Throwing up green mucus

Abigail woke me up the other night by throwing up green slimey stuff on the floor. I thought she just had an upset stomach. We'll she did it again the next day only once. I called the vet and he said she might be over exhaulsted due to the hot weather.

We'll she's done it again. Any suggestions out there?
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I'd take her into the vet- once might be too much food or eating something that didn't agree, but repeat = something wrong. Esp. since you said it was mucus like. If it is heat exhaustion- she may need to be rehydrated at the vets!

Let us know what happens...
Thought maybe somebody has gone throught this. I will keep you guys posted. Thank you :D
Sorry I haven't had that experience, please let us know how things go.
Was she eatting grass before she did this? I've noticed that if they've eaten grass and vomit it tends to have a green color.
Or a "Greenie" treat.
Hi, how's you pup been?

Mouthypf, I agree with you...some dogs that have upset stomaches will chew grass to cause vomiting. Like a natural defence mechanism. You know interestingly enough there is a famous Cancer clinic in Mexico that uses non traditional methods for healing. One of my friends attended it long ago. It turns out the fellow that started it all got the idea from watching his horse whom was suffering from cancer. The horse would always eat the same variety of herbs found in his garden..and he observed which. Later it was discovered the cancer was gone in his horse. Perhaps animals know what can possibly cure them?

Anyhow apologies as I sort of went off the topic but thought that was interesting. If the mucus itself is green then it's an infection of some sort and the vet should be made aware of this.

please let us know what you discover . Hope your pup is better.

Marianne and the boys
Green slime vomit is pretty common around here......... :roll:

The major contributor is a grass eater. She loves grass but grass doesn't love her. I can't stop the grass eating, so I clean.

The grass eater also runs like crazy so is always over heated. Fortunately she likes to chew on ice cubes......this way she gets water and coolness.

Another contributor has a tender tummy. I switched his diet to Nutro Lamb and Rice. I found he does better if he eats earlier in the day and his food is moistened.........and he eats less including treats.
Marianne wrote:

........... The horse would always eat the same variety of herbs found in his garden..and he observed which. Later it was discovered the cancer was gone in his horse. Perhaps animals know what can possibly cure them?

I agree with you. Was wondering if you know "what" herbs the horse was eating, and if any testing has been done on humans with the same herbal medicine???

Cancer is a big money maker, and I'm personally not sure that they haven't discovered a cure for it many years ago, but someone it sitting on it for profit.

For those suffering with that disease, anything would be worth a try. Would like to pass what information you have on to others. Thanks.

Hope your dog is feeling better now. We've all been there, and it's not fun worrying about them.
This is response to mouthypf's question regarding that clinic.

I'm not sure exactly what my thoughts are regarding that clinic as I'm such a hypocrite when it comes to stuff like that..meaning I myself don't follow a healthy regine , yet have always tried it on my pets and the results have always been phenomenal. Here's the story.

My friend whom was ill with cancer had been told there was no hope, his cancer was terminal. His wife wanted to try everything so as last resort they gathered funds from friends. That clinic is not santioned by the Canadian or US government and so no insurance company will allow it's citizens to go down there for treatment, as it's an alternative treatment. It's been on the news a few times..people trying to get funds to go down there. The cost to my friend was somewhere in the thousands so many of us contributed to help with the cost. This was 6-7 years ago and for some reason 10,000 sticks out in my mind..but that could have included transportation and the cost to stay there, but I forget the figures as it was a while ago.

All the medicines are made specifically for that person. Sadly the trip was too much for my friend and he and his wife turned around the next day to go back home. He died the following day. His wife called me and said..I have a trunk full of medicines but I can't give them to anyone..would you like them for Shaggy, (my previous OES) Shaggy had been on chemo and steroids until I questioned the quality of her life and had taken her off them. It's a long story but she suffered from Immune Deficiency Thrombocytopenia...which is similar to Leukemeia or Aids. I had been trying alternative methods as the chemo and steroids had caused her to swell and unable to walk. She just laid there day after day..which is why I had to question the quality of her life. Very few dogs walk away from it I was told by the vet.

I then went to the library and read everything I could regarding cancer and alternative treatment. I felt I had nothing to lose. Most of the books highly recommended immune boosters..vitamins and lots of beta carotene veggies. I started giving her home made chicken broth with lots of veggies plus three vitamins each meal. Her blood platelet count soared from 10 (near death) to over 185 (a dogs regular platelet count is 165-185). The vet said it was miraculous and whatever I was continue. The beta carotene veggies I used in her broth which I simply made by boiling chicken backs, legs..letting it cool..picking off the meat, also adding sweet potatoes, (high in vitamin C- cancer fighting), carrots, spinach. I also occasionally added organ meats as most books suggested that as well..liver , heart , kidney..and cooking that in water and making a broth to add the veggies as well. The three vitamins I used were all immune boosters. You have to be careful with once ones however as shark cartelidge is considered very good, yet thins the blood which is her case would have been fatal.

To make a long story a little shorter...Shaggy survived and lived for another 6 years. She almost made it to her 16th birthday. (she was very tiny for an OES) I ended up NOT using the meds that my friends wife gave me but did continue to make my own food for Shaggy until the end of her life. Blue my current 15 year old dog also continues with this diet. The vet and others continuously tell me if they didn't know his age his skin and coat resemble that of a 2 year old dog, he shows no signs of his age.

So in a nutshell, I have mixed feelings I said I'm not a health nut by any means, yet two of my pets did great on a healthy diet which benefitted them. My cats passed away the year before at ages 19 and 21 and for the majority of their lives ate inexpensive food suplemented by monthly organ meat and a bit of veggies. Dunno is that enough to claim it works. Possibly. I just tell my story and let others decide for themselves as I'm not an expert and wouldn't feel comfortable pushing for this and tooting it as a cure all.

Panda and Merlin have not been on this diet, but continue on kibbles. However, I have been looking into a different diet for Panda since I discovered he has mild hip dysplasia. It's not noticable at the moment but I know it will worsen with time.

Lastly, it was suspected Shaggy had a tumor in her nose as well, but she was never operated on as the vet was very honest with me. In her weakened condition she was unable to have surgery. When she sneezed it was green mucus that came out of her nose , which showed an infection. It was not green grass mucus so back to the Abigails mom I hope the vet does check it out to rule out any infection. No need to worry if it was greenish vomit due to grass eating...and not just green mucus. (You can tell the difference). Don't want to alarm you either!

Speaking of Green Mucus vomit. I just cleaned up a pile the other day
YUCK!!! Some grass was visible. Really gross.
Thank God for the Little Green Clean Machine :wink:
Pepsi's Mommy wrote:
Speaking of Green Mucus vomit. I just cleaned up a pile the other day
YUCK!!! Some grass was visible. Really gross.
Thank God for the Little Green Clean Machine :wink:

Lol. I have 2 of them-- one per dog!
That's amazing Marianne... did Shaggy eat kibble at all, or only the homecooked meals?
I stopped by the vets office and asked them what they thought. We'll she told me that she might be overexerted and drank her water to fast and had a bad stomach ache. I also read in the internet and found out the same. It said, to not give her any food for 48 hours; if she didn't do any better to take her to the vet.

I did what the internet said, and she didn't throw up anymore. I do think she was overexerted from heat since we live in Houston, Texas and it's hotter than than a Jalepeno pepper. Plus running around in a coat doesn't help.

Thanks for everyone's comments.
Maybe we should talk to the people who make The Little Green Machine and see if we could do an all Sheepdog commercial for them!
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