Steps to grooming sheepies

I found my grooming guide, so I thought I'd share its step by step to grooming sheepies. :)

Equipment needed:

Large Pin Brush
Slicker Brush
Matting Comb
Steel Comb
Ear Powder (medicated)
Eye Drops (such as Eye-Brite)
Nail clipper (heavy duty)
Cream Rinse or Balsam
Oster Clipper A5
#15 blade
#10 blade
St. Aubrey's Royal Coatalin
Soft Brush
Cotton Balsl

1. Brush the coat with a large pin brush using a slicker brush and a matting comb on the matted areas of the coat. Brush the coat by lifting the hair and brushing it down layer by layer. Never bathe this breed of dog with mats in the coat, since water tends to tighten the mats making them impossible to remove.

2. Clean the ears by dusting the inside with medicated ear powder, and pull out any dead hair with your fingers (I personally use hemostats...).

3. Cut the nails with a heavy-duty, pliers-type nail clipper to prevent the nails from splitting. Remove only the tips of the nails so as not to cut the quick.

4. Clean the eyes by applying eye drops to the inside of the eye. Wipe the corner of the eye and under the eye with a damp piece of cotton to remove any eye stain.

5. Scissor the hair from between the pads of the feet. This hair may also be removed with your clipper and a #15 blade.

6. Clip the hair from the rectum area (about half an inch on either side of the rectum) wtih a #10 blade. Never put the blade in direct contact with the rectum.

7. Clip the hair from teh stomach area (from the groin to the navel) with a #10 blade.

8. Bathe and fluff dry. Apply a cream rinse or balsam to the coat after the bath when the coat is still wet, then rinse.

9. Comb through the coat throughly.

10. Scissor around the outside edges of the feet to round them off.

11. The final brushing is done with the large pin brush, to give the coat a fluffy look on the back. The sides and legs are brushed down.

12. Apply St. Aubrey's Royal Coatalin to the coat with a soft brush.

The Old English Sheepdog should be bathed and completely groomed every four or six weeks. A good brushing about three times a week will help to keep the coat clean and free of mats. If the coat is badly matted it would be advisable (with the owner's permission) to strip the dog down and let the coat grow out again. This is done only when it is impossible to remove the mats (and for the health and comfort of the dog). The ears should be cleaned weekly and the nails hsould be checked monthly to see if they need clipping.

And that's it. This book is more helpful on fancy cuts, but it's a pretty good basis to use for every breed.
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Thanks so much for posting this outline,
good information for those of us
learning to groom :D
You forgot step 7a.

a. before bathing strip down to your birthday suit (those of you who are more modest can leave on your undies) and get into tub with sheepie. This saves having to change clothes when done.

I got an email saying:
Your web page is the only hit on the web that mentions St. Aubrey's Royal Coatalin. Do you know where I can purchase it?
If found that statement to be true!

I promised I'd ask: Do you know where to get it?
St. Aubrey's is a favorite of many long-time breeders and show people. I've only seen it at dog shows, and it's usually about $60.00 for a gallon jug.
Tasker's Mom wrote:
You forgot step 7a.

a. before bathing strip down to your birthday suit (those of you who are more modest can leave on your undies) and get into tub with sheepie. This saves having to change clothes when done.

Lol! I wear shorts, but same idea. :D
LOL Ginny so true, however not to frighten anyone I have a waterproof apron that covers me from neck to toes, beats the shorts or undies 8) :lol: :lol:

Great guide Gail. :D
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