Eating Clothes and Nearly Digesting?!

Friday was the second time in a month that we've come home to clothes that Hendrix threw up. Believe me, this isn't a random case of a sock falling on the ground and he just "so happened" to vomit on them. The sock (the first time) and underwear (the second time) were swallowed (their not in pieces) and are drenched in a yellow liquid.

Anyone else ever seen or heard this before? When Hendrix grabs one of our socks we've really been scolding him so he knows it's a bad thing. We've always been really good about picking up everything. I think he might have gotten the latest item from my parents house when they watched him for a day.

I just know that it could almost be fatal for him to do this again! Somethign that big being thrown, he could choke!
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Yep. My great dane used to eat socks whole. Sometimes she would throw them up, sometimes she would poop them. Yuck.
Here, too. I've found a couple of socks that have come out one end or the other. I'm pretty diligent about keeping everything picked up. So, he has to really try to find one!
Once Tasker ate a pair of my daughters underwear.....whole...... they made their appearance the next day at the butt end and had to be pulled out :oops:
wow -- believe it or not this is consoling to me. the vet said if he had a loss of appetite or fatigue to bring him for x-rays.
I know this is not helping your worrying but please know that dogs do die from this. We know of 2 sheepdogs that died from swallowing fabric. One who ate a pair of pantyhose, and just recently, someone well known in the sheepdog world just lost their dog from eating part of a throw rug. Please do everything you can to keep anything made out of cloth out of his site until he gets past this stage of chewing.
When it happened the first time we kept everything off the ground. I believe this most recent eating happened at my parents place. They now know to keep him out of all areas with clothes. Just thought I'd post about it so more people are aware of this problem.
Max has a perpetual eating underwear and socks problem. He has eaten and thrown up so many pairs, I can't even count. We have tried so hard to keep things away from him. If a drawer is even partly opened, he will find a way to get in and steal something. He will try to slip into the bathroom when we go in so that he can steal socks from the hamper.
I know how dangerous it is and we have tried to be so careful. This has been going on for months now. One time he threw up two pairs of underwear at one time. I don't know what it is, all I know is that I have to shop for new underwear at least once a month.
Oh, :oops: ...this morning Samantha threw up in my bathroom. It was a top to a beer bottle. Ouch! How and when she got it, we have no idea. The good news is that while she does like to steal socks (anyones) she does not eat them. She just runs around with them. What is it about these dogs and eating weird things?
He is terrible I try to remember to put everything out of his way. sometimes he catches me out. he will sneak underwear out of the washing basket when i am ironing. I have to cable tie the mucky washing basket because he can undo zips. Then he has the choice of lots of things.
luv pepe
Watson used to swallow sock whole. I was amazed that they came back up whole. He is past that stage now. We were just glad he was a big dog because a smaller dog probably would have needed surgery to get the sock out.
Be consoled, this is a puppy phase, that does go away...........eventually :cry: I remember neighbor's Mala"mutt" running around the neighborhood with the neighbor's girdle in her mouth. I think it was retrieved before it went down the hatch.
I'll agree, it's a puppy phase that goes away with proper training. Lennon loved to run into our bedroom as soon he was out of his kennel to grab a sock and then hide behind a couch to chew on it. Sofa was the same when she arrived.... eventually that phase faded.

Try to keep a very close eye on Hendrix to avoid any nasty accidents... I'm still waging a constat war between Sofa and the used napkins from the garbage can :?
what type of proper training?

right now if he grabs a sock that I drop while putting clothes away we REALLY yell at him, enough that he gets scarred. he hasn't grabbed a sock yet.
yup... that's about it. Just try teaching him the "LEAVE" command instead of yelling at him. Say "LEAVE IT" in a very firm voice, then as soon has he drops it, offer him something to distract him, like a small treat and pet him. Reduce the frequency of treats soo or he'll start picking up stuff for fun :lol:
This command will be very useful in the future.

