Breeder reference - Catherine Cargo?

Does anyone here have experience with breeder Catherine Cargo of WV? Thanks in advance!
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We currently have 2 dogs from Catherine which are incredibly sweet dogs. The male, Frank who is 15 months we've had since 8 weeks and our female, Rebecca is 5 years old and we actually adopted her from Catherine a few months ago.

She has been active in the sheepdog world for over 30 years and knows a tremendous amount of information on how to care specifically for the breed. She breeds first & foremost for temperament. Comes highly recommended from OES of America, which I'm sure is probably how you got her contact info since she doesn't advertise her pups.

The thing that stands out the most for me regarding her dogs was at a dog show handling class here in NJ. A woman who shows and breeds Bearded Collies, approached me and asked where we got our pup. When I mentioned Catherine Cargo, she quickly stated "Catherine has really Nice sheepdogs". That really meant a lot to me especially since we were in another state and another dog breed person. I also am in touch occasionally with a woman who got Frank's brother and then adopted another male from her later, and she only has good things to say about her dogs.

If you have any other questions about her, please feel free to send me a private message through this forum (you'll have to officially register) or you can go to and if you go to the bottom of the page where it says a click thru to Idea Patio, you can get my personal email address from that site. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about her. All of her dogs have amazingly similiar temperaments which I can attest to from meeting quite a few of her dogs at different ages and sexes.

Good luck with your pup, especially if you get one from Catherine and please be sure to post lots of pix.
Thanks for sharing your experience. It is good to have some indepdendent information. This forum is awesome.
I have a wonderful 20 month old OES that I got from Catherine Cargo. He has a great temperment. He is sweet, gentle, funny and full of personality. Catherine is a wonderful breeder, and she is willing to help you as much as you need with your OES puppy (if you are new to the breed as I was). I have met several of her dogs, and they are all terrific. - Robin
Hey Robin,
I think I underestimated Frank's age by a little. He was born Jan 2004. I was wondering if maybe you have one of Frank's brothers? If so, I would love to see some pix. I also occasionally contact this couple that has one of Frank's brothers named Jake who's equally a sweet boy.
Strider was born in October, 2003. He and Frank are possibly cousins. I am not registered with this forum, so I don't know if I can show pictures.
Hi VerveUp,
I have a little more time, and I have some questions. First, have you already shown Frank? Do you handle him yourself? (Catherine wants me to show Strider.) I remember Rebecca. Did you express an interest in adopting one of Catherine's older females, or did she contact you and ask you about it? I would love to have another OES. Does Frank love having another OES to pal around with? I always think Strider would absolutely love it, but haven't approached Catherine about adoption. It is really great communicating with another one of Catherine's dog owners. And, on a side note, I am originally from South Jersey - although I now live in Virginia, but working on a return to the Philadelphia area.
Guest wrote:
Strider was born in October, 2003. He and Frank are possibly cousins. I am not registered with this forum, so I don't know if I can show pictures.

Why not Register? It is free and we love pictures!

VerveUp : I LOVE YOUR AVATAR! It's just precious :D
Catherine has sent me a signed Code of Ethics and is a member of our club.
Hi Robin,

C'mon now, you can register, it's easy and you won't get spammed.. :D Anyhow, please feel free to contact me personally (Name of my company is Idea Patio which you can just add a dot com on the end and it's Deb at symbol - sorry try to keep my address away from the good old web spiders.) or if you register you can personal message me and that way I won't know your email adress either.

Anyhow, I've shown Frank only once but the plan is to try and get him back in shows again hopefully starting next winter - spring. Had a hard time with the puppy coat transition (= shaved him in January) plus Frank has some car anxiety issues so it was kind of rough at his age. I handled him myself and plan to again next spring. If you contact your local all breed kennel club they should be able to direct you to a place where you can take classes to learn if you are interested. My goal is just to get him finished (15 points) so he is an official show dog. I just wanted to do it because of all of the time spent grooming to keep him in coat I thought it would be fun to show him off. Catherine is really pushing to get some younger folks into the show world, since most of the people showing right now are in their 50-60's.

