Sheepdogs near Tomah, WI

Are there any owners of Sheepdogs near Tomah, WI? I'd like to talk with any of you.

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I am half way between Madison and Stevens Point
Thanks, Mary. There are three dogs in or near Tomah from Belvidere, IL that I would like to hear about. Where did yours come from?
The one who we lost last year was from the Eau Claire area. Angus is an owner surrender we adopted and I think he was from a Belvidere breeder. His previous owners are from the Wisconsin Rapids area. I would have to check on this when I get home from work and look through the papers that came with him to see what breeder for sure. You got me there something about this breeder?
Not at all. I just wanted to talk to the owners since they were so close.
Phew.......I was worried since we know so little about his start in life.
Asterisk came from Belvidere, Illinois. She is my heart dog, I couldn't imagine life without her.
Angus was born 05/15/10. Came from Barb's Lovable Old English Sheepdogs in Belvidere. Barbara Turvold kennel owner. Sire: Dirty Harry Bear/Dam: Wendel's Little Wendy.

The pup we're looking at is from Wendy and Harry. I liked them and Barb very much. I am interested in the health of the prevous pups and any info on their ancestors.
We've only had Angus for about a year. He was underweight when we got him. The previous owners just didn't have alot of time to spend with him and were kind enough to acknowledge this and look for a family that knew about the breed and would want him. We had just lost our 12 year old Pooh Bear in June and adopted Angus in August. He has put on weight and is over 90 lbs and was only in the 70's when we got him. He's a little knocked kneed in his hind legs, but boy can he chase the outside cats!!!!!! He has a very strong herding instinct and loves, loves, loves people! He is 28-29 inches at the withers. He is a love bug. We are very happy to have him in our lives after losing Pooh. He will never replace him, but has found a place to call home with us. We can never part with him. I am so grateful he found us. I truly believe Pooh had a "paw" in finding each other since we were so broken hearted with his passing. He is a wonderful dog. I had gone on the website where he came from and saw his mom and dad and think we spotted him in some puppy pictures!!! We just had a cyst removed from his back thigh area and was benign. Otherwise, we have had no health issues with him. I don't know much from his first year. He came with some health records and sounds like there must have been some concerns with his weight. I am sure it was just because he didn't have his family around much. He is truly a velcro dog. Everyone loves him and people just want to see and touch him. He actually prances when he walks....just like a horse! I saw some of the litter pictures and oh, my gosh....CUTE!!!!! :hearts: :hearts:
Not sure how much help I am, but he's a keeper.

This is the day we brought him home.....

Yes, he's a couch potato.....
Hello, So sorry that I did not see this post sooner.

We have purchased two wonderful Sheepdogs from Barb Turvold and her husband, Belvidere, Illinois in 2012 when our 13 year old OES passed on to Doggie Heaven.

Sweetie was 5+ years old and Gabriella was her 8 week old puppy with Harry Bear when we brought them home to Tomah. They have been great together...healthy, wonderful, beautiful dogs that took care of our 7 children an 21 grandchildren.

We called Sweetie- Lola,she just was a sweet lovely dog and my best friend. I cannot stop crying since she passed on to doggie heaven after she had romped in our large yard with Gabbie, fell and died about 1400 this afternoon. I am lost without her as is my husband, Gabbie and our family. Lola was born May 31, 2007 so 13 1/2. This morning she could run fast as her pup, so we did not even think she was ill or old. We will always miss her. I would not think twice about buying their wonderful OES.

Maureen J., Tomah A friend from our church bought the 3rd dog, ?Stuart?they have since passed.
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