Best method to prevent licking after being spayed

Hi guys

So, our Annabelle is going into get spayed tomorrow and was wondering what you all have found to be the best way of preventing them from getting at the incision. Such as, if an e-collar what kind? Does the hard plastic one work alright? or the soft cone? or the neck pillow looking one?

Also, I was wondering if we could just simply use a diaper like you would use for when a dog is in heat? Not sure if that would work or if it would even completely cover the incision.

It is already going to be enough of a task to keep her from running and jumping, don't want to also have to worry about the collar, especially when we aren't home or at night.

Oh and one last thing.. We usually keep her in a kennel during the day when we aren’t home. Would this still be alright or should we put her in the bathroom? Just seems the cone plus her might be just too big to be in the kennel for 5ish or so hours. Thanks for any help. Maybe after the surgery when she is passed out she will finally let me brush her with out getting all nippy.
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Ok....I really feel dumb....but not sure where the incision will be since I only had male dogs!! I think I remember where the cats incisions were(?) When Pooh Bear had a big cancerous tumor removed and they put drains into his chest area, we were told to just put a tight t-shirt on him. That worked really good, but he got alot of strange looks from people!
I have mostly boys, but my last OES foster was Bunny, a super delightful girl!
She had been turned into a shelter in SD after her puppy miller owners were done breeding OES.... :evil:
She needed the largest gauge suture material my vet had every used on a spay...he said it's the size usually used on horses!

Here she is modelling her incision :)

There was some bruising because the surgery was so much super-duty than a regular spay. But, it healed wonderfully.

No cone needed. I never need cones with any dog or any surgery with my vet. I attribute it to: He uses radiowave surgery (similar to laser, but burns cooler with less tissue trauma); he uses no sutures on the outside, just uses skin glue (no irritating sutures that pull and itch)....good luck!
I like the t-shirt method. More comfortable than the cone of shame. If the t-shirt only doesn't work, buy some shorts with a elastic waist and put those on too and tuck the t-shirt in. Plus you have a well dressed sheepie
How is she doing? My dog didn't bother too much with the licking but we have what is called a Comfy Cone just in case. You can get it at any PetCo and is much more comfy that the traditional plastic E collar. The biggest problem whe had was keeping her calm. Jumping and running can open the sutures. Hope all is well and everything going fine. :crossed:
She's doing great and hasn't even investigated the sutures. It was up higher than I had expected, so I don't think she has really realized it is there. We have been using the shirt method and it has worked great. We used one of my girlfriends v-necks and ended up having to cut the sleeves off, so between it being sleeveless and all her chest hair sticking out the v-neck, she looks pretty ridiculous and cute.

We bought a cone alternative, that looks like a neck travel pillow and is inflatable. I used that one time and she somehow got it off, so we will be taking that back soon for a refund. Now when I leave her alone I cut a hole in the back of the shirt for her tail and tie it on the side and that really prevents her from getting at her belly, as it tends to ride up the other way.

The incision is really quite small and we haven't had any trouble with it. My only complaint was the extreme case of diarrhea she had on our carpet, TWICE. If I never see that again I will die a happy man, as I've never seen it come out like that. So, we put her on a rice and chicken broth diet to help combat that some and it is working a little bit, but still not fixed completely.

When we picked her up after surgery and the rest of the night she just had such a hilarious look on her face. It was like it was our Annabelle, all smiling and happy but a really high, smiling Annabelle. I was surprised at how little she slept, I mean she did more than normal, but there were times when she seemed to be fighting it. She would be sitting up trying to see what was going on, but you could just see her eyes close and her doze off and then wake up suddenly. I felt bad for her after a while, just seemed like she really disliked it and just wanted to be back to normal. Although, she wasn't any friendly when I went to try and brush her that night, lol. She was back to normal the next day, aside from the diarrhea.

Also, we got it done through the Missouri Humane Society in St. Louis, as it was only $20 bucks for MO residents and I can't say enough positive things about our experience with them. Annabelle is a puppy that really has trouble controlling her excitement around new people and places, so I always get stressed out because some people absolutely love her and then other people get really annoyed and rude (which is why we ended up changing vets). But these vet techs(?) were just absolutely in love with her and were so nice. And the surgery went great and we had no problems, and they have even emailed and called to check in on her and see how she is doing. So, for anyone in the St. Louis area, I would definitely recommend them at least based on our experience with them.
I'm glad things are going well, and that you found a great place to take her. That alone is SO worth it! :D :D
yeah, the drunk dogs are amusing. I can still see Clancy, the Irish Wolfhound return from her spay, walking sideways to her "corner" for a good long sleep. Didn't think dogs could do such as good sidestep.

T-shirts have worked for me. The blow up neck we had on Jack last winter, much better than the hard conehead.....wonder where it is now, hmmmm?

Just went thru a week of renaming Jack "Uncle Ben" for all the rice he was eating. Yes, our carpets and walls got decorated too.
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