Frank LOVES having any dogs in his life...even the ones that don't like him! When you have Strider around other dogs if he is really interested in them, I would say yes, get a friend for him, especially an OES. People love seeing them groups of more than one. I don't even worry about him anymore when we leave the house since I know he has company. Plus Rebecca has done wonders with the car anxiety issue. Still has a little poop problem once he exits the car, but no accidents in the car at all since she's been here. Also, I can tell that he's way more at ease on the road.

Regarding the older dog interest. No we didn't express an interest in an older female. We actually wanted to buy one of her Norfolk puppies that she breeds also because my husband is now hooked on them. Catherine pretty much talked us into it Rebecca, more to chill out Frank a little. She's been good company for him and has put him in his place a little which he really did need and he seems a lot more balanced now. She does place older dogs if she has any available. I can give you a little more detail about that if you would like to contact me privately. But then again, it seems as though you're still in contact with her too. We're still waiting on the Norfolk puppy, although I would love to have about 10 sheepdogs. Too bad we don't live on a farm.

And if you're in the Philly area again, please look us up! Also Chad hosts a rather large sheepdog picnic in Philadelphia every May so maybe you could at least come to that.
And Tasker's Mom, thanks for liking the avatar, Rebecca always seems kind of pathetic so I thought we'd give her some attitude with the mohawk.
I never saw a sheepie with a mohawk, it definately has attitude!!! :D
I've joined the forum, and just wanted to see if my photo of Strider came out. Thanks for the encouragement to join :D

I can definitely relate to the difficulty with the coat transition, and considered contacting Catherine to see if I can give Strider a puppy cut, and then let his adult coat grow in.
Lovely sheepie!! Congrats on joining.
Strider looks like Bogart & Bacall which I think are from the same litter as Strider. Catherine I think will be showing Bacall although she has her placed with another family. Nice job on his coat.

Strider, You're an awesome sheepie!

Welcome to the forum!
He's cute! Welcome to the group :)
Welcome! Adorable puppy!! :lol:
Welcome! He looks very handsome!!!!

What a cutie! Welcome aboard!
Well, I have been quite busy and not checked in. Thanks to everyone who has given me such a warm welcome. Strider is from the same litter as Bogart and Bacall. I went to Catherine's on Monday, and actually spent some time with Bacall. It is amazing how similar some of their behaviors and mannerisms are. The reason I was there and have been so busy is because I got another sheepie, and have been spending lots of time helping her to feel at home. Her name is Laura. My husband thinks I'm crazy - but he loves them!

Congrats! How old is Laura? When do we get pics? LOL
Well, I placed a few photos on the Pictures page...and even though they should probably be under Portraits, they are under Antics. As I get the hang of the site, I'll make another effort.
Strider's Mom wrote:
Well, I placed a few photos on the Pictures page...and even though they should probably be under Portraits, they are under Antics.
Your wish is my command!
Moved to the 1st Portrait Album. :)
I had been advised to look elsewhere 12+ years ago when we were looking for a sheepie and I have recently been given the same advice.
For what it's worth.
That's too bad, I would like to know why they deterred you from her. Dog showing-breeding is very political and unfortunately there is a lot of competition and back stabbing among the dog world. All I can say is her pups have great temperaments, very smart, loving, big clowns - not a single sign of aggression. Very strong & healthy beautiful dogs. I get compliments all the time from people that have had sheepdogs, vets, etc on how great my dogs are. The OES of America refers people to her regularly.
We recently bought a puppy from Catherine Cargo and couldnt be happier with our new boy. However, [details about this aren't important or appropriate here -Editor.].

