Desperate to know what to Do!!

My OES is 11 years old. She is loved by everyone, especially our UPS man. He brings her treats almost daily. Well, the other day he drove by, but he didn't have a package or a treat, so he didn't stop to say hello. This is unusual and Lucy was watching him from the yard. When she saw his truck go by the house, she went chasing him down and was then struck by the car behind him. We live on a quiet cul-de-sac and chasing cars was never an issue before. Vet bills so far are over $3,000. Now we are told she needs her front leg amputated. Again, she is 11, at times is incontinent and although know diagnosed arthritis, we see her struggle to "get comfortable" at times. She is up and down, repositioning herself through the night. What do I do? Can a dog of her age really adapt to three legs when she has already slowed down so much in the past year. We are just sick over this and want to do the right thing. HELP!
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Has anyone ever had an OES that had a front amputation? Are vet said her barrel like chest may complicate the problem.
What is your vet recommending??? You've come a long way to give up now but honestly, a dog's quality of life should outweigh our desire to keep them going.

At your dog's age you have a difficult and heartwrenching decision to make. Only you can make that decision. Her overall health and your financial situation will play an important part, as well as her comfort and your ability to care for her post-surgery.

Regardless of what you decide, stick with your decision and don't let anyone convince you that you did the wrong thing. Follow your heart. :hearts: You know your dog better than anyone.
Thank you Maggie,
Well, at first she recommended only amputating the paw and a prosthetic with weekly rehab at a vet hospital that is almost an hour away. With 3 young children that just isn't possible. I would love to say that finances do not matter, but they play a big part. So to go through with the surgery only to have her suffer....Im trying to follow my heart but its kind of broken right now. And the vets comment was "There is no reason to choose the other alternative" my guilt at even the thought is making me feel so horrible. I'm not sure what we will do, but thanks for your kind words.

(So far we have used our down payment for the car that we desperately need and have been saving for)
So sorry to hear what happened.
You should not feel guilty if you think her life after the op would be uncomfortable and the better option is to save her from this.
It is a difficult decision for you to make, but try to be comfortable with the one you make. :hearts:
If she is having trouble getting comfortable, you know arthritis is in her hips and spine, maybe shoulder. Incontinence will increase as the pills work for only so long. You have to ask yourself, how much quality of life does she have and how much money can you continue to put into the lady. Vets, sure, they have potions for all the miseries but your bank account drops quickly.

Does she have the strength in her hips to support the extra strain?

I support you in whatever decision you make, I realize it is agonizing. :ghug:
A wise vet wil give you all the options but not make the decision for you. I remember my vet telling me with Isaac that one day I would walk down into the kennel, look at him know "today's the day". He also told me many years ago when I had to take Isaac to Ohio State for specialty care that he knew how much I loved my dogs but to remember it is quality of life over quantity of life & to remember there is a bottom to my pocketbook. None of your decisions will be easy ones. Only you can make them. As Nita said, you know your dog best. :ghug:
You will have to listen to your heart as well as your head but keep first and foremost the quality of life your dog will have. I'm so sorry you are having to make a decision as difficult as this one.
Linda Z
This is a VERY tough call, but one only you can make, knowing your dog's current situation and, like it or not, your financial situation.

One question - has the person who hit your dog offered to help pay for anything? Did they even stop?
Thank you all for responding. It is so hard because Lucy is up today, attempting to run around. She jumped up this morning and ran straight to my husband's truck. He takes her to work with most days and she loves hanging out on the jobs. She is on meds, so she isn't feeling the pain, so it has been a challenge to keep her down. We will be seeing a new vet tomorrow and we will make the final decision on what to do.

The driver did stop but made no offer to help. We were so concerned about Lucy at the time, we did not exchange any information and we take full responsibility because she did run out unexpectedly. So yes, there is also guilt there!
Keep in mind that nearly everyone here has been through this; some more recently than others but still there. We're all used to being leaned on in times like this and will support you if needed. You won't find a more helpful bunch online.

We did go through this in May of 2011 with a rescue that we only had for about 2 years and it was brutal. Jen took if really bad and Bentley was actually 'my' dog. Although no one told him that. He was a Mama's boy from day one.

Stay strong.
It's hard not to feel guilt. No one can tell you whats right or wrong to do in this situation. Its completely up to you and what you think would be best for your dog. You have obviously given what ever decision you make lots of thought to whats best for your dog.

Before I got my sheepie, I still had my beloved Indo. She was just a medium sized 8 yr old black mutt and my first dog. On my birthday 2 1/2 yrs ago she got out and got hit by a car. The car didn't stop. It broke her back and shattered her rear end. She very well could have survived with extensive surgery, lifetime medication and be confined to a doggy wheelchair. I made the decision to let her go.
Hi All,
I just wanted to give everyone an update. We made lots of phone calls and reached out to every dog lover we know. We found a specialist about 45 minutes from our home. He believes he can save Lucy's leg!!! Today she had her toes amputated. And she will have to return every 3 days for at least a month to be put under, and have her bandages wrapped and changed. There is a tiny bit of foot pad left that, he thinks, he can get to grow. We were worried about the trips back and forth because she needs to stay at the vet for at least 3 hours for each procedure since she is put under anesthesia. But then, we had an out pouring of offers from friends of Lucy. Everyone is willing to take a shift to help us out.

The doctor really worked with us on price (maybe it was all my tears), although it is still a big expense for us. Hopefully my van has an extra year or so in her, because it looks like the car we were saving for will have to wait. But since we are fortunate enough to have the means to save her, what a lesson on love and responsibility!

We are not out of the woods yet. Long month ahead! But I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words and for sharing your stories. They really helped me to realize, what ever decision I make, as long as it came from the right place, it was the right decision. <3
Good luck and best wishes for your Lucy in her recovery. :hearts: :hearts:
got sheep wrote:
Good luck and best wishes for your Lucy in her recovery. :hearts: :hearts:


Such a hard thing to go through, and a tough decision. You're doing so much for her and hopefully she will make a quick recovery and you can enjoy her as part of your family for as long as possible. *hugs*
We're here to support you.... I hope she does well after the surgery!!!

Great news! :go: :go: :go:
That is great news and what wonderful friends you an Lucy have. :ghug: :ghug:
Sending healing energy Lucy's way. You have given your decision a lot of thought. Fingers and paws crossed for her complete recovery. That's good news that the vet and your friends are stepping up to help you get through this ordeal.

Linda Z
Lucy has undergone 2 minor surgeries, leading to the amputation of one toe on the back paw and all toes on the front paw. She continues to see the surgeon 2-3 times a week for dressing changes, for which she needs to be under anesthesia for the pain. He reports the skin is slowly beginning to grow. It needs to regenerate down from the leg to eventually cover her paw. He cannot tell us how long this will take but that we need to be patient. Lucy needs to be pried out of the back of the car to go to her appointments but her pain is being easily managed with medication. We usually have to confine her to room to keep her from chasing and jumping too much.
My advice to others in the same situation is, there are vast differences in the knowledge of veterinarians. If your vets advice " just doesn't feel right", seek a second opinion! We almost didn't and I'mso glad We did!
good advice and good to her she is on the mend it is hard to keep them calm ..
Here's hoping for a continued uneventful recovery :D
Keep up the good work!
I hope everything continues to go well!
What a difficult journey you folks had to face. How is Lucy doing?

My thoughts are with you and your family.

What did become of Lucy? I am going through old posts on laptop (top lap) xx
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