You're on the right track there, be patient, this is just a phase.
My son's girlfriend was visiting (she doesn't know how to act around dogs). I had just adopted Owen & brought him home. When the girlfriend saw him she began to SCREAM!? Owen reacted by grabbing the scrunchy off her wrist & swallowing it with one big GULP! I watched for 5 days to see if it passed (it was a large scrunchy). Nothing, I was so worried (I was in touch daily with the vet). Next morning Owen gaged.....and....there it was!
Now many years later the girlfriend is the wife & Owen has passed to the bridge. I still worry when she visits with my current sheepies, LOL sue
OH my! Sheepies are funny! Our last guy, Bart, used to steal everything, the worst was one time he was quiet for a little too long (I think we all get worried when they are silent for a while! :lol: ) and I found him laying down nice with blood all over his paws! I freaked! He was chewing something happily! It was a razor pack from a disposable razor, you know how the "head" pops off! I just couldn't understand how that could feel good on the gums! Thankfully he didn't swallow it! And needless to say we were way more careful!

Gucci (aka George...we've kind of changed his name!) seems to have a passion for my scarves! If that drawer is even a crack open, it's "snatch and run". Luckily, so far, none have gone down the hatch!

I am also really careful with blankets around the house. As I have a friend with a dog that ate the "tassels" off a blanket while she was at work, and poor Finnagan had to have surgery, as it wrapped around something vital and blocked all outcoming "traffic". Finnagan is not a sheepie, so I guess it's just a dog thing!

Sounds like you are doing all the right things and all you can! That's all any of us can do with our crazy babies!

Colleen and Gucci George=>my favorite scarves are the ones that cost the most!
Years ago I had a female that got ahold of my husbands lunch sack. She ate everything in it, including some wrappers. I'd always put in 2 snacks, so he'd have a choice. She had cherry pie and a chocolate candy bar! :x

Later that night when I went to turn on the night light, I found the bulb was missing. Confused, I then remembered that was where I found the remaining pieces of the lunch sack.

The unit was still plugged into the wall, but without the bulb. She had unscrewed the bulb and ate it whole!!! It was never found, or seen again. :oops: :?

I bet she "lit up your life"...I'm sorry, I couldn't help it! :lol:

Colleen and Gucci George
Yep, Hendrix has unscrewed the pressure knob for the toilet. We heard him chewing metal and thought, that doesn't sound like a toy.
I still haven't replaced all the rubber knobs from the ends of ALL my doorstops. Clyde ate or destroyed every one. At least 15 of them!
Panda chewed off the knobs to the grill..and every sprinkler we had. She also put a nice hole in the screen door. We kept finding little pieces of wire stuck to her beard and couldnt figure it out until the hole was large enough to see...she was pulling it apart wire by wire... :D
My neighbor's bother has a couple of rottweilers that need a new house every six month because thew chew right trough it!

we had to replace Danita's sandal collection after Sofa had a gorumet meal on them when she arrived :? The funniest thing Lennon chewed was a mall shrub I planted when we were foolish enough to think we could have a garden. :lol: He ate thw whole shrub that was about 16 inches tall. He left only a small root he digged... No leaves, branches or anything!
You'd think we starve them. My girlfriends dog ate a whole tube sock, she called the vet and the vet said to pour Hydrogen Proxide down his thoat because it would induce vomitting. Sure enough out came the sock, another sock, the squeaky shark that was missing and the squeaky hamburger.
You're kidding!! YIKES!! 8O 8O

It's a wonder the poor thing didn't choke! 8O
When toys go missing, she wonders.
Holy Mackeral!!!!

That made me laugh! I cannot imagine the reaction of all this stuff coming out!

Colleen and Gucci George
Carl ate all of the doorstops too! We now have top hinge doorstops or those big round balls at the height of the doorknobs.
i once had a poodle who ate elastic bands. he would find them everywhere (many dropped by our postal person). when he did his dooty
it would hang & sort of bounce (sorry for being gross).
i also had an Irish setter who ate a cherry pie right out of the oven (fruit filling is soooooo HOT). the unusual part is that she left one piece (maybe for me?:)) sue :D :lol: 8O
That poor dog! What if the bottom part dropped off and the band snapped the dog in the........?

i always carried scissors (in case) :D
I'm up early drinking my coffe and you all have me in stitches (not to mention a mouthful or two spewed across the keyboard)!!!!!!!! Does the expression Canine Garbage disposal come to mind?
Sir Gucci's Mom wrote:
OH MY! I bet she "lit up your life"..I'm sorry, I couldn't help it! :lol:

