get the "shower" wake up. That's when you get nudged awake right after your dog has taken a nice long drink so you get a splash of cold, gross water first thing!
My dog is a Chihuahua and he loves feet...........but only mine.

I don't think it is submissive behavior.

He will clean my feet and will stop. If I mess with my feet at all as in wiping his slobbers out of between my toes....he will go at them again.

I used to have athletes feet real bad and he loves that crap.........that is sick.

I would wear socks so that he would leave them alone. then I would forget and bam...he is right on them.

I think he cured my athletes feet....weird.

It has got to be something chemical about our feet....he walks around licking the carpet in spots too.
Fetch won me over with a big kiss when I first went to see the litter. Give kisses was the first command he learned...I thought he was unique, but by reading these threads I guess this is normal sheepie behavior!
My Rosa who is seven months old wakes me up
every morning by standing over me and lickng my
lips until I fully wake up. She is my first sheepie
that ever did this. I can't figure it out. Bella loves to
give kisses, but doesn't lick like Rosa.
Kayla Licks.... Us awake every morning...However she is only 9 months so we have encoureged the "kisses" over her nipping for the last few months...If I fall asleep or am lying down on the couch she will come over and lick me in the face non stop until I wake up...The morning wake-ups are not too bad because we have two kids one in 10th grade & one in 5th so we have to be up at 6:oo anyway....She has been geting up anywhere between 3:00 & 5:30 for a few minutes until she realizes we all have a bit more sleep time and she will lie down util the alarm goes off...Again we cannot get mad becasue she is so gentle in waking us up and she has had no accidents in the house since she has been out of her crate for night time sleeping....But yes she will lick us non stop when she feels the mood..

derby every morning layes on top of me and licks me!! he is a great wet alarm clock
Obe loves to lick as well. Usually that is how I am waken in the a.m. It's either the hand or face. If it is hey I want out I get the paw repeatedly. Glad to know Obe is not the only one who doesn't sleep past 6 a.m.
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