Need some advice

Goog day,

We are about to get our very first dog..... a beautiful 4-months old SEO pup. We are sooooo excited :lol: :lol: :D
As it is our first dog I would like to get some advice.....

I am from the Netherlands but live in Mexico. Today (winter day) it's a comfortable 24 celcius (75 degrees F) but in summer time it can get really hot, sometimes up to 37 C (100 degrees F). I am wondering if this is too much for a dog with soooo much hair. I assume it would require trimming/shaving??

We will pick up the puppy in 2 weeks. At that point he will be 4,5 months old. All though the puppy does obey (only simple commands as sit, lay down) he has not taken any trainings what so ever. Just wondering if 4,5 months will be too late to start?

Also, the current owner has the SEO pup living outside in his garden/patio but we are planning to take him inside our home. Anything we should take into consideration?

Where we live no obedience classes are given in the area,,, so we are on our own which makes us a little nervous, especially cause its our first dog. Any advice is very welcome :)

Great forum btw, very happy to have found you :)

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We get to 100 regularly here, but the dogs have their choice, in our out. To be more specific about temperatures, as they rise, my guys insist on coming in to tile floors where it it cool. Water is critical, they will need plenty.

Sheepdogs are not yard ornaments. They want and should be in the house with you.

Socializing is critical from an early age. Once they have all their puppy vaccinations, take them out among people and around other animals......providing those animals are under control. No free roaming dogs. Keep your pup on a leash you can can quickly remove him from danger.

Get several books on obedience. Puppy wants you to be his/her leader.....a kind, gentle leader not a tyrannt. Without leadership puppy will feels he has to take over and that's when you get into trouble. Having the dog inside with you gives you multiple opportunities each day to reinforce behavior issues.

Long hair is hard for a beginner to maintain unless you have someone you can consult regularly. Also the change from puppy black to adult grey will be awful.......the coat mats easily. Many people just cut the hair back during this period. We have plenty of info on coat care, just do a search. The title page has good references on brushing if you scoll down a bit.
How did you get on with your pup? Will be a "big dog" now. I am going through my unread posts, that is why this email is a few years old. x

:wag: :tea:
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