Best laugh I had all day - still laughing! :lol: :lol:

Yes, she did light things up!!! For example, our first ride together. Granny goes with me to get her. Half way home she stands, pees and then poops in the back seat. We laughed as I cleaned up the mess, and Granny just kept repeating, "Oh My!" :lol:

Our first New Year's Eve, hubbys at work, clock struck twelve, she took a big potty right in front of me, Dick Clark and Times Square!!! Hubby calls at twelve, says Happy New Year, what ya doing! "Well, I'm having a poopy New Year, how's yours!" :x

Lost the old gal a few years back, but she still lights my heart! :wink:
OH MY is right! :lol: The New Year's story is so funny! And GG had a few "back seat" incidents himself when he was younger!

I'm sorry to hear you lost your girl a few years ago! But glad she still makes you smile!

Colleen and GG=>wish my Mommy would stop telling embarassing stories! :oops:
Sir Gucci's Mom wrote:
I'm sorry to hear you lost your girl a few years ago! But glad she still makes you smile!

Thanks, but no need to be sorry. I have my "Shadow" (one of her daughters), and she'll be 15 this Dec.

Shadow's funniest story was when she had her pups. Mind you she had a whelping box, but wanted to have them behind my bed. She was as big as a barn, but managed to crawl under and behind the bed. She can flatten herself and get under anything, pregnant or not! She's earned the nickname "night crawler." If shes laying, and doesn't want to get up when you call her, she crawls across the room! Nothing leaves the floor. :roll:

We made it to the whelping box, pup after pup arrived. She reached the finish line with 15 beautiful little fur balls, and immediately placed 1/2 in front of her while the others nursed, then switched them. She refused to breed again. :lol: :lol:
WOW! 15 pups! No wonder she wouldn't breed again! :D Our last guy, Bart used to squish under the bed too! I love how they do the "shimmy"!

Give Shadow a hug from us!

Colleen and Gucci George
Sir Gucci's Mom wrote:
.......WOW! 15 pups! No wonder she wouldn't breed again! Give Shadow a hug from us!

Shadow sends a hug back, and says, "Mom wasn't gonna let me, I was to fertile!" :lol:
Hee hee! That's OK Shadow! Bring on the hugs, no worries with the Guc! *sigh* there will be no little Gucci's, if you know what I mean! :oops:

Colleen and Gucci George=>Lots of hugs, some kisses, but that's it! I promise Shadow! :twisted:
Sir Gucci's Mom wrote:
Hee hee! That's OK Shadow! Bring on the hugs, no worries with the Guc! *sigh* there will be no little Gucci's, if you know what I mean! :oops: Colleen and Gucci George=>Lots of hugs, some kisses, but that's it! I promise Shadow! :twisted:

Gucci, my visions a little blurry now, but I can see you're a handsome guy! You and me and little Gucci's, hmm, I think not :twisted: But we could take a walk in the park. :wink: Hugs and kisses. Shadow
Beau will (if not put in the closet) chew flip flops. Everyone in the house has been warned to put them away. On the other hand, Mollie was a counter surffer. Home made Apple pie was her favorite. :lol:
Clyde has reached a point of discretion-- he'll put something in his mouth to test if it's edible. If it's not, it gets spit out, but not before he clamps down a few times just to be safe. After that the chewing stops and he's done. In his defense, if it's on the living room floor, it's presumed his because that's where all his toys are. The other day I must have dropped an earring. I found one and feared he had eaten the other and then I found it. It was a hoop but now it's more of a pear shape after Clyde tested it for edibility!
:lol: :lol: :lol: Smart boy - knows his shapes.
ButtersStotch wrote:
Clyde has reached a point of discretion-- he'll put something in his mouth to test if it's edible. If it's not, it gets spit out, but not before he clamps down a few times just to be safe.

