Victor Dog Food

I searched the forum for discussions on Victor dog food and couldn't find any.

One of my wife's friends said they have dogs with alergies and the vet recommended it. We visited their site and liked what we read. The site has a dealer list by zip code. Looks like dealers tend to be feed stores rather than pet stores. A 40 pound bag of Select Hi-Pro Plus cost about 60% of what a 30 pound bag of Californis Natural Lamb and Rice costs. We bought a bag of today and will post how the boys are doing in a month or so.

Here is there web site -
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I looked it up - the closest dealers to me are in MI and KS - the closest being 300 miles away. Explains why I've never heard of it!

If your guys aren't out in the harsh elements, or out working hard, that particular formula is probably going to be a bit too rich for them. It's meant for dogs that d/t lifestyle or living conditions have really high caloric needs.
I use a similar one in the fall/winter for my dogs that are doing miles of carting and sledding workouts. My parents used one like that for their field trial dogs.

My Samoyed friend who makes a living with the ND Dept of Tourism by doing sled dog experiences uses this (and I've used it 3 winters w/my dogs too) - ... erformance
Then in the "off season" I back them off to a less hot diet.
Just throwing that out there....

Other than that, I'm a huge fan of the more local companies and their products for my dog foods. Usually you get a higher quality food for a much better price.
We had lily on a lamb and rice formula but her skin is still breaking out. We are currently switching over to Taste of the Wild: High Prairie formula. I has no grains, no fillers and Its based in buffalo and venison, which my vet recommended for her allergies.
We completed the transition to Victor food a couple days ago. Now both dogs have issues with being able to push a movement all the way out, meaning it is half in-half out and a terrible mess! Their stool is also quite a bit softer than it was with California Natural.

We are going to feed a mix of California Natural and Victor for a few days and it it doesn't fix their bowel issue we will go back to 100% California Natural and give the Victor to our son to let him try it on his new Border Collie puppy.

The owner of the shop we frequent kind of gave me a smirk and said there is a reason Victor is about half the price of California Natural.
If you are up to it - I would try a less "hot" formula in their line.
I use a similar formula in a different brand for high caloric needs, and we have had a soft poop transition with it this month (starting conditioning for dog sledding and cold weather).

California Natural used to be a better and safer food...unfortunately they sold out to P&G several years ago.
The shop guy gave me the P&G saga. He said they claimed to have learned their lesson when they "improved" processes with Iams and Eukanuba and promise to not do the same with California Natural and Enova. He is a big fan of CN and claims it and Enova have maintained their quality.

At the price difference I may try less hot Victor offering but we were in critical need of firmer poop quick; I was washing 2 dogs' butts at 6:00 this morning within about 5 minutes of waking!
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