Hi everyone,

I've been missing all that happens on this forum and I am going to get serious about participating once more. I joined last year and was active for a few months before being completely overwhelmed with life in general and backing off this forum and a couple of yahoo lists. Now I'm back and I plan to make time for in my life.

Our family consists of myself & Dear Husband Rhod (both senior citizens) plus
three OES -- Hudson, age 6, and two sisters - Chloe & Kristy (Hudson's Mom) who will be 12 as of next week, plus Angel, a Golden Retriever, also 6 yrs. Hudson and Angel are in training in agility. I just returned to running at an agility trial with Hudson 2 weeks ago. Hudson has one leg towards his Novice Jumpers with Weaves agility title and Angel has one leg towards her Novice Standard agility title - earned in her first ever agility trial. Hudson also has his 2nd level (NW2) Canine Nose Work title and was the first OES in the country to earn this level nose work title. Later on this year we will be trying to earn the next level up, the NW3 Canine Nose Work title. Hudson also has a couple of Rally titles and is almost finished with his first obedience title. We just like doing things together and training together. California is our home. Since it is way too hot for OES in full coat for most of the year where we live, once they have finished their AKC Championships, our dogs are then shaved down and kept cut down to about 3 inches of coat most of the time.

Looking forward to being back on this forum.

Linda Zimmerman & Hudson, Chloe, Kristy & Angel
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Welcome back!

Welcome back Linda! As always, I enjoy the knowledge you impart when you post so am very happy to see you participating again. And welcome to the world of "the really senior OES"! My vet has always told me anything over 10 in a larger dog is a blessing. I have been blessed many times with those that made it well beyond that age. Isaac went at 13 years 5-1/2 months but was still doing pretty well until the very end. I now have senior Mariah who will be 12 years & 8 months here in a few days but she doesn't know she's that old! I love even my younger ones but the oldsters always have a special place in my heart. So welcome back to you & your entire crew! :yay:
Welcome back!
Welcome back. Any pictures from your recent rally experience?
Welcome back Linda! I always enjoy the insight and wisdom in your posts!
Welcome back, Linda and your gang. It was great seeing you in WI again this year!!
Nice to see you again!
Did you stay until 2018? xx

:wag: :tea:
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