Last night I had a few friends over to work on a craft project for our women's group. There were styrofoam balls of many different sizes, When the package of teeny styrofoam balls got opened, a few fell on the floor and the woman who dropped them obviously doesn't have a sheepie :D I noticed Bailey was fascinated with something but I couldn't see what it was until I got really close. He had one of these tiny styrofoam balls and he had obviously decided it wasn't tasty, but still fun anyway. He would spit it out, push it around with his nose, then suck it back in. I was afraid he would swallow it when he was done playing, so I had to chase him around the house to get it back (much entertainment for womens group ). When I finally got it it was definitely not round anymore :lol:
Yeah Morgan has swallowed a bunch of socks and throws them up. I always make sure theres nothing laying around but somehow she finds them.. I can usually tell when she has one in her tummy... doesnt eat for a few days and just wants me and lays around giving me the puppy eyes.
She doents ever chew on nothing cause she loves her bones, but it must be something with socks?? Strange!!
I am glad to see I am not the only one dealing with articles of clothing disappearing. I have two pairs of panties go missing. 1 pr 6 wks ago and didn't know till Winston rid himself one way or the other, they were laying on the floor (YUCK!). And then this morning from a pair he ate yesterday after taking my clothes off the counter while I was in the shower. Must be preggy somethings he likes. I have had dogs who ate the crotch, sorry guys tmi, but never before have I dealt with a dog who ate the whole thing :? Hope he outgrows this stage soon. Going to buy new trash can for the kitchen today as well as a hamper for the bathroom.
We recently lost our 13 yr old sheep dog to a pair of nylons . Since he was little he would swallow socks , underwear, anything he could get his mouth on. He would do it so fast.
This one time when he was a pup he jumped up on the table to take a pound of dough that was resting to on the table . We later had to take him to the vet cause his stomach was blowing up as the dough was rising in him ( what a horror ).. :(
But again due to all this he was lucky to have made it as far as he did but i will never ever leave clothing out again . and till this day i can not even look at another pair of nylons
We now have a new pup and i will never make that mistake again ,,, now is the time to correct it before something like this happens to your dog .....
I realize this is an old posting but it gave me a lot of comfort. Although I know this can be fatal to dogs... I loved reading the stories of inspiration. My 3 month old Berner ate an ankle sock at 5am this morning. The vet said to wait it out. I have been crying all day long. She is the best thing to happen to me in a long while. She is acting just fine, eating and pooping and playing. Hopefully everything comes out just fine, no pun intended.
I hope it does pass through. How bad to have to sit and wait and hope it passes safely. Good luck and best wishes from our house.
Best wishes Tessie! I'm sure waiting is scary. Please do let us know what happens to your puppy. Hoping for good news. .
I'm also glad to hear this isn't just our 9 month old Charlie either :lol: . In the last month, he's eaten two ankle socks and threw them up the following night in his crate. Both times, we were awakened with the sound of gaging and out came the sock :x . It's amazing how quickly our kids put away their laundry now!

Last week, Charlie found a blue sharpie. You can imagine his white fur, it's now blue around his gob, chin, front legs and paws! We may have to change his name to "Blue!"
We waited 8 days and the anglet sock came back out the way it went in.
My Standard Poodle puppy eats EVERYTHING!!! sox, underwear, hair, the kitchen sponge....plants leaves stones...the list goes on and on I think he even eats his own poop, then he keeps me up all night puking. I have tried to stop him but he doesn't even chew he just swallows ....will he ever grow out of this?? is he lacking a vitamin to make him do this??
please HELP :(
I wonder if it's more of a case of "this item smells like you, I'mma EAT this!"

I remember when my girls (human kids) were little babies, I used to sniff them because you know... babies smell good. There were times when that smell was just so... heart filling. Maybe that's how the dogs feel about our scent?

Or maybe they're just being jerks, who knows, lol.
My 4 year old shitzu was at the kennel while I was on vacation and pooped a tiny sock and they think he threw the other one up. The strange thing is he had been there a week and it had been 2 weeks since we had visitors that had a small child. I don't know how he could have survived with something like that inside him for that long.
Tissues are our problem-all 4 dogs have a had a "thing" about used tissues. Put a box of unused on the floor and Sprocket will pull them carefully out of the box and take the box to chew,leaving a neat pile of tissues on the floor-he does look so pleased with himself!In the winter when the rayburn is on all the dogs have put their heads in the coal bucket-what a mess,damp mouth and coal dust!! Yuk.x
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