We have lost our faith in her as a trustworthy person but as a breeder of good dogs she's fine.
Strider is a handsome fellow :D
I think that breeding fine dogs should not be the only factor when deciding on a breeder-people should be aware of my opinion that Catherine lacks honesty and integrity which I think is just as important.
oh, and thank you for the welcome!
Welcome from Barney and Maggie, St. Louis
Verve Up,

And if you're in the Philly area again, please look us up! Also Chad hosts a rather large sheepdog picnic in Philadelphia every May so maybe you could at least come to that.[/quote]

I'd like to learn more about Philly area sheepdog people/events. I got my boy 2 weeks ago and would like to be in touch with area activities.
The Philadelphia Kennel Club dog shows (The show that is on tv at Thanksgiving) is November 15-18. I'll have one dog there and I know of at least one other sheepdog person who will be there. The Saturday and Sunday shows of the weekend are benched so it's not like we can run out right after we show and we'll be available for chatting.
JulieL wrote:
Verve Up,

And if you're in the Philly area again, please look us up! Also Chad hosts a rather large sheepdog picnic in Philadelphia every May so maybe you could at least come to that.

I'd like to learn more about Philly area sheepdog people/events. I got my boy 2 weeks ago and would like to be in touch with area activities.

Both Maxmm and myself have been to the sheepdog picnic although we only made it to the "Barktail party" last year which was the night before at the Red Roof Inn. And yes, we will both be at the Philly KC show this year which is at the Philadelphia Convention Center at 10th and Arch Streets in center city. I won't have a dog there (well, maybe the brown one in my avatar) with me but Maxmm will have an OES with her.

If you register as a member you can personal message us with the PM button in our profile when you log in so maybe we can exchange phone numbers, etc. Definitely wouldn't mind doing a playdate either at a local dog park if you are close to Philly.
VerveUp wrote:
I won't have a dog there (well, maybe the brown one in my avatar)

Poor wee Haggis aka "the brown one"
Where's the love? :wink:
I just wanted to say that I no longer endorse this breeder. I won't provide details here publicly. I just wanted to go on record, so people won't put too much emphasis on my previous comments. My feelings have changed dramatically through facts that I have learned in the last year. I do love my dogs from her and that's about the only thing that I can say. I am sorry if I mislead anyone.
The above goes for myself as well. No details to be shared but I am not affiliated with her nor will I be in the future.
I'm sure that there are many more people who can provide their personal experiences.
I too have a OES from this breeder. I have a great dog, but because of something that happened, I will no longer recommend her to anyone who wants an OES.
I got a puppy from this breeder a year ago and he is the most beautiful and wonderful dog imaginable. BUT-- I too cannot recommend her. I still have not gotton my dogs AKC registration papers from her and I have fulfilled all conditions of her contract. There are other reasons that I will not go into on this forum.
Wow, what a disappointment to see how many people are un-happy with this breeder. It is great that the health and temperament of her dogs are good but I definitely think that this issue should be raised with OESCA -- if it hasn't already.

The breeder referral program needs to be aware of any issues or problems with this breeder. Referring potential puppy buyers to her could result in a lack of confidence with OESCA and their ability to monitor and uphold the ethics of the club.

I believe that it is the duty of the club to uphold the standards on which the code of ethics stands.

Just my two cents. :)
She is not a member of OESCA and OESCA is very aware with the issues.
Sorry, also wanted to add, as the first guest said, even though OESCA is aware of some of the behavior of this breeder, please contact OESCA anyhow, and formally inform them of any additional situations so that they have the complaints on record.
I currently have a 6 year old male from Catherine, George. He is the sweetest dog we have ever had. Good tempered, easy to train, loves other dogs, great with people - what more could you ask for. His coloring is gorgeous and his body type is the perfect OES. Talk about a wigglebutt!

Our first dog from CAtherine was a love too - full of personality. He lived to 13 yrs old. She is the only breeder I would buy from - but she is retiring so get a dog quickly! I miss my Jeter - he was a big boy! Very mischievous, but quite clever. Could open our back door by himself to go onto back